Neither Red nor Blue

The madman hat came out this morning.

Maybe I can amuse you. I’m in no position to predict what’s coming; this is just wondering out loud. The people who do seem to know what’s coming suggest the economy is broken, but that it will take awhile before it becomes noticeable to folks who don’t really understand economics. That is, what makes an economy work is largely eaten away, and the consequences will become more obvious as time goes on.

You may be aware of the predatory oligarchs in the USA. When the herd is fat and sassy, the predators can get all they want and nobody is going to notice much. But when the herd starts going hungry, and the predators start taking down the productive ones, then the whole thing comes crashing down for predators, too.

Here’s a basic economic fact that shouldn’t be too hard to understand: the relatively liberal kind of folks aren’t as productive as those who tend to be conservative. Progressivism is predatory. It’s not that liberals don’t do anything; the work they do tends to not produce much materially. Rather, it consumes and collects what others produce in pursuit of something more intangible. They consider it fully justified, but that’s not the point here. We are looking at the net result of various orientations on life.

When conservative values dominate the culture, there is a much higher production of material goods, along with the services that people love. It’s rule-based and people seek a high trust environment so they don’t have to worry about a high loss ratio. Everyone is looking for a way to make more comfort. Here in the West, it’s a masculine thing.

The feminine thing is to look for ways to make the nest better. At some point when things are pretty good materially, the feminine minds have leisure to start looking at some of the more esoteric applications of their nest-building instincts. They invest the “nest” with new meanings that are actually not good for the home. They want more control over the factors that make their own personal nests more comfortable. This means a reduction in the kinds of risks that make for a high material production.

I’m attempting to back off and play at being objective here. Yes, it’s true that people get hurt as a consequence of high material production. Because we are instinctively tribal, we invariably favor our own tribe over outsiders. That means some tribes will prosper while others get the short end. It’s all about that competitive advantage in terms of material production. Some cultures are simply not very good at that. Whether that’s good or bad or indifferent is not important here; this is just the reality of human nature at large.

So, if you can swallow that much, then let’s look at our current situation here in the USA. We are well over the hump of material production and sliding down the other side. The herd isn’t so fat and sassy any more, and the high production tribes are being stymied. Meanwhile, the number of predators is growing, as formerly productive folks are pushed out of their productive opportunities. And some tribes are better at preying than others, so it will most certainly appear to be racist.

Side note: You probably have picked up on this, but tribes with a strong feminine identity do one kind of predation, while masculine cultures do a different kind. If you don’t grasp the difference already, I’m not sure I can explain it to you. In general, masculine cultures simply come and take what they want and don’t give a damn about anyone’s feelings except to rub it in your face, while feminine cultures tend to use a whole lot of deception and manipulation. It gets really complicated when a single cultural background spawns two different subcultures, one of each type, as the West does.

Here’s the thing I’m wondering about: What will happen to our predatory oligarchs when they are shut out of the productive herds? Surely, you can see that the USA is going through a realignment internally. We talk about red and blue states, particularly in the face of a federal government solidly in the control of the blue side. The red states are less and less willing to be plundered. When the blue states completely fall apart economically, as is inevitable, what will the oligarchs in those places do?

Please, keep in mind that both red and blue stand completely outside of Biblical Law. Neither of them have God’s hedge of protection because both red and blue have completely rejected all covenants. What’s left is for covenant folks who don’t belong to either side to simply watch. Granted, the red folks tolerate us better even if they laugh at us, while the blue folks bear a rabid hatred for us. If we had to choose, we should prefer the red states, but then there’s the issue of divine calling that sees God putting you where He needs you for His glory.

Because I live in a red state, I have the luxury of wondering how this is going to turn out as I watch the blue states from afar.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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