Exchanging One Lie for Another

I struggle with trying to expose this thing.

Western mythology has this thing about false heroism. That is, we have the myth of the Great Man as someone who does things that are risky and exciting in pursuit of some great cause. It’s always a battle against others who are lurking around in the darkness. Of course, our Hero is always very human, in the sense of having to struggle against the odds in some way or another.

The Devil loves that. It creates an image that eliminates most of us from serving Christ. As long as you and I are kept out of Kingdom Service by such perceptual barriers, he keeps us from our divine inheritance. We absorb the mythology and find ourselves in a world that only heroes can change, and those changes are limited to big important things. The mythology further defines what kind of change is worthy of all that effort, some kind of world-saving.

But it’s a false world; it’s not reality. Would-be heroes end up fighting to save a world that cannot exist in the first place.

We are in the midst of some radical changes in society. This is part of what’s behind my insistence that our current civilization is ending and another is being born in its place. We are facing that kind of momentous sea-change in our daily lives. There is a whole invisible world being put into place, something that ignores all the boundaries and definitions to which we are accustomed.

Some portion of dystopian fiction is true on this point: It’s a bunch of private corporations that first seduce governments by offering very desirable contract services. But then, eventually the corporations displace the governments by making them increasingly irrelevant, while building a system that sweeps in the whole world around them. But it’s a control that is asserted via the virtual world. Instead of our common physical and geographical points of contact, it’s based on humanity with virtual points of contact. And because the average person has no real perceptual frame of reference for this, the corporations are able to pull it off with little or no hindrance.

These people are shaping our whole frame of reference, pulling our minds into a simulated universe, a sort of Matrix kind of thing where the popular perception is disassociated from the concrete reality. People who believe they are disconnected from the networked virtual simulation are still swept into it by the sheer momentum of everyone who is connected. So the answer is not fleeing the Network, but of being aware of it. The single greatest threat to this dystopian world of corporate control is conscious awareness of it.

There are a rising number of people who are aware of this dark conspiracy. They understand it all too well. Many of them were people who got burned by the corporations. Somewhere early in the game, they were allowed to participate in the critical shaping of the technology, not just seeing but helping to make the technology work. But their dreams and visions of making the world a better place proved elusive, until that moment when they either had to embrace the dark intentions or get out. They got out, and now they are persecuted as the corporations use the government to shut down their protesting disclosures.

And these people who’ve been thrown under the bus are still trying to save some other dream, a world that never existed. Do you see how this is moving from one kind of big lie to another big lie? Most of the people resisting this creeping Matrix world are stuck in an older matrix. Satan’s grand achievement of Western Civilization has run its course, so he’s conjuring up something even worse to take its place. This Networked Civilization I write about isn’t a bright and shining Utopia; it’s even worse than what we leave behind.

But wouldn’t you know it? This rising new civilization has its own vulnerabilities, same as the old civilization. There are ways to exploit those weaknesses. The exploits are not in some failed vision of heroes, something that never existed except in the common social mythology. If the Devil can keep people tied to the false past, they are more vulnerable to the false future. The weapons of the dark Matrix future are carefully designed to prey on one kind of people — people who still believe the myths of yesterday.

We have to exit the whole thing. This is part of what I keep urging on you; not that you follow me into my escape, but that you take your own path out. It’s a matter of breaking the spell itself. The only way to save the world, if such a thing is at all possible, is to save yourself. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; that’s the whole point. Any attempt to create a unified vision is itself blindness. But our self-saving efforts should shine brightly with divine glory. We have to learn to share what God intended we share, not something cooked up in the minds of fallen souls who were kicked out of Eden. The only way folks can be saved from this is by God allowing them to see you returning to Eden.

I’d like to pursue this in the coming days. I’m no hero, but I’m struggling to find ways to point out the big lies for you. The ultimate threat to the Matrix is a simple matter of not being sucked into it. We aren’t going to break the Matrix; the whole point is just to unplug ourselves. Our mere existence is the single biggest threat to it.

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Defeating Israel

I have a plan for defeating Israel.

Israel’s primary weapon against Gentiles is a two-edged sword. One edge is the huge guilt trip over their Holocaust; the other edge is perverted Christian religion. I don’t have to answer those at this point; historical evidence is more than enough. If you need to know, it’s easy to find online and I’ve covered some of it here in previous posts.

The only historical factor in their favor: Israel claims to be God’s Chosen. They were, and had they embraced the message of Christ, they could still be His Chosen. But they were unable to discern the truth of Christ’s message because they no longer knew God; they had no strong moral instincts. They set that aside in favor of the ego-boosting head trip into Hellenism. And even before that, they took a diversion from their mission to reveal Jehovah to the world and decided it was all about privilege. Israel today offers a barely disguised contempt for Gentiles. In the minds of her leaders, we have sinned if we do not willingly offer everything we own and eagerly bow down as slaves. In their eyes, this could be the only justification we have for living on the same planet with them.

So long as we refuse to do so, the Zionists are determined to make us suffer for our alleged sins. They are doing the Devil’s work. They have many allies in Western countries with laws to prevent even addressing their lies in public. And I’ve already warned how it should be obvious that if we killed all the Jews, Satan would simply sucker a new nation into converting to Judaism and off we go again; he has already done that once. What is the genuine biblical answer to this nonsense?

Lay claim to the heritage they abandoned.

They have annulled the Covenant; they no longer have God’s protection. They are sponsored by Satan, and Satan operates by God’s permit. It’s not a question of divine favor. When you and I gaze out upon the political landscape of the world today, we have to assume that what is is permitted by God for His inscrutable reasons. Whatever keeps Israel in existence has nothing to do with any claim to God’s favor.

But you and I can certainly find God’s favor for ourselves. Why do you think He preserved a record of His dealings with them? We have the Old Testament so that we can study how it was supposed to work, see through the specifics to grasp the true nature of God’s favor. As part of that package, we can seize their ancient intellectual traditions, the ancient Hebrew mystical approach, and see how those specifics, in that context, can be brought to life again in us today.

All the blessings of the Law of Moses are ours today, but we don’t have to wade through the literal provisions of the Law. Christ is the fulfillment of that Law, and He was a Hebrew mystic. What He taught was the original meaning of those commandments. His analysis and interpretation is God’s own. His promises were actually more extravagant than those of the Law.

When the world sees us living in shalom against the egregious whining and outrageous demands of Israel, people will see who has God’s favor. Granted, you and I should know that we are almost starting from scratch with very little in the way of supporting traditions, so not many folks are going to see with moral clarity. That’s not our department. Ours is to claim the promises Israel has abandoned and live in the power of God that shines His glory through Satan’s lies.

That’s how you defeat Israel.

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That Big, Stinking Perversion

This is the story I tell; it works for me.

If Satan can get us to chase anything at all except our personal commitment to Jesus Christ, he wins. If he can twist our thinking about who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him, that’s all it takes to keep us away from our divine heritage. Our ultimate best interest is the glory of Christ. I know that following Him means not worrying too much about what other folks do so long as I can see the light of glory shining for me.

At the same time, it requires me to keep track of what others do so that I can discern how to stay on the path. We have to understand how Satan deceives and remain watchful for his tricks. We need a discerning heart. We have to make our minds familiar with the pains and failures of those who stepped off the path, because that speaks to us of our own weaknesses. We have to seek the discernment that offers a cold assessment of our own failures and stay humble. The second we start thinking we have it under control is the second we are on the wrong path.

Here’s what I dread: Israel will destroy the US. She’ll destroy a lot of other countries, too, but there’s little I can do for them except to pray. And all I can do for Americans is pray, as well, but I’m called to sound the warning to them.

Review what I said about The Cult; that’s what drives Israel. The business about a Jewish identity is just a cover story. It’s a billowing curtain that is nothing precisely, just a vague shadowy mixture of Judaism and ethnic traditions and absolutely nothing of substance from the original Covenant of Moses. It’s an excuse to keep maneuvering themselves into the center of world attention. In fact, admiration is the last thing her leaders want. They’ll take it, but only long enough to turn it into a big platform of condemning the whole world. Global guilt is the whole point; it justifies whatever it is Israel decides to do.

The existence of Israel the State isn’t even the goal, just a tool to keep everyone riled up. They never wanted it to work out. The original Zionists knew it was an impossible demand, that all the power and might in this world could not make it work. They knew this thing would create interminable chaos, and that’s exactly the purpose it serves. No matter how much any great military and political power grants them, their demands will not be satisfied. They’ll just come up with some new outrage, some new impossible burden laid on the backs of humanity.

Turning the world into a living Hell is the only way they can get what they are really after — control. That’s it. There is no particular purpose, no golden dreams of what control will grant them; it’s just about control itself. Whatever it is they might have once claimed to want, it has drifted to the place where all they really want is to create Hell. Israel is the ultimate terror state. That’s their image of Paradise; themselves reigning over endless torment. In other words, they serve Satan directly. He is their true national deity.

Let that sink in for a moment.

This explains why the Israelis cannot be honest with anyone, not even each other. This is why they cannot keep any promise to anyone. This why she demands there be something like a UN only so she can flout it’s pronouncements. This is why she torments the Palestinians instead of simply driving them into the sea or into Jordan. This is why the government representatives keep chumming with other governments only to switch sides next week. When the mouthpiece for Israel says anything at all, you can bet he doesn’t believe it himself, that it’s just another game of manipulation.

Getting rid of Israel is impossible. Kill all the Jews and Satan will raise up another nation just like it. The answer is to never take Israel seriously about anything. Do recognize that Israel is quite pleased with the idea of another global war, with nukes and everything. Even if it meant destroying the current Israeli infrastructure, the leadership cannot avoid provoking trouble. It’s who they are; it’s the core of their existence. It’s The Cult; it’s Satan. It’s not about individual people, but the powerful influence aimed at keeping humans bound under the Fall. In these days, Israel is the Devil’s single biggest distraction from pursuing holiness and the blessings of God.

Israel is a manifestation of God’s wrath. If you get hung up on Israel, Satan owns you and will drain your life. Watch what she does, because her actions will surely affect your mission. Be prepared to avoid that next thrust of evil, that next attack on your sanity and commitment to Christ. All you have to do is keep your flesh conquered; Israel is the fallen flesh personified. Israel is the antithesis of shalom.

This is how I stay sane and stay within blessings of God.

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Cycling: Giant Loop

Because we are expecting rain much of the week, I bumped my gym workout back a day and took my 50-mile Giant Loop clockwise today. I was able to leave by 8:30 and had decent cool temperatures and SW breezes.

That meant facing halfway into the wind on the outbound leg. That would be a couple of miles through back streets to Eagle Lake, taking the Eagle Lake Trail to the Indian Heritage Museum, then connecting to the south bank River Trail. The redbuds are in full bloom and different trees offer varying shades between pink and maroon. Some are also showing green leaf sprouts in the mix. Other trees are starting to bud or show the same tiny leaf sprouts, but the oaks will be last. They don’t even have tassels yet.

The transition over the North Canadian River at Meridian Avenue is fully completed now, so it’s very easy to just roll up the slope, over the bridge on a dedicated bike lane, ending a sharp turn where it narrows and drops onto the West River Trail. I really enjoyed the two sections that cut through wild woodlands. About halfway between Council and Mustang Roads, the trail bends north, drops under I-40 and we run past the Mustang OG&E Power Plant. The trail runs around a closed landfill and then it’s straight north to the end of the trail, which is at the entrance to Overholser Lake Park.

At the dam, crews were tearing up some old concrete fixtures on the low side. There had not been any water flowing over any of the dams so far, and this one was closed, as well. I couldn’t resist stopping along the bank of the North Canadian Channel (first image above). Mostly I prayed with tears in my eyes as I still have visions of catastrophic suffering to come. The bank was a great place for unloading my soul. I also refilled the bottle in my cage from one of the two I carried on my rack. Then it was off to the gate of the canal between Overholser and Hefner Lakes.

Two things: I spotted that crashed car again, and this time the foliage on my side had been cut down so I got the picture (above right). But the other thing explains why none of the North Canadian is flowing downstream; it’s being diverted to refill Hefner Lake. The canal was noisily splashing toward Hefner. I followed the designated route along the canal, which meant that long quiet stretch along Wiley Post Airport. For once, the wind was fully behind me and it was actually a little hotter than the rest of the ride. My speed just about matched the wind, making it feel rather still. The transition from the trail along Wilshire to the next trail section was very busy, but the drivers were polite and patient with me. I tried to stay out of their way.

Where the canal dumps into Lake Hefner I picked up the southern shore portion of the Cooper Trails. It was busy, with other cyclists, runners or walkers every few minutes. This path twists and turns in and out of the golf course, then runs back along the lake road to the Grand Boulevard connection over I-44. Once I was in Nichols Hills, it was much quieter with traffic slower — it’s a ritzy neighborhood that organized into a separate municipality to avoid having to fight with OKC over their preference for slower speed limits. I rolled past numerous multi-million dollar homes with perfect green lawns, some with driveways more than 100 yard long just to get back where the mansions sit. A nifty solar-powered sign told me I was doing 11 MPH.

I took the zigzagging route back up to Wilshire to escape the suburban landscape, crossing under the Broadway Extension (I-235). I was roasting in the heat by now. There is an isolated mini-mansion sitting vacant next to one of the TV stations out there. I stopped to rest in the shady spot near the gate and ate a snack. I was surprised at having very little appetite with so much exertion. I also emptied my last spare water bottle. At Kelly I turned south for about a half-mile and then ducked back left inside another quiet neighborhood called Persimmon Hill. The road turns south at Prospect and this eventually crosses NE 63rd to bring me to Grand Boulevard again and the Katy Trail. By now I was facing somewhat into the wind again and the hills were painful. Still, I pushed on.

Eventually I ran back into NE 4th and it was up over I-35 and just a few miles home. I was whipped and sunburned on my scalp where the bike helmet has air gaps.

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Off the Cuff 02

This is surely connected to the previous Off the Cuff post.

Yesterday something stuck in my craw, but it wasn’t anything my conscious mind could identify. Overnight I had some dreams that were indicative in the sense of a parable; the content was not the point. This morning I awoke to the very powerful sense that something wasn’t right.

My first instinct was to pray, of course. I went through a mental routine of checking to see if I could identify it, a sort of moral checklist where I start with confession and repentance to make sure it wasn’t me. Right away I could tell it was somewhere else. So I started checking a few news sources to see if something triggered in my soul. In the midst of my morning routine of life, I went back a couple of times to check. Right when I was about to give up, I spotted something that was a red flag to me.

You don’t have to agree; the primary reason I share this is to teach how a prophetic heart works. A primary element in what I do on this blog is transparency. It’s outside my authority to tell you what to make of this stuff I share, but I can tell when I must cry out and let you see enough to learn or realize it’s time to step away from my peculiar madness.

That red flag had to do with Israel threatening Syria. Keep in mind that it’s just a flag, not the real problem. It signals something evil and nasty going on in the background. This isn’t simply more of the unbearable chutzpah that we’ve all seen before, that insufferable sense of entitlement that justifies the most egregious misbehavior. A specific course of action has been set in motion, covered in secrecy that involves the US government getting dirty hands involved.

And it could just start WW3.

I cannot present to you some reasoned argument, nor would I value anything such arguments could produce. We aren’t into activism because this is something God has permitted as part of the coming tribulation. It’s more of that same cattle herding to some ends we cannot comprehend. All we can know is that it will result in His glory shining brightly. And maybe this post won’t represent any useful prophetic warning to you personally, but it does give you a glimpse at how I do what I do in my ministry.

Now those of you who aren’t driven away, pray with me about our need for wisdom and moral discernment. Pray for mercy on the victims.

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Hitting the Other Trails

My riding isn’t training. It’s how I play. Sure, I’ll push myself, but only because I want to play better, longer. I’m all about that sense of adventure and challenge.

During the years I lived out in Choctaw, the eastern end of the county, I had plenty of isolated roads to ride. In my mind, the more interesting stuff started at least 5 miles out in any direction, but that’s actually a short ride. So during the summer months, I could hit the road early in the morning and avoid both traffic and the worst of the hottest hours of the day and still get in a long ride. In particular were some lovely long rides farther east of home, and some to the south, over the county lines.

Where we live now, just getting out that way is ten miles or more, and it means passing through some high traffic areas. The bike collision was just a few months after we moved, so all last summer I was unable to ride at all. I never had a chance to test what it was like cycling in the summer heat from this location.

Now I’m having to consider what would work better for me. Riding north on Midwest Boulevard into the hills is getting less attractive, as the traffic has picked up an awful lot. Heading east during the summer means facing all those allergens that plagued me every year living out that way (half the reason I moved). If I ride south to Draper Lake, the trails are out, as is Miracle Hill, because of the biting insects. That means just the paved Draper lake drive. In all, it leaves mostly the purpose built bike trails westward in OKC.

I’ve lived in worse places, but I’ve also lived in some biking wonderlands. For example, the Netherlands was a paradise for cyclists. The traffic planning smartly addressed their presence, with special lanes, integrated bike traffic signals, etc. I rode (and hiked) all over the Benelux and western Germany, and visited a lot of other places in Europe as part of my military adventure.

But the one thing I’ll most remember about that tour of duty was how it represented such a highlight in my mission calling. When I went back into the military a second time in the late 1980s, I could not have envisioned anything that happened to me. I was prepared to endure the unpleasant aspects of a previous tour of service, but it ended up nothing like that. Not only was it a pleasant military assignment, but it was a mission opportunity like no other.

The particular mix of people there at the time gave me a perfect opportunity to share my faith. Not so much with unbelievers, but I shared with believers hungry to find greater intimacy with God and a deeper commitment. They wanted what I had. I was part of a small team making that happen, transforming various existing chapel programs into something real. Our chaplains were no hindrance at all, happy to see the active expressions of faith. For a solid five years we built up a very large and morally powerful presence of faith in that military community.

Eventually it fell apart. There was a significant rotation of personnel. Too many key enablers moved on and the new senior chaplain was hyper-liturgical. He pushed us out of the programs, replacing us with his chosen team of volunteers. I no longer led the music or youth group; my Sunday School class was passed to someone else, and some of my community outreach of was curtailed. We all found other places to serve outside the main chapel organization. The small team was stuck for about a year before it was our turn to leave.

That was 25 years ago. I’ve come an awful long way since then, traveling farther in my soul’s journey than any number of mere miles. I believe it’s time for another mission, one last adventure before I’m ready to give up.

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Kiln blog: Psalm 123


While very short, this Psalm of Ascents is far more intense than any English translation can convey. It echoes of someone in deep distress from oppression, implying a persecution for one’s faith in Jehovah.

The first word in the Hebrew here points to God as the obvious focus; there is no other. We are bowed down under the pressure of a world that dehumanizes and tries to own us, but we recognize no Sovereign but Jehovah. He is the One who dwells in the Heavens as His natural home, built by His hand….

You can read the rest of this message here at Kiln of the Soul blog.

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