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Fundamental assumption: It is exceedingly rare that our words will change someone’s commitments. We might be able to bring about a shift in opinions, but only in the minds of those precious few who are paying attention in the first place. But among those few whose minds might be moved to agree with us, few will accept our answers to how things should be handled.

Meanwhile, the vast majority will never digest our words in the first place. The only way to get more attention is to indulge in moral compromise at the behest of gatekeepers. We have to give them what they want. For example: Virtually every face you see in a Hollywood production is attached to a body that has been sexually abused. Yep, that includes the kids. All the Mouseketeers were diddled, for example. Metaphorically, at least, it’s the same with every mainstream media name; they paid some moral price to get their words published.

The degree of willingness to pay that price has nothing to do with the basic question of who gets into that publicity game, at least with the mainstream media. The price was demanded before they showed up.

But in a broader sense, we know that getting Internet attention in our consumerist society means some kind of moral compromise on a less literal level. You have to play to the audience, and that proverbial average consumer warrants strong cynicism. They don’t want thoughtful moral discussion, though they might enjoy the pretense of it. This conceptual audience comes in many flavors, but the vast majority will shy away from genuine moral challenge. That in itself is a moral problem.

If your public blather is popular with any particular segment of the population, it’s highly probable that you are an attention whore. You function to confirm their moral biases, or they wouldn’t be reading your stuff. But before this starts to sound like a justification for low traffic on this blog, you should understand that I make no effort to play that game in the first place. I’m not looking at low numbers because I failed to win the bid for attention. This is not sour grapes.

I knew before I started that this was just a diary of my thoughts, and honestly never expected to get much attention. Indeed, a small part of killing the domain name I had for two years was avoiding a growing attention I didn’t want. I don’t fear controversy, but I don’t court it. I’d much rather read how people were saying what I was saying without me getting any credit. That really is the plan here.

So the real mission isn’t moving people so much as finding those rare souls who tend to want already the same thing I claim to have. My part is trying to put into words things that drive them anyway. I’m not accepting offers to be a professional writer, and I’ve had a few from this blog. This talent, such as it is, belongs to the God I serve. Sure, it would be nice if I had a big monthly donation income, but that’s risky in itself, so I’m not asking. You can donate if you feel driven to it, but fundraising here is focused on specific items I need for this ministry and can’t afford, maybe once in any year. Fundraising is a minefield.

The best way to propagate my message is to make it yours. Not echoing my words and thoughts, but I want to put you in touch with God in a way that brings out your own narrative. I’ll tell you my story so you’ll be moved to tell your own, and maybe I can help you make your storytelling more engaging. This blog is as much about the methods and means of telling as it is about what I have to tell.

Meanwhile, if I’m at all helpful to your storytelling, let me know and I’ll consider a link to your blog. I might promote your writing if it seems to serve the same kind of mission. By the same token, you need not feel obliged to promote this blog. I’m glad when you do link back here, but it has to be consistent with your mission and calling. Let’s not try to centralize on my blog. I’m just one of a bigger group trying to portray the idea of hearing and answering a divine call.

Write with me.

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Shape of the Threat

Back in 1977, I wrote a college paper with the thesis that humans under political organization can be prodded into doing some awful things. More specifically, you could travel across the US, polling each individual personally, and the vast majority would espouse fairly strong moral ideas of one flavor or another. And as long as it’s pretty much one-on-one, they will tend to fight for those ideals. But organize them politically, and they can be herded into doing all kinds of things contrary to their moral sensibilities.

There is a corollary: The drive to organize and lead an amorphous group of people is a primary manifestation of evil. Of course, the desire to unify and protect a homogeneous group of people is morally good. Bad guys typically try to cook up a false homogeneity so they can expand their kingdom beyond what they should reasonably want to lead. Ambition is not the same as compassion for your kin.

In other words, the only good moral politics is that which arises from cultural and social homogeneity. Regardless of whatever problems you may see in it, the one and only morally good thing for humanity in a fallen state is tribal nationalism. Having more of this in the world reduces the kind of catastrophic warfare we had in WW1 and WW2. If you do not understand that war in itself is inevitable and proper between small tribal nations, then you have rejected divine revelation. Warfare between empires is invariably evil. War itself is merely an indirect symptom of the Fall.

For Americans, it is good and right to recognize that the US is an empire, a bad thing. It may well be a necessary evil under certain circumstances, but the US has done empire all wrong. So it will most certainly be broken up by God’s hand sooner or later. One of the lessons of the Tower of Babel is the God’s patience with imperial evil is limited. The US is particularly evil in that respect.

But the main lesson of the Tower of Babel is that any drive to unite humanity under a single government is impossible without being truly horrific. Political unity is an evil in itself, unless it arises from the natural drawing power of commonality. In other words, politics must arise from natural human instinct for social peace, and the only proper foundation for social stability is cultural homogeneity. It must be a homogeneity that is organic, not something ginned up and forced down their throats.

Globalists are trying to destroy America so they can drag us into another Tower of Babel empire. They aren’t the only ones with such a dream. I’ve noted in the past that Zionism is the ultimate threat to this blog. I’ve made it a point to expose the false notion that God still favors Israel as His special people. They rejected Him and executed His Son, so He has rejected them until they embrace His Son. He has warned that we should never expect to see that, so their prospect is dim. Meanwhile, their patron deity is Satan. But Satan is also the patron god of Globalism.

The danger coming through Zionism is some way off still. It will be great, but we have a proximate danger from Globalism that looms larger on the horizon. The idea that all humanity is “equal” is blasphemous. I put that in quotes because it actually means interchangeable. That is, for you as an individual, you are not permitted to discern how nice it is to deal with people who instinctively react to things as you do. If you are male, you are not permitted to prefer pairing with a female. If you speak the American language, you aren’t permitted to prefer doing business in that language. And if your entire economy and way of life depends on a certain set of cultural values and expectations, you are simply wrong to enjoy that economy.

And by all means, the entire human race simply must be forced to live in close proximity to people who actually hate them and want to kill them. There is no such thing as civilization unless the elite globalists define it. So you see, it’s a very elitist thing and it’s all for your own good. And if force is necessary to bring about their vision of a good world, then massive slaughter causes them not the least heartburn.

Granted, the Zionists want something similar, but their plans are still nowhere near as complete as for the Globalists. The latter are convinced they’ve already been delayed enough and are trying to overturn the last US presidential election. Trump was stupid enough not to shut them down, in part because the Zionists would not allow him to do so. You see, the Zionists are hoping to watch the globalists fail so they can pick up the same system and carry on making it work. They don’t object to the globalist system, only the folks running it. So Zionists tend to ally with globalists a lot, but they are only using them. They do not have the same agenda.

The new generation of globalists are most assuredly not friends of the Zionists. They have carried Globalism to its logical conclusion and are hostile to Israel. I feel quite certain the Zionists were caught a little off guard by the depth of hostility the new generation bears for them, so they are having to work hard to deal with them, all without breaking the system the Zionists hope to inherit once the globalists fail.

The new globalists are coming on hard and fast, and they are currently the bigger threat to this blog. They have managed to drive deep into a lot of critical sectors of society. A great many technology companies are transfixed on the SJW lance, along with virtually the entire range of Open Source software development. Last year a very large number of Open Source projects announced changes to their charters that made them conform to SJW fascist doctrine.

It’s not liberalism that is getting so many people kicked off various platforms; it’s Globalism in the guise of the SJW cult.

When the impeachment putsch fails, Antifa will return to the streets with a vengeance. They will treat us to terrorism during the next election. But the real danger is the vast number of people being kicked out of everything for violating SJW doctrine. And it’s not just the US; right now the UK NHS has said it will begin refusing to treat patients who have been tagged as racist or sexist. Of course, the definition of those grave crimes is an extremist one from the SJW cult. That kind of tactic is already spreading throughout the virtual world, as well.

I sense that folks who own WordPress (the service) will eventually cave and start shutting down more blogs. This one is sure to go in that wave, but I will always seek another way to spread my message. This blog will oppose them openly until they get it closed.

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Growing, Not Building

Every once in a while, I sense that it is necessary to remind folks what this blog is supposed to do. It’s just a place for me to tell my story, to spill out the narrative of my soul. I’m not seeking to build a group of followers. It would be nice if I could make friends with a few of my readers and hold useful discussions with them, both in the comments and privately. But I would much rather folks find their own sense of mission and purpose than to feel tied to mine.

For me, the primary means of accomplishing that mission is promoting the concept of “the heart-led way.” I’ve gone to the trouble of explaining what that means in terms of both science and religion. In science, we know that the heart is a sensory organ. Further, it appears the heart is capable of “thinking” in a certain sense, by processing it’s own sensory data (if we can call it that), and transmitting it to the conscious mind in some way.

In religious terms, heart-led is an essential element in faith. The heart doesn’t just process and send it off to the mind, but holds an ocean of divine truth independently. The heart is the master over the mind. To be heart-led is to walk by your convictions. Convictions are the repository of awareness that God Himself imprinted in your soul when you were formed in the womb. It’s not matter of developing your convictions, but of discovering them and developing a trust and reliance on them.

And with this, I espouse a philosophical orientation quite far from what is common in the West. I deny that factual data has all that much importance, in part because I’m convinced it can vary between individuals. Yes, reality and the universe itself does not present the exact same face to each of us. And I assert that it’s best to treat reality as a person — sentient and willful. I subscribe to a good bit of what our world calls “phenomenology,” the notion that we should not believe in objective reality. Instead, we should all approach life with the recognition that all we have is experience and perception, and everything is somewhat iffy, at best.

These are my assumptions, not hidden, but wide open for you to see. React as you will, but these are not subject to debate for me. If it’s enough to kill your interest, I’m glad you won’t waste any more time on this blog. I have no interest in saving the world; I’m utterly certain that saving the world is impossible. Rather, I’m interested in finding a few friends, people God placed in this world to share faith and community for His own glory.

And while I do profess to be called as a leader of some sort, the proper label is “elder.” God has granted me a small domain in this world, and if you want to visit with me in that domain, I am the chief, the head of household. To whatever degree you want to hang out in my domain, you would have to deal with a feudal order of things. But I’m convinced reality itself is organized that way, so it’s the only thing that makes sense. I’ll be glad to render the same feudal subjection if I visit your domain.

To be honest, I would prefer to keep my domain small. The burden of moral responsibility is hard work at times, and I confess the truth of God’s Word which says men called to be elder often prefer to work alone because they are lazy about it. It’s more work to handle the people than it is to get things done by myself, but that God says He requires us to serve Him that way. So as you might expect, I raise substantial barriers at the entrance to my domain. You have to be sure you need what God has given me in order to desire entrance. And as you might expect, I’ll be quick to tell you to flap your wings and go build your own domain.

I’m an elder of elders. My mission is to spin off as many divine domains as I can, not build up my own.

It’s a lot more pleasant to confer with other elders as allies than to wrestle with the responsibilities of raising children who are big enough to live on their own. You are supposed to think and act from your own sense of purpose, and I honestly believe very few people are genuinely called by God to shelter in my mission and calling. But for those who are called to that shelter, I will do my best to provide the care and protection God demands of me on your account.

But you see that we now bring a different meaning to the admonition: Follow your heart. It means you shift the focus of your conscious awareness into your heart, which is actually on a higher plane than your intellect. This is how we are designed to operate in this world, and it’s a long process that takes the rest of our lives, because it’s never really finished. This is the only way you can get your hands on your divine inheritance.

I have some hope, based on theoretical possibilities, that this kind of heart-led living can spread to more people. But after some years of promoting it, I also have a big load of cynicism suggesting it won’t be very many at any given time. Still, this is my calling. I have no intention of building a movement and changing the world. I do hope I can grow organically a community of friends who take these things seriously on their own terms. It’s not building, per se, but watching growth follow its own DNA.

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Virtual Tribes

Just a reminder: I am a Christian Mystic with no recognizable political agenda. My outlook is prophetic; I’m analyzing what I see based on an otherworldly orientation. The only eagerness I express for various trends visible to us today arises from the expectation that those trends reveal the way God does things. God is steering events and we should cheer Him on, because His divine will is the very definition of what is morally good and right.

If I am deluded, then at least I don’t hide it from my readers. I’ll share with you openly my delusions so you’ll know when to ignore me. Sometimes you should ignore me, but I’m not competent to decide for you when that is. You should have your own direct line with God through the Holy Spirit.

It’s not that I agree wholeheartedly with Doug Casey and his analysis. For example, I think he’s wrong about how many people own guns, particularly in the Heartland. I think he’s out of touch on that. But I have to agree with his comments about Trump as having no discernible philosophical orientation. This is why his administration is so chaotic; he has no sufficient grounds for limiting the presence of those in the Executive agencies working against his plans. All he has is the strength of his personal will, which is quite potent, and has carried him this far. Never mind the polls; he is still very popular with the voters.

We are headed for a civil war. Most Americans won’t see that very clearly until it’s too late to take sane steps and prepare for it. There’s really very little we can do to help them, because it’s not a matter of facts, but of an orientation. They have been manipulated and deceived, and they remain confused about a lot of that manipulation, despite having some inkling. Too many of them don’t have that inner anchor point of conviction that guides you and I. So this thing will be pretty messy. Most of them will make choices that don’t reflect reality, particularly reality as God made it.

And yet, the amount of violence and bloodshed will be a mere symptom. It won’t be the actual battleground. I believe more now than ever that the real battlefield is online. This is where the globalists have their strongest grip, though it is hardly total control. In some ways, the various networking protocols simply do not lend themselves to that kind of control. But Big Tech is definitely globalist, overwhelmingly so, and quite visceral and hateful about it. The current propaganda fronted by Big Tech services reflects that.

The imperialists are also present, but it’s a different game entirely for them. And let’s not confuse them with Zionists; that’s a separate category altogether. Many globalists are also Zionist, though it tends to be just a choice of convenience, not doctrine. It’s confusing, I know, but we need to keep that in its own unique place in the scheme of things. Our problem with imperialists is that they are willing to masquerade with a far greater depth than the globalists do. Their presence is much harder to detect, while the globalists tend to be loud and proud.

Again, the right and left are false categories. They are real to the population at large, but that isn’t what guides the decision makers in our government. Try not to get lost. The only real opposition to both globalists and imperialists is nationalism, in all its various flavors. Thus, the resurgent southern Confederate patriotism is a form of nationalism, but the globalists in Big Tech refuse to distinguish them from Nazis. By painting them all as extremists, they fail to recognize just how many people oppose them in principle.

The issue for you and I boils down to watching the reaction to the globalist censorship of everyone else in general, and nationalists in particular. This is already failing in various ways, and we are seeing a fresh ramp-up of efforts by the Big Tech censors. They don’t realize just how big the reaction will be once it gets rolling. The average Net surfer will not react much, if at all, but there is a very hard core of nationalists building the means to get around all of the barriers. The nationalists are building their own networking infrastructure, their own platforms, and they will draw off a critical mass that will result in some kind of open virtual warfare.

I don’t think anyone can predict too many particulars because of the creativity of the people involved. But in each of the various markets where the nationalists are under attack, there has already been a rather rapid investment in pushing back against the globalist minions (AKA SJWs = social justice warriors). The globalists are actually outnumbered, but it takes awhile to drum up the sentiment and get the victims of the SJWs to start putting their money where their mouths are.

So far, we have seen a lot of false starts. A lot of dreamers with some measure of big money have started up some services based on dreams of free speech that don’t actually work online. They have yet to understand the Internet and how humanity online is not the same creature as in real life. Do you realize that the single biggest supporters of free expression are pornographers? And despite their rhetoric, the pornos are pushing the envelope every day, seeking to move the boundaries of tolerance to capture more souls and money. It’s a foul temptation to take their money and support for something that would be degraded by their presence.

The effective opposition to Big Tech globalists will have to drop the “free speech” dreams and call this what it is: a war between two opposing religious and cultural ideals. Censorship, or whatever you want to call limiting noise that hinders your message, is a necessity. The nature of online communities can’t be open to just anyone and still function. It will always degrade to the lowest common denominator, so you have to set boundaries or there is no community.

What really works is social fragmentation. We know that from the Tower of Babel narrative. Except instead of fragmentation around geographical locations, it’s a matter of virtual geography. The future of the Net is independent communities of people who meet in virtual space, but are scattered around the world. This is what God seeks to do with the Internet.

This is what we seek with the covenant of Radix Fidem, and with Kiln of the Soul ministries.

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Threat: Web Assembly Language

This is not for the faint of heart, but you should at least be aware that Big Tech has foisted upon us yet one more way they can seize control of our computers at their whims.

We’ve already seen how JScript (AKA EcmaScript) has been used to seize control of web browsers and engage in all manner of evil. For example, websites can read contents of your browser cache and even your computer file system. They can also force your web browser to perform various computational services for them, because most web browsers come pre-configured to surrender that control. The problem is not the use of JScript, but that the protocol itself is riddled with security holes and we cannot convince the faceless bureaucrats who control this stuff to close those holes. This is the “industry standard” and you have no say. I’ve discussed on this blog various ways to avoid surrendering that control, simply because no one out there is doing a darned thing to protect you from criminals who can also craft JScripts that will harm you.

Well now comes yet another protocol with the same nasty power over your browser: Web Assembly (WASM). A recent survey of sites noted that, so far, very few sites are using it. Yet, of those few sites already using it, half are up to no good. These WASM modules are used for crypto-currency mining with your computer resources. Just what we need: a whole new class of malware!

Thanks to the Open Source community, there is a defense from this abuse. But it’s not simple. Since I tend to use Mozilla-based browsers for most surfing, it’s easy to turn it off and forget about it. Pale Moon browser has it disabled by default, by the way. Chrome-based browsers require a commandline switch, which should indicate to you how Google is involved in promoting this kind of abuse. On Windows, for example, you have to add that switch to the icon properties for launching the application.

And people wonder why I am such a curmudgeon to accept the hassle of preferring browsers that are “crippled” — I still use Links2 for most of my surfing, and Lynx or Elinks for some of it. All those bells and whistles are just another way to prey on you.

Hat tip to Slashdot and the community of commentators there.

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Calling It Money

First of all, we can probably agree that crypto-currencies will quite likely become the new “money” for the Networked Civilization. They seem to be on track to displace the various national currencies we use today.

If you expect to make use of them, you need to make sure you understand how they work. The level of understanding you have must match the level of your involvement. If all you plan to do is get some and spend it like any other currency, then you probably already know enough just by reading mainstream media discussion of them.

One other thing: This is probably not a good time yet to get too involved. The market in which they are exchanged is volatile. That’s because of all the political turmoil and the high certainty that some governments will fall, including pretty big players currently dominating the scene. Their currencies will go with them. Once enough of them are displaced by crypto-currencies, then you can start making regular use of them. Be a reluctant user unless you know a lot about currency trading and the technology behind crypt-currencies.

Just as an exercise in moral awareness, I note that crypto-currencies are as evil and corrupt as any other fiat currency. In terms of divine justice, we should use as exchange only things of real value. That may sound inconvenient, but it’s possible in a networked existence to do better than crypto-currency. One of the best ways is to tie it to something everyone all over the world uses within their own economic environment.

I rather like the idea proposed by the proprietor of What Really Happened. I can’t find the link to the page on his site, but he proposed a currency based on a fixed watt/hour amount of electricity. The value of that much electrical current would vary across different countries and economies, as it should, but would remain as a far more stable unit of exchange than any fiat currency ever used so far. Granted, if the relative cost of producing electricity, and storing it, changes with technological advances, then this might be a problem. Still, it’s a whole lot better than anything else we have.

And it’s a whole lot easier to do than using gold, silver or other precious metals, at least officially. Those are subject to a lot of serious political wrangling, much of it still quite secret. Then again, the whole idea of a stable currency that actually makes life better is not going to please the elite plutocrats. They profit too much from human suffering to allow something like that.

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Current News Review 05

I get weary of the bad news, even when I feel compelled to talk about it. While I’m not willing to turn this blog into an alternative news aggregator, certain items do catch my attention.

I’m doing my best to keep track of the agricultural sector of the US economy. We are shipping a most incredible amount of hogs to China. Over there, a swine plague has killed off at least a quarter of their entire supply, and they are scrambling to make up the difference. So one of the things the Chinese government compromised on was importing our hogs without a tariff.

A while back I mentioned how the surprise heavy rains during harvest destroyed a lot of crops in the Heartland. Now the sudden early cold and snowfall has aggravated things. Lots of stuff planted for fall harvest never got harvested. Granted, this most heavily affects GMO crops like soybeans, corn and wheat, stuff that we shouldn’t eat in the first place. Still, you have to understand how the US food supply depends so very heavily on those three critical crops. If such a big slice of the GMO stuff that masses eat never comes to market, they will try to buy whatever else is available. Supply and demand, folks — when the supply gets cut, the standard demand pushes the price up.

I don’t see anything to prevent a shocking inflation in food costs once the current stocks are consumed. Whenever this fall’s crop is supposed to enter the supply chain, a big chunk of it won’t be there. We won’t be starving; when domestic prices rise enough, the agribusiness is glad to sell at home instead of exporting it. We have been exporting an awful lot of food in recent decades. But it means the prices are almost guaranteed to rise, so plan accordingly.

This will become the excuse a lot of militant globalists will use to call for forced veganism and other “environmental” policies. It won’t work, but there will be a tremendous amount of noise about it. That’s because the mainstream media is inherently globalist. Aside from a tiny selection of alternative voices, the entire field of journalism is rooted in globalist assumptions. You cannot get involved in journalism unless you first bow down to their false god. This is Babylon rising again.

They dare not report the truth, even when the conspirators openly admit their conspiracy. See: “Thank God for Deep State,” ex-CIA boss says. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory?

When Trump and his defenders talked about the Deep State during the “Russiagate” hysteria, the very same outlets pooh-poohed them as insane, paranoid, and delusional. Now they say the Deep State is real, it’s always been real, and it’s acting in the best interests of the American Republic — and if you don’t believe it, you’re the one who’s insane, paranoid and delusional. Sense a pattern?

In the minds of the globalist CIA and their allies, it is “patriotic” to drag America in under the authority of the globalist UN. It is “patriotic” to promote an elite ruling class that is so alienated from, and hostile to, the majority of the US population that we have no greater enemy in this world.

This is part of why I am convinced we are headed for a civil war. And these globalists want such a conflict, because they honestly believe it will give them the upper hand. They aren’t willing to dirty their hands in bloodshed directly, yet they somehow believe that they can force their agenda on a hostile population. They really do not grasp just how unpopular they are.

On a secular political level, I’m predicting this impeachment mess will collapse rather suddenly. I’m no fan of Trump, but the vast majority of the US would rather follow him than his opposition. And the primary root of his opposition is the Neo-Babylonian pagan cult of globalism. If Americans do not prepare themselves to resist with bloodshed, then it will most certainly be their blood that will be shed. The globalists have already declared war, and the sooner folks realize that, the sooner they can take appropriate action.

This is the hand of God; He has warned us in His revelation that He will always crush the cult of Babylon, typically right when the cult leaders are convinced they are about to win. We should neither lead nor resist when His hand moves. Follow your convictions.

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