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Mama’s Boy

This blog focuses on practical applications of a peculiar outlook, an outlook we call Christian Mysticism. It’s title — Do What’s Right — points back to that mission. It’s about knowing what is right and then doing it. To get there, we talk about covenants, feudalism, and mission calling.

I don’t spend that much time and space on the men’s red-pill lore. At least half of what you can find is morally bankrupt. The useful parts are too easily addressed in the biblical teaching of the covenant shepherd’s role. Still, we cannot deny that some portion of that red-pill stuff does accurately reflect what’s in the Bible. Still, instead of throwing around the labels red-pill sites use, let’s see if we can stick to the biblical model.

In discussing what it means to be a biblical man and a biblical woman, one of the hardest tasks is sussing out the difference between what is wired in from Creation and what is the result of the Curse of the Fall. For example, Paul writes (1 Timothy 2:11-14) that Eve before the Fall was not equipped to detect certain lies Satan told her. In a certain sense, her receptiveness was simply a matter of feminine nature. Her mission from God, her orientation on certain priorities, made her open to manipulation.

It was Adam’s job to notice the way Satan’s contention threatened the covenant blessings. Adam was supposed to guard against temptation in regards to that moral question. We have no way of knowing how Eve went about convincing Adam to go along with her choice. What we do know is that Adam in that moment was playing a false role as enabler.

You can reject the Bible on any grounds you like, but this blog is unabashedly patriarchal simply because the Bible says it rests on something fundamental to Creation itself, not as a result of the Fall. It’s easy to do patriarchy wrong, as the West typically does. But Scripture is quite consistent about rejecting feminism; it often comes in the guise of condemning idolatry. In particular, we are warned over and over again against any manifestation of goddess worship. The idea that womanhood holds a moral purity superior to that of men is an abomination.

Not that women are inferior, but it’s contrary to their appointed role in Creation to make decisions over men. Women are meant to be more flexible about matters of theology, for example, because God requires her to follow the lead of her husband, or whomever stands in the role as her spiritual covering, her primary shepherd. In some practical matters, women are superior, but not on issues that God committed to the care of men. Women are inherently more materially oriented; men are better at abstractions. There will always be some limited conflict between the two — that’s a part of the Curse of the Fall. However, a man must first and foremost follow the call of Spirit in deciding what and how the household will invest resources for the long term.

The man must find his individual mission within the broader mission of shepherding the household within covenant boundaries. The Covenant of the Garden was that Adam and Eve were to manage nature in accordance with revelation. Adam was in charge and Eve was his supporter. She kept an eye on certain things Adam could not easily see, and vice versa. She had her input in the decisions he made. We don’t know their talents and capabilities; they are presented as types.

Giving her more say than she should have had was where Adam failed. In this, he was like a Mama’s Boy. All respect and honor to our mothers, but at some point we have know what God called us to do and it means sometimes putting aside what any woman demand of us.

Now, in red-pill lore, some refer to the Mama’s Boy as “Gamma Male.” There is extensive material on what that means, but the primary point here is that it’s a guy who bows the knee to a false goddess. He’s trying to appease someone who shouldn’t be granted certain authority. He’s doing what Adam did in failing to stand up and reject the lies of Satan. It doesn’t matter how talented he is, or if he only imagines he is because he allows the women to manipulate him. They will only use him and throw him aside when he’s no longer useful, so he gets nothing he thought he would gain from his servile behavior.

In a covenant community, the shepherd is aware such men exist. All men have that failure in them, but it manifests in different ways. All women have that urge to dominate in certain ways, so we take it for granted that it will show itself. Every shepherd will have to deal with carping, nagging women focused on what women can see, and men who will support and enable that carping. The shepherd in question must decide how to handle that, but if he doesn’t have a vision for the family that adheres to the covenant and seeks the blessings, nobody should follow him.

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Good People?

Sometimes you have to state the obvious. Western minds are obsessed with the question of what defines a good person, and how we become good people. The biblical approach is completely different. The underlying assumption is that there are no good people, and that it is not possible to become a good person. Rather, it is a question of how we can find God’s favor. The whole of biblical revelation is wrapped up in the assumption that we are deeply broken, and that this brokenness cannot be fixed. So all that’s left is crying out to the Creator for mercy.

We remain deeply cynical about ourselves first. The whole question of redemption from sin and the transformation of spiritual birth is not removing sin, but removing the accountability for sin. Not in the sense of now being free to do whatever the hell we please, but it is in the sense of wishing very much we weren’t so badly broken. We come to agree with God about what sin is, and how bad it is, and want very much something we have clearly lost since departing the Garden of Eden. We long to return to Eden, and we understand fully there is something inherent in our nature that keeps us out of Eden.

We will not get there in this life. There is another life to follow this one, an existence we know we cannot comprehend. Nonetheless, our wiring recognizes it is there, and draws us with longing for it. There is no transformation that makes humans good enough to get in there while we retain our human form. We have to leave this human form behind, and that means dying. The real transformation of spiritual birth is recognizing that dying is a good thing. It is a reward for suffering through this life with a potent desire to be back in Eden. We learn to identify with something not available in this life, a gift from above to genuinely care about what our Creator wants.

Without that flaming desire to be what God intended, there has been no transformation, no spiritual birth. It’s a miracle gift, not an achievement.

We have no illusion about being good people. We seek to be redeemed people through a desire for what ought to be, and that means leaving this prison existence. The key to holiness is desire, a drive for escape from our brokenness, with the sure knowledge that escape is not in this life, but we must escape from this life. We aren’t going to pull goodness down to this world; we are going to hitch ourselves to goodness from another world. We will suffer the sentence of mortality and evil and embrace death when it finally comes as the gateway to Eden.

There can be no good people in this life, only those few who belong to Eden, and a great many who do not.

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The Voice of God

The foundation for understanding reality is the Word of God.

The root nature of the Fall is trusting human perception and reason versus divine revelation. Human perception and reason is tainted by space-time awareness, among other things, so the long term view is badly broken. Short term perceptions dominate human thinking. Further, the arrogance of intellect suppresses a humble awareness of fallen human desires that form the hidden rationale for a great many assumptions about what is really necessary. Thus, common fallen human awareness of reality, and the resulting proposals for dealing with reality, are always deeply stained with selfish desire.

So motivations and values cannot be objective. This is why there is such a huge obsession with logic and debate, trying so hard, and in vain, to establish some objective reasonable standard for consensus. There will never be a consensus, only tribal loyalties, consciously acknowledged or not. One man’s peace is another man’s warfare. Revelation itself says quite loudly that we should not seek global consensus, but that we should scatter across the earth as tiny national tribes with the occasional conflict in competition for resources.

Then the question is properly a matter of gaining God’s favor on the tribe so as to obtain shalom. And in this context, we can summarize shalom as reasonable prosperity, resistance against disease, dominance against tribal enemies, and internal social stability. That last item is both goal and reward, the crux of our duty to divine revelation. Peace between tribes is not a requirement under Biblical Law, though seeking peaceful coexistence is always a hope that should temper our struggle for resources.

Biblical Law requires that we recognize when neighboring tribes hold evil aspirations. We are obliged to properly discern when another tribes worships demons, and what that will bring. We are required to trust in God as we prepare to defend against the evil that drives them.

War is not a curse; it is a necessary element in our fallen existence. The supposedly reasonable call for peace always masks an unacknowledged desire to maintain certain advantages. The only people calling for peace are those who already have their advantages and have the means to exploit the resources of others. Thus, the antiwar philosophical position is not a human universal; it is not objectively reasonable for those who are starving and exploited. Humans are pathologically unable to come to terms globally because they cannot operate in genuine altruism. Even when we can understand the theory of peaceful coexistence and prosperity, we are broken and incapable of making it happen. The theory doesn’t account for human fallen nature.

Biblical Law presumes the necessity of warfare and sets provisions for how God wants us to conduct war. It is most certainly not according to Western sensibilities.

So the game in divine justice is not to avoid warfare at all costs, but to ensure that any warfare undertaken responds to Biblical Law. God plays favorites, but it has nothing to do with race; it’s more a matter of culture. Further, this plays out against His inscrutable plans for humanity, so Biblical Law may have muted effects. Biblical Law is reaching for divine justice, but the two terms are not quite synonymous. Divine justice is defined as whatever God wants; Biblical Law is what He tells us He wants us to do under His justice. Thus, we may be driven by Biblical Law to seek things God may not actually grant, but we are still required to seek.

Biblical Law is its own reward. We seek certain things because the seeking is holy and blessed in His sight, never mind the objectives of our seeking. The real objective is the righteous process, not the product. We are to seek a heart-led awareness of what is just in His eyes, and become sensitive to what grates on God’s nerves.

A particularly obvious example of what grates on God’s nerves is the confusion over Biblical Law regarding material property. One thing communists have right: There is a difference between private property and personal property. Personal property is rather obvious, but “private property” as a term refers to just about anything not owned by government (AKA, “public property” or common property of “the people”). Private property is a fiction that binds up resources away from the common welfare so that they can be controlled for the benefit of an elite few. In other words, it is one tribe exclusively occupying resources against their neighbors.

While the communists are right about how immoral this is, they are wrong about the solution. Humanity is badly fallen and giving everyone common access to resources will always result in disastrous waste. The real problem is the fiction of “private property” with legal protections that pretend it is for the common good. In this, more orthodox capitalist theory is very, very wrong. The fiction that something owned by a corporation is “private property” is an abomination to God. The flaw is the attempt to abstract ownership away from individual persons who can be held personally liable.

In Biblical Law, a tribe can own property in common, but the responsible party is the individual person who is head of the tribe. That tribal ruler is personally liable, but also personally empowered to decide how it is used. The choices are not merely logical, as if law were some objective reality, but the choices are individual and moral in nature. The first and final accountability is to God, not some dehumanized legal entity of the State which then goes on to occupy all the prerogatives of God. The State forecloses all consideration of accountability to God. The State is an abomination to God, too.

But natural resources are always property of God in the final analysis, and certain corporate uses are an abomination to God. Of course, in the US, we live under what the Bible would call an imperial oppressor; an elitist tribe has conquered us and we live under their control. They demand that we not interfere with their own tribe looting natural resources. But in God’s eyes, it would not necessarily be a sin to violently hinder or even destroy the likes of Nestlé for trying to seize control of natural water resources. The question before God is not whether such action is wrong, but whether it might be contrary to His plans in this context.

The current prevailing mythology of keeping the peace is merely the demand of the oppressive ruling tribe that we not upset their control and extravagant prosperity. They do not have our best interests heart. Don’t be a sucker for the materialistic gods they serve.

Follow your heart; that’s where the voice of God speaks.

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It’s Only Going to Get Worse

The noise about the fires in the Amazon watershed in Brazil is just noise.

A critical claim in this noise is that the Amazon rain forest is the lungs of the earth. This extravagant claim is based on the idea that the balance between respiration and photosynthesis in the Amazon Basin produces a net bonus of oxygen for the world. This is asserted in one form or another totally without proof. So far as anyone can actually measure, the oxygen cycle in any given natural biome is pretty much in balance within the biome itself.

Another element in the propaganda is the implication that all of the fires are virgin forest. This happens to be a flat out lie, because actual surveys show that almost all of the burning takes place on land that was previously cleared. In other words, the fires are simply the agricultural practices of the people who live there. Granted, this is a very bad practice for the most part, but there’s really not much we can do about it.

As this article notes, the majority of the images posted in social media are from previous decades or from other places in the world. They aren’t current photos of the Amazon fires. The whole thing is a thinly disguised political attack on the current president of Brazil. In the minds of the people making the noise about the Amazon fires, Bolsonaro is too much like Trump, and they loathe Trump.

I loathe him, too, but mine is not a partisan position. And I most certainly believe in harmonizing with nature, but not on the basis of elitist pagan Green religion, any more than I would find common cause with American middle-class religion. Both are merely manifestations of various brands of materialism.

The problem with Trump is that he is a Zionist, serving the interests of a foreign government power. Regarding his attacks on the left-wing, he has been entirely too soft and civilized, allowing communism (a disguise for globalism) to fester in the US. The trade war is a bad implementation of a very good idea for rebuilding the US economy. Immigration restrictions are a wonderful idea, but he has been faffing around with it instead of doing it right. He’s a wuss, a self-absorbed idiotic blowhard, but the viable alternatives are even worse for America.

So it does precious little good to even get involved in the discussion about American politics, since it is impossible to imagine that anyone in power will do what’s really in the country’s interest. What’s happening in Brazil is not our problem, and all the pontificating agitation from our leftist elites is just part of the big lie they keep pushing.

God’s wrath on America is fully justified, and He has taken it very easy on us so far.

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Microsoft Is Not Your Friend

Just a reminder that Microsoft is no better than the others, and has been at it longer than most of Big Tech.

The story is that MS is back to their old tricks of buying out smaller outfits and either enslaving the existing customers, or forcing them out. In this case, MS bought up LinkedIn. Just a year earlier, LinkedIn had bought out MS is now demanding that Lynda users create a LinkedIn account to continue using Lynda. This is the same LinkedIn that was hacked and exposed every single member’s personal info, because MS can’t be bothered with real security.

So far as I can discover, Lynda had been a fairly large company that offered a ton of instructional courses in fine arts. Lots of county libraries and colleges across the US had access to this material on behalf of their patrons. MS is leveraging their control over Lynda to force these millions of patrons and students to surrender their personal info for a database MS refuses to protect. It’s just another forced participation in having your life sold to advertisers, even without the poorly secured database. Worse, something that was theirs because the founder Lynda Weinman gave it to them, has been taken away.

There’s no other way to see this except as a case of MS using very bad law as the means to steal from millions at once. But this is how MS has acted from the beginning. The first initial work on MS-DOS was stolen from someone else. MS is a monopoly, and no one has the power to hinder them unless users simply stop using their stuff.

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Filtering News

The basic question is: What would it take to prove the claim in a court of law?

Context is everything. The logic of news filtering rests firmly on the foundation of knowing your mission and calling in life. There are a great number of things that may affect you, but you aren’t empowered to do anything about them. Those items are passed into the contextual awareness. Your convictions will tell you when it really matters, but for the most part, you simply remain prepared for adapting to changes.

I recall the advice of a very wise Army NCO: Soldiers can sleep anywhere. That’s a symbol for the wider adaptation of basic living conditions. When you have no control over the conditions, you take what you can get and carry out the mission. You learn how to make the most of things by carrying just a little extra stuff you believe you’ll use, and sharpen your creativity in using that stuff.

So the first question is context, and the next step is deciding whether the story that confronts you is pertinent in that context. Today’s interesting material becomes tomorrows insignificant noise, and vice versa. Don’t second guess yourself; you already have too much information coming at you in the first place. You will most certainly miss things along the way while wasting time on trifles — such is human nature. It’s not about the product but the process. As long as you know your mission and are driven, things will work out. Own the decisions and do the best you can with what’s presented.

Second, always be aware that the folks making all the news-noise are hiding something. It’s not that you should worry, but simply don’t trust them. You can’t respond to the unknown, but know that these folks are trying to make decisions for you. You should build an outlook about what is normal in your world, and notice when something obvious is missing.

Example: You may have heard about the Yellow Vest protests in France. What you may not know is that they are still going on. Instead, the news folks are pushing the story about the protests in Hong Kong. And while neither story may matter to you, some folks do have a vested mission interest in what’s happening in France. The Yellow Vest protests have the potential for bringing down the French government altogether. And something like that can spread to other countries.

Now we come to the major point here: If the story matters to you, is the report plausible? You can bet the news folks are lying about some part of it. Another example: Israel bombing targets in Iraq. Does it occur to you the US government might be lying about this? It does sound like something Israel might do, but Israel lies about almost everything. You need to ask what would have to be included in this story to be plausible, because there is a lot missing. What elements of proof would have to appear in evidence to justify accepting this story? It turns out the most likely cause of any random ammo dump explosions in Iraq is the broiling summer heat and careless storage. Some ammo is marked with instructions to not expose it to heat above 100°F, and it’s hitting 120°F there.

Another element to consider: Cui bono (who benefits)? Israel needs her enemies to fear her ability to strike anywhere, anytime. And US military needs to keep her Iraqi allies calm, because they were blaming the US for the explosions, threatening to retaliate against American bases in Iraq. Blaming Israel is an easy out, but there’s too many elements missing to buy that story.

It’s not enough to be angry that the mainstream media is lying. Of course they are lying; that’s where the money is. This is typical human behavior, so take it for granted. Build good filters inside your head and watch out for things that speak to your mission and calling. Investigate when possible. Cultivate allies who may not even know they are helping you, as you seek more accurate analysis of what’s happening. It so happens that Moon of Alabama is a good source of skepticism and cynicism about such things, despite tilting to the left. As long as you are aware of such a tilt, you can filter it out, whether it be right/left/center — all of which are based on the wrong assumptions about reality in the first place.

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