Readers Note

This is my virtual office. I take my divine calling seriously. Comments are welcome, but they have to fit the purpose of the blog.

I don’t take myself that seriously, so poking fun is fine, but it can get tiresome if that’s all you have to talk about. My friends and regulars get away with a lot more, of course.

I don’t debate. My mission here is to declare my best understanding of what God says about things. It’s derived from my understanding of the Bible (Protestant Canon). I do my best to read the Bible through the eyes of the people who wrote it. Most of them were Hebrews, and this creates a huge intellectual gulf for us Westerners to cross. I can’t emphasize enough how critical this is; the question of epistemology must be settled first. I take the position Western logical analysis, use of language, etc. (Hellenism, Aristotelian epistemology) and what most modern Westerners consider common reasoning is foreign to Scripture. So I’ll be glad to explain what I mean, and you can compare notes by offering a counter opinion, but don’t expect me to defend anything. That’s God’s department, not mine.

I won’t lecture you on Netiquette. Exceptional rudeness and vitriol can accompany a meaningful statement, even foul language, but there needs to be some substance, or it’s off topic. In case you don’t know it, arrogance weakens any argument. If all you really want to do is argue with my claim to be a messenger for God, do so on your own blog. I’ll be glad to give you all the accurate information about me so the world will know exactly whom you are castigating. If you simply enjoy slandering people, you can do that without my help.

In the end, though, I can only go by my own best discernment of the worthiness of your comments. I do not hesitate to exercise the authority to delete your posts. So far I’ve not seen the need to edit anyone’s comments. I won’t change the wording and pervert your words, and I would appreciate you doing the same with mine. If you appear to misread my words on purpose, you’ll be banned from posting. I do know how to keep track of IP addresses, too, so coming back and using a different nickname won’t work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and may God bless your life.

9 Responses to Readers Note

  1. kiki says:



  2. I came for a CentOS tip…I left with a new way to look at the Bible. Thanks!


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Glad I could help in both ways, Derek.


  4. Connie Lynn Ingram says:

    Loved your paper on LifeChurch.TV I messaged you on Facebook to further explain but basically a new campus is being put in Keller, TX & I have been volunteering since day 1 last Sept. The new building will open Easter Sunday but a couple weeks ago I was informed that I was banned from even attending LifeChurch.TV for 3 months. They said it was because they are not currently equipped to deal with my emotional issues. I have Bi-Polar Disorder & am in Cancer treatment but the truth is I was volunteering 40+ hours a week & I loved it however one of the staff had started becoming very critical of every little thing I did. It was like every week she felt the need to “counsel” me about something and it started to stress me out so I told her I am not her personal punching bag. This is a volunteer job, if I am going to be stressed I will go back to my previous career and make $100k+ so now I am banned. This is not only stupid but illegal, the Americans Disability Act covers my Mental Illness so banning me based on that is against the law. I am a fighter so I say bring it on.


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    I am truly sorry you had to face that. While I can’t advise you what to do, Connie, I’m praying you find a proper outlet for your faith.


  6. Danny Murphy says:


    Your post of 2012 about LifeChurch and the subsequent back and forth were illuminating. Thank you for getting that out there. You’re one of the people who understands that prophecy isn’t always pleasant.

    I’ve had an interesting experience with LifeChurch that you might find interesting.

    More Pulpit Plagiarism? How I became a ghostwriter for a celebrity preacher and didn’t even know it. (The website link will get you to the blog post.)

    If you have a few minutes to check it out and send me some feedback, I’d appreciate it.

    I hope things are well with you.



  7. Ed Hurst says:

    For my readers I note that Mr. Murphy’s link is dead. You should use the Internet Wayback Machine if you want to see the original article. This sounds exactly like the Craig Groschel that I know.


  8. Herb says:

    Could you drop me an email as the Spirit prompts?….God Bless You…


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