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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Covenants

The Bible addresses us in our fallen state. It says precious little of what came before, or what will follow after the Fall. This is mostly because fallen humans cannot comprehend life without mortality, or an existence not bound by … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:48-59

The world uses a lot of excuses to avoid dealing with the issue of Jesus as the Son of God. This passage of John has been ignored, twisted, and sometimes cut out of the Bible on the flimsiest grounds because … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:31-47

Faith is not an ethnic identity. The issue here is not who was born of Abraham, but who embraced Abraham’s faith. On the surface, the English translations of this passage can be somewhat confusing. If these folks began believing in … Continue reading

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Heart-led Analysis of Living

It should seem obvious that, in order to read the Old Testament, one must read back into it the unstated assumptions the writers considered obvious. So we study the history of the Ancient Near East and do our best to … Continue reading

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Bible Linguistics

I stayed up way too late reading this stuff. Abraham is considered the founder and progenitor faith covenants. It is bluntly stated in the New Testament that we who embrace Christ are also true spiritual descendants of Abraham (see Galatians … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 — More on Legalism It seems odd that mainstream Christianity is so quick to nitpick over some passages of Scripture — what Christ called “sifting out gnats” from flour — and swallowing the camel on other passages (Matthew … Continue reading

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