Semi-Apocalypse of Vaccination

Jon Rappoport gives us a nightmare vision of how the globalists are likely to proceed. I suppose he gets one thing wrong: His vision rests on a level of prosperity we no longer have. Still, you get the idea — this is more or less what the globalists have been cooking up for the US. Rappoport makes no reference at all to the current prophetic trend that indicates God’s wrath will destroy the globalist’s plans.

As Jack at Sigma Frame notes, we are in a time when divine gifts like prophecy are on the rise. When God pours out His wrath, He always sends His prophets to warn of the coming tribulation and to declare the sins He is judging. I am among those who have been warning for at least three decades, and I stand with a great many who are pointing a way back to God’s favor.

A major element in God’s wrath is His displeasure with the centralizing tendencies of human government. We have the story of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), filled with symbolism, but primarily warning us that God intends us to live a highly decentralized existence in this fallen world. If we don’t choose that path voluntarily, He will force the issue. He did it in primordial Babylon, and He’s doing it again in the West. We don’t have a literal Nimrod, but we do have a whole class of fools with Nimrod’s predatory nature, seeking to bring all humanity under their domination. We call them globalists.

Yes, there is another allied group from which globalists diverged — Zionists — and the two are working together sometimes. They have the same basic dream of One World government. Still, they aren’t closely allied, and the globalists have pulled away in seeking to make their final move. It will be their last because it will fail. Rappoport’s vision linked above says more about the propaganda of the globalists and their apparent dreams than it does to indicate how and why we should resist, as his last line suggests in that article.

I realize that a secular resistance is inevitable. A great many folks will wave the American flag and make a big deal out of this. They might even actually take up arms, though they are hardly so eager as their agitation suggests. That cultural bias Rapporport writes about is stronger than even the patriot resisters realize. I have no particular advice for them now; my prophetic calling is aimed at a different bunch of folks.

Satan knows that with God’s wrath comes also a surge of spiritual activity that brings repentance. Satan’s job is to lay traps for those who aren’t actually committed, but trying to ride the wave and profit from the prophets. Granted, those traps aren’t very specific and can capture a lot of hapless fools who simply don’t have a clue what’s going on. At any rate, a part of my mission is to point out where those traps are and how they work.

This whole bogus frame of reference about public health will become the excuse for persecution on folks like us who see that it has nothing to do with “herd immunity” and everything to do with herding. This is not a health crisis; it’s a dramatic presentation meant to manipulate and make you fear so you’ll obey lying “experts” whose only real aim is enslaving you. And in particular, it’s an enslavement to their pagan deities, for which they are seeking to build another Tower of Babel — to seek power in the Spirit Realm (Genesis 4:11 “reach into the heavens”) for evil outcomes. It’s to separate people from God.

So if we resist on religious grounds, it guarantees persecution. It’s not hard to see how that is built into the globalist plans, as Rappoport dramatically describes. Any future “vaccine” or certificate of immunity will play the same role as the Mark of the Beast. It’s not about actual health, and it never was. It’s all about control and serving demonic false gods.

This is not the final apocalypse, nor one of several we were told would come before the Great Tribulation. But we are heading into a time of tribulation that will seem very nearly like an apocalypse. This Babylon will fall like all the others, and it will be a huge mess (Isaiah 21:6-10; Revelation 14:8, 18:2).

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Resistance and Dissent is Life

Let’s be clear: It is utterly impossible to unite the American people. You can theorize and postulate ideals all you want, but the union has long been dissolved in the hearts and minds of the people. It’s not just two camps, though it’s popular to think so. More to the point, it’s not the two camps everything thinks it is. Still, while the mass of people see themselves in several different camps, there are two basic types of people in terms of how they want to see the system work, and that is the real divide.

The real divide is between centralists and decentralists. The first group assumes it is good, right and necessary to demand specialization and global interdependence, all highly enforced. The latter group emphasizes self-reliance and voluntary cooperation. Feel free to apply whatever analysis you like to why people fall into these two groups, but this is what drives the growing conflict in America. That there happens to be a very large bulk of the population on neither side in particular helps to confuse the issue. The average Joe and Jane American are conflicted internally, and they will be dragged into the conflict between the two combative parties.

So in the minds of that flaccid majority, the issue is which extreme offers the best living conditions. The two opposing camps are making various pitches to the majority. So long as we had national prosperity, it was easy to ignore the conflict, to accommodate both to some degree and just play along. That prosperity is gone, and people now realize it. It was bound to go away sooner or later, so don’t try to blame it on the current plague. The underlying system was broken long ago, but the façade was maintained to hide the plundering.

The centralizers have been doing that plundering for a long time. Centralizing was what allowed them to plunder so much. Predators do better chasing herds than they do with individual prey. The reason that sense of prosperity went away is that the centralizers have made their final move to seize ultimate power and complete their plundering. They want to corral the herd for consumption. As with anything involving huge numbers of people with varying talents and loyalties, it’s pretty messy. It makes the plan look really shaky, almost like the whole thing was one big accident. Maybe that’s the genius of it all, but appearances have a lot to do with how people react, and this thing looks like there’s no one in particular making any clear and sharp decisions that really matter.

As long as it looks random to some degree, it’s really hard to focus an organized resistance. And make no mistake: God is on the side of decentralists. That’s the direction His hand is working as He pours out His wrath in tribulation on the US. He will have decentralization one way or another. It’s pretty smart to stand with God and work to decentralize. That may not require officially dissolving the Union, but it means cutting enough ties to disable the predatory centralizers. It means a de facto end to the Union as an ideal. In American history things quickly got out of control because the culture of self-reliance was so easy to erase under the seduction of false prosperity. There has never been enough of “liberty or death.”

No one took seriously the threat of global government, with visions of the Mark of the Beast, until recently. It was never actually possible because God would not allow it, but we have come to the place where it does appear to be possible, and a significant portion of human government officials and activists are trying to make it happen. They believe it’s at hand and are making their move. It’s not a matter of being so highly coordinated — it’s clearly not that well organized. What unifies this hideous thing is a single demonic power driving a lot of unreliable human beings. It’s bound to have some unifying tendencies, but it’s not going to work because it lacks the clarity of conscious purpose in those who serve that demon.

That’s the way demons work. They offer beatific visions of great things that they themselves know are lies. Humanity is incapable of uniting globally under one government, and Creation itself won’t tolerate such a thing, but the whole point of sin and temptation is that it never works out. It cannot; it’s contrary to the nature of reality.

Here’s the cool part: If you feel led to promote God’s way of decentralization, all you have to do is resist the centralizers. It’s all in the simple fact of individual resistance. You don’t have to organize and make plans, only share methods and means. The mere fact of not being organized is what makes it so hard for the centralizers to reach out and seize control. The whole point is to promote differentiation and dissent, to increase self-reliance. Refuse to play along. It’s all about the process, not the product.

If the only thing we can agree on is that we don’t want what the centralizers are selling, then we have already won. It’s just a matter of playing things out and collecting the plunder from the battlefield when it’s over. And if there’s a little dispute over the plunder, that’s actually a good thing.

Here’s the divine secret: Agree to disagree. In our fallen state, human conflict is utterly inevitable. As part of the Curse of the Fall, we will never be allowed to come to full agreement on much of anything. That’s what the Tower of Babel teaches us. Human political peace and unity is not possible; it should never be an ideal or goal. Rather, God’s ideal for us in this fallen world is to learn how to gracefully disagree. How about we just leave each other alone and mind our own business? That’s a divine ideal for this world.

All our agreements should be tentative and conditional. Don’t get distracted by some end product or goal. Alliances and unions should always be provisional, subject to frequent renegotiation. It’s the talent for negotiating and knowing when to cut ties that makes us godly. That’s more important than anything we might imagine we could accomplish with or without cooperation. Cooperation should always be conscious, fully informed and voluntary. Enforcement should always be voluntary, too. If you can’t make it work, it’s better to break it off.

Follow your own convictions at all cost. That’s what God says. Don’t coerce anyone unless they are in your lap. Protect and fight for what God gives you, and surrender back to Him anything He doesn’t tell you is required for serving Him.

I know that my efforts to encourage these things will appeal to only a small portion of my fellow Americans. That’s enough. If I can provoke just a few folks to fight centralization, I’ve already won. Human momentum will take over from there. It won’t matter what you make of it after things get rolling. What matters is that you do make something of it by your own convictions.

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Oppression Has No Flavor

Surveillance is not the issue. The only time surveillance is a real threat is when the forces behind it are big enough to be a serious problem to those they snoop. But the victims of surveillance vastly outnumber the snoops and whatever is behind them. So in many ways it does not matter if TPTB snoop on us, because they simply cannot possibly control us.

But TPTB will try. A great many of them honestly believe they can. They make an honest mistake in thinking the fearful masses are an overwhelming majority, and that dissenters are really few. But the significant reservoir of folks who aren’t afraid is far larger than TPTB realize, because they often make little noise until it’s time to fight. Plus, some of the masses in the middle will be easily swayed to follow the fearless once things get going.

Keep in mind that I stoutly reaffirm the future of conflict within the West in particular is information. While there will certainly be bloodshed, what really matters will be a matter of information warfare. That’s the field of battle; all the rest is subsidiary action. Given the nature of things in our society at this time, that means mostly a matter of Internet warfare. But try to understand that it’s not so much a battle over the Internet. It will seem that way to many, but the warfare is over content and traffic, not the physical infrastructure.

The primary means of warfare is not the technology; that’s just the weaponry. The tactics and strategy is focused on access to information. The primary means of attack is denial of access. That’s partly a matter of censorship, but it’s far more. There’s a vast effort to steer public perception itself. It’s all one big PsyOp (psychological operation), AKA perception management.

That’s how it was all the way back in the Old Testament. Military victory wasn’t killing the most enemies; it was having your troops stay in formation and making the enemy flee. And flight was a matter of perception: If the enemy sensed they were vulnerable, that their deities weren’t supporting them, they fled. This information warfare today is hardly any different. Whomever remains totally convinced of their message will remain standing against all onslaughts, and will continue to get their message out.

Despite all the rhetoric about what’s actually true, objective reality isn’t that important here. It’s a matter of your convictions, and how firmly they hold you to your course. The people who are causing the most trouble here are those who want to create a bogus social expectation that makes people flimsy and variable in the face of social pressure. Victory is defined as holding yourself to your convictions and letting the world go to hell. This is what we must project onto the field of battle.

Some will try to distract you by pointing to something they believe is worth preserving. It’s a lie; what they point to doesn’t exist. There is nothing to preserve except your own sanity. The world most certainly is going to hell, but that’s happened lots of times before. Don’t try to save the world, because you cannot. What you can save is your own persistence in following your convictions.

As this Internet battle takes shape, we already see that those who own the primary sources of traffic are on the evil side. They don’t actually own the Net itself, but they own the mainstream of attention. They own the infrastructure of attention which stands on top of the physical network. The way to destroy it is to draw attention away from them. Their defense will be seizing tighter control over the infrastructure of attention, and pushing the dissenters out of their venues. So the dissenters are having to create their own venue for attention, and they are way behind the curve. A few have begun to succeed just a little, and the forces of evil are using every possible trick of law and commerce to destroy those initial efforts.

My prophetic gift tells me that the biggest changes to the Internet are just ahead of us. I lack the expertise to see enough details to predict the particulars, but I can sense a dramatic shift coming. Laws and customs can’t change the Net itself, but genuine technology shifts can. We will see some major technological changes. I foresee a kind of virtual splitting, a polarization of how things are done on the Net. Efforts at silencing dissent will provoke the rise of a different kind of networking using the same infrastructure. It could even go so far as requiring a whole new range of devices, if those who control access to the Net are stupid enough to take sides. I suspect that will happen.

And as you might expect, the OS and software market will also be split along with the device market. I know just enough at this point to suggest that, in the long run, Open Source will be the primary advantage of the dissenters. Their interests will generate a whole range of cheap and open hardware devices that do things mainstream hardware and software won’t do. Now, because the current Open Source software community is seeing a rise of censorship within the existing organizations, there will surely be a major division there, as well, probably in the rise of an underground that has always been there in the background. A lot more people are going to learn how to code simply out of necessity.

While there is some money to be made in supporting dissent, it’s not enough to draw the Big Tech companies. Some of them will pretend to stand neutral, trying to make money from both sides. They will be under tremendous pressure from the oppressors to cut off the dissenters.

What I see isn’t going to answer a lot of questions. It’s not that kind of insight. It’s purpose is to make you more aware of the battle. You don’t have to declare yourself on one side or the other, but I can assure you that the Radix Fidem message depends on the rise of this underground dissenting mass. The mainstream hates us already, when they bother to notice us at all. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is left-versus-right; that’s just misdirection. This is oppression versus liberty. It will split both left and right, because both of them include oppressors and the oppressed.

The drive to oppress can take on any flavor, but it won’t change the bitterness.

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Harrah-Jones Loop 02

Nothing dramatic, but this was the first time I’ve taken the new bike out on this long route, just a little shy of 44 miles. I stopped on the Harrah bridge across the North Canadian River and took this shot looking NW back toward the Horseshoe Lake Electric Plant. The sky was exceptionally clear.

This time the route was mostly flat. I faced quite a few hills on the outbound leg along Reno Avenue eastward out to Dobbs Road, but once I got close to Harrah, it was rather flat the rest of the way. This image is the view of the North Canadian Valley farmland near Triple X Road. Way out about a mile away the land starts to rise just a little. It’s not a really big climb, but it is the watershed between the North Canadian and the Deep Fork Rivers.

This is the view westward on Wilshire toward the State Center School (at the geographical center of Oklahoma). There’s a lot of construction out here, so it’s a crapshoot trying to get through on just a few section line roads. At one point I rode through some turnpike construction in an area where the machines were idle today. I’m not sure how much effect the planned-emic has on the construction crews, but during this plague, the work has slowed down radically on the eastern OKC turnpike.

This is another spot where the North Canadian River has swung around dramatically to erode the banks on one side. In this image, there was roughly five acres of good farmland that was lost. The North Canadian is notorious for wandering like that, and there are lots of oxbow lakes (curved ponds of river course orphaned from the flow) all along its course across Oklahoma. A few years ago, a crew was out dropping rip-rap on the banks here, but only to protect the bridge. Otherwise, the river is free to meander in most places.

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A Northeastern Loop

I managed to get an early start on this ride. It was basically north on Midwest Boulevard to NE 122nd, over to Westminster Road and south to Britton Road, then return home — 25.8 miles. I took a bunch of pictures that called my name along the way.

This collection of mixed wildflowers is almost sun shot because of the low angle of Sol. There’s some purple stuff, sunrise daisies, and some kind of yellow blossoms. One whole side of the road was covered in them for a hundred yards or so along NE 122nd.

On the one hand, we’ve had some good rain recently and it caused the river to carry, then drop some odd things here and there. Viewed upstream from the bridge at NE 122nd Street, we have this dramatic scene at relatively lower water level. The silt on the bottom is an ever-changing tapestry of high and low spots, and the color of the water never seems to be the same twice in a row.

Honeysuckle grows wild in these parts. This time of year the fragrance is everywhere. However, this particular batch of vines includes something quite rare: red blossoms. This isn’t a very good specimen, but it’s so uncommon I just had to try capturing it. There didn’t seem to be any significant insect activity on this one, but the scent was rather potent.

On the return leg, I passed this pond along Westminster Road, not far from where it crosses Hefner Road. What caught my eye was that this pond is right in the front yard, instead of serving as a stock pond. I couldn’t get a shot lined up that was anything like the beauty of the thing in itself. I would have been tempted to swim in it.

Down along Britton Road, when I crossed the bridge over the North Canadian River there, I was stunned by the radical erosion to the bank since the last time I passed. In the middle ground is a heavy stone rip-rap that seems to have done little good, since the bank was cut behind it. Some farmer lost at least an acre of good land during the past year.

I stopped to take my break at the huge elm that stands on the corner of Midwest Boulevard and Wilshire. That’s Wilshire climbing up toward the west. I take that climb about every other week or so heading toward the northern end of OKC.

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What Would It Take to Ditch Windows?

Ref: a previous post where I mentioned my attitude about Windows versus Linux

Still, Linux has its place and I’m keeping an eye on things. I would be willing to compromise and run crappy Linux drivers on my hardware if Microsoft does something truly evil or stupid. These days, anything is possible.

So the question was asked: What kind of stupid thing could Microsoft do that would cause me to shift back to Linux?

The single biggest threat we face on the Net is censorship. Because of how networking protocols are designed, the technology would make censorship very easy. Just block certain traffic and nobody would have access to the content. While there are already ways to route around some blocking, most of it is currently not user friendly. Then again, such blocking is technically easy, but very hard politically. The vast majority of people working in IT at all levels are against content blocking. They could easily choose to enhance the bypassing of censorship without getting caught.

What’s much easier politically is pressuring those who make the tools everyone uses. We have already seen how Google has bought into the SJW/globalist agenda. YouTube, as a subsidiary of Google, blocks anything that counters the globalist and SJW agenda, if that dissent gets much attention. There are thresholds of increasing publicity at which YouTube management moves to make the content inaccessible. Google search does pretty much the same thing. I look for subtle shifts in everything else Google does to pick up the same censorship, and that includes Android devices.

Can you imagine Microsoft going down the same path? How would you like to see Word spelling and grammar checking flag anything SJWs don’t like? How would you like Windows’ internal firewall to start blocking content that globalists want to quash? It’s possible.

The first moment I see evidence of such an agenda, even if it’s something subtle, I’ll ditch Windows. Maybe it would be something that hinders dissent on the current planned-emic. I’m sure Bill Gates still has a lot of influence at Microsoft, and Gates is a notorious globalist hack. If his idolatry for power and manipulation gets bigger than his outright greed and business sense, then things could begin to shift at Microsoft, and it would act more like Google.

I’ve already ditched my plans to use G-Suite. I’ve seen random reports of people experiencing censorship after paying for the service. Any day now, I expect to read how a bunch of alt-right sites hosted on Blogger’s service are cut off. WordPress has done that, even with paying customers, so don’t think it won’t happen. There’s not much I can do about external services like that, but I’ll be damned if I let them seize control of my own computers. And as soon as there is a viable affordable replacement for Android smartphones, I’ll jump to that. (No, iPhone is not a viable alternative for me.)

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Guarding Against Jewish Self-worship

Judaism is not Old Testament religion. Judaism arose under the influence of Hellenism. When Alexander the Great marched through Palestine, he faced little resistance from those who had returned under the edict of Cyrus. It was just a remnant of Judah in the land, and without Persian imperial troops, there was not much point in resisting Macedon’s troops. And Alexander was a very enthusiastic evangelist for Hellenism, of which Aristotelian epistemology was the core.

The Hasidim rabbis of that day rejected the broader cultural influence of Hellenism, but they bought into to the insidious Aristotelian materialistic reasoning. It appealed to their fallen human intellect, and their Hebrew mystical traditions had lost a great deal of depth by this point. The ancient core of Hebrew intellectual lore had suffered already a one-two punch from the latter Babylonian culture, and then the Medo-Persian during the Exile. Their grasp on the ancient Hebrew mysticism was weak against the siren song of rationalism, bringing the depth of genuine faith to crash on the rocks.

Judaism is the intellectual movement that arose from this tragedy. It uses the text of the Old Testament, but reads it through rationalist eyes. It’s not that the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) traditions didn’t understand Aristotle’s approach to reason, but that such an approach was considered juvenile. It was based on too thin a slice of reality. It rested entirely on what was within reach of the senses and intellect, which is what we would expect from teenagers who discover abstract reasoning. It lacks the full depth of awareness from the heart, something most adults don’t really tap into until they have lived long enough to spend time in contemplation. The depth of conviction so common among ANE scholars requires recognizing that reality isn’t so simple as the rational mind assumes it is.

But rather than the blind poking of the ANE pagans into that higher realm of awareness, the Hebrew people had a direct revelation from the Creator. The Covenant of Moses was a guided path from childish concrete thinking to the depth of heart-led awareness, and the Hebrew language and culture was the frame of reference that made it all work. Judaism is backing down the mountain to a juvenile form of reasoning that cannot possibly comprehend the mystical experience of Moses up near the peak. It peels away the need for humility and faith, and encourages the arrogance of being so very clever and talented. It silences the heart of faith.

In place of a deep mystical faith, Judaism builds on a rationalist legalism and clever gotchas. It keeps up the pretense of mystical depth, but it’s hollow. To fill this emptiness, they generated a wealth of nonsense lore which they claimed was the secret message of Moses delivered orally to a select few elite minds. And this legacy of oral lore was passed down among an imaginary core of elite rabbis. Even Jehovah Himself approved of it, they claim, and so grew this wild notion that God declared He was bound by the smart-ass legalism of the rabbis who could play semantic games and manipulate the meaning of the written text.

Jesus castigated the Jewish leadership for this big pile of nonsense. He called them back to the ancient Hebrew mysticism. It’s not that such mysticism was unknown, but that it was disparaged and treated with contempt. It was inherent in the published texts of the Old Testament, and the rabbis knew it, but rejected it as old fashioned and primitive. It justified a complete and radical shift in how they understood God. By Jesus’ time, they had a totally false idea of Jehovah, having replaced Him with their legalist imaginations embodied in the Talmud. They didn’t know their own God.

Their whole identity rested on Moses, and they had denied that heritage. In essence, they had rejected the Covenant, and replaced it with a wild mixture of materialist mythology and shallow magical thinking. The ancient Hebrew language and culture made room for hyperbole in expression, flavored with symbolic imagery. A proper ancient Hebrew mind would know how to handle that. Instead of traditional Hebrew hyperbole, Jews have long embellished the biblical narrative and make it an article of faith to actually believe nonsense that never happened. Genuine oral lore from the Old Testament is awash in a sea of Talmudic lies.

Jews ignore all the places in Scripture where they were warned not to circumvent the judgments of God against them for walking away from the Covenant. The Jewish nation living in Modern Israel is not the Covenant Nation. That was forfeited when they crucified the Son, the true and living Revelation of God.

But wait: If any of today’s Jews return to the Son, they recover all the privileges of the Covenant. They regain the lost legacy of everything God granted them as His own family household. Paul makes it clear they still hold an advantage as natural branches of the True Vine, while we Gentile Christians are wild branches grafted in. We are obliged by the Word itself to honor that legacy for what it is — it was theirs first. It’s theirs organically. We were supposed to go through them to find shalom. The gate was opened to us without going through them now, but only because we go through the One who represents and reveals everything they should have been.

So now the great wonders of the ancient Hebrew mysticism and faith are ours as a kind of default because the original plan was rejected by those who had first claim to it. But if we reject the packaging of Hebrew revelation, we have rejected what’s in the package. Jesus warned the Jews that they had not only rejected divine revelation, but had worked night and day to close it off to everyone else. Jews today claim they are still the Covenant Nation, and that their legalistic nonsense is the real deal. The Apostles warned in various ways against the filthy contagion of that approach and how it would ruin Christian faith. They warned of the Judaizers, but in the long run, church leadership did not listen. Today mainstream Christianity still falsely honors Judaism as Old Testament religion, and mainstream Christian religion reflects the same legalistic reasoning.

When you go back and examine the stuff Jews are selling today, be very skeptical. You will likely find a kernel of truth in there, but beware of their wild embellishments. It’s not Hebrew hyperbole; they actually believe that nonsense. And especially will they embellish anything that elevates them and justifies their national arrogance. The Talmud says flatly that Gentiles are not human; only Jews are people. They are their own messiahs. Listen to your heart, not the wild enthusiasm of empty self-worship.

Zionism is simply the political movement founded on that self-worship.

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