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Omni This-n-That

Supposed attributes of God, omniscience, omnipotence, omni-benevolence — they are all mere logical terms. To apply them to God actually brings Him down because He transcends the categories. They aren’t that useful as theological statements because theology itself must of … Continue reading

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Meta: Two Pieces Up

I’ve updated one booklet to the newer HTML format: Biblical Law: Divine Justice is now one single webpage (site gone). I’ve also folded together a couple of previous articles on logic into one: Logic Games: Doctrine of the Fall. I’ll … Continue reading

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Moral Rewiring Job

Most people are morally wired like children. In the past I’ve mentioned the Delphi Method for destroying opposition to radical changes in a system. It’s the sort of discrete and scientific method you would expect from Pavlovian folks, never mind … Continue reading

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Flavors of Reason

Western reasoning gets in the way of everything, even in ways we don’t realize. We can be smart enough to recognize when something needs only concrete logic. If you drop a rock on your foot, it will hurt; if you … Continue reading

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