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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.

Skepticism Is Still Warranted

Folks, even John Stossel is controlled opposition. If he actually opposed the powers that be, he wouldn’t be allowed in the mainstream media. The libertarianism you see in the media isn’t really opposed to the system that makes them so … Continue reading

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The Radix Fidem Path with COVID-19

This is for the Radix Fidem community: I want to encourage you. I’m praying you remain on the path of divine truth, that you keep doing what you’ve been doing. My burden is to equip you so that your heart … Continue reading

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Defining Moral Nobility

Western fiction is larded with a common device that always seems to perk the readers’ curiosity: the secret order of people who run things. Isn’t it funny how fiction is so close to your common conspiracy theory? But then, in … Continue reading

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Every Act of Worship

One of the effects of this plague is the atomization of society. This is a good thing. One of the oldest and longest standing sins of this world has been centralization. This was the whole issue of the Tower of … Continue reading

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Still Training for the Mission

I’m still training for the mission. A couple of days ago I rode past these tiny purple blossoms in someone’s front yard, right along the route I take to Draper Lake and back. I know some folks call them “bluebells” … Continue reading

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COVID-19: Cynicism and Skepticism Justified

I’m a storyteller, not a professor. This blog is not an expert source of information, just an effort to entertain and tell stories. In the process, I sometimes manage to convey information from real experts, but I believe I’ve been … Continue reading

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River Trail Training Loop 01

Finally, a warm and sunny day! I chose the River Trail training loop for today, riding clockwise. That means starting in my neighborhood, dropping down into Holloway Park, then through the backstreets to Ray Trent Park. On the far side … Continue reading

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