I Warned You

Some of you still don’t get it. Trump was never going to do anything that really mattered. I still claim he had a commission from God, but that he failed it, and he failed so completely that there will be no recovery possible. Trump is toast, and deservedly so, though not for any reason commonly cited by the liars of the MSM.

Your false dichotomies of Republican versus Democrat, of liberals versus conservatives, are all a lie from Satan. The Devil rules the whole thing.

The only way Trump could have done anything much at all would be to organize and lead a genuine bloody coup against the federal bureaucracy. No, I mean that quite literally. The only way to change the government would be summary execution of something like 2 million people, mostly in Washington DC. Then there’s another couple million in various state governments and various academic and media institutions who would need to die, if the objective was to “save America” in any useful sense. It’s not that Trump could not have done such a thing, but that he would have to be willing to sacrifice his precious public image. And he won’t get to keep that anyway.

Thus, we still have the globalists and this is their time. Of course, they will destroy America and the West. The silly part is that globalism is the pinnacle of Western identity. Everything you think you hate about globalism, socialism, communism, liberalism, feminism, etc. — it’s all inherent in the legacy whence Western Civilization arises (Greco-Rome blended with Germanic tribes). Every civilization in history has borne the seeds of its own destruction, and the West is no different. And what follows the West will be just another civilization bearing the seeds of its own destruction, too.

When will you understand? Genuine biblical Christian faith doesn’t give a damn about all of that. The Bible makes it clear that man-made civilizations are always inherently broken. While some elements of ancient Hebrew symbolism include the idea of a city as a good thing, it’s always with the caveat of a city built by God, not one built by mere men. And the idea of “city” is always a placeholder for civilization as a whole. The whole point is that you cannot build civilization on human perception and wisdom. Only what stands on the foundation of divine revelation will work (sand versus bedrock). That’s the foundation of reality itself.

Thus, as a reaction against all that’s wrong with what humanity can build without God, we are called to stick to the image of tent-dwelling nomads. Even during the peak of ancient Israel’s civilization days, the image of “to your tents, O Israel” remained a meaningful reminder that those truly dedicated to the Covenant — which gave Israel it’s whole identity — would be the kind of people who wouldn’t hesitate to switch back to living the nomad existence of Exodus. There remained within the nation of Israel a significant presence of revered purist minorities who remained in tents and refused to engage in any of the pleasures of civilization (like the Rechabites, for example).

Stop caring about “all that Americans have built.” It was never a blessing from God because it ignored God’s Word. This was never a Christian nation because there can be no such thing as a “Christian nation.” The very idea of human organization sufficient to qualify for the term “nation” is militantly contrary to Christ’s message. There is no Christian principle of organization for political conquest of this fallen world.

The very foundation of God’s revelation calls for humanity to live as feudal tribal covenant communities. If you don’t understand that, then you simply do not understand the Bible. We are commanded to form a parallel society, infiltrating the fallen human world around us in various ways, but never by assimilating into it. We are to remain aloof and separate from the fallen world. At no time should you ever imagine that those are our people. Our people as followers of Christ will always be feudal tribal covenant communities of faith. There is no other definition acceptable in Christ.

You may be forced to compromise to some degree with local government. Make sure you are living where God wants you to live. Render unto Caesar the taxes due, but don’t render your life to Caesar’s grip, because it’s no different from passing your children through the fires of Moloch. Don’t take the Mark of the Beast. That’s not an absolute; that’s a parable for the call to separate as far as you can with the help and guidance of the Lord. It is your duty to test your convictions regarding the specifics. It’s not my mission to make rules for you, but to awaken your consciousness of what “holiness” means.

Whatever holiness means, it doesn’t include Trump nor anything he promoted, nor anything he promotes now. Stop pining for his administration. He will always be a symbol of dereliction of duty. His time is past. Stop looking for any kind of turning back to yesterday. I will never support that.

Get ready for the apocalypse. Are you silly enough to not realize the polar cold front was the hand of God? Men fail His plans; God never fails. He does things His own way, and His wrath is harsh. We have no way to estimate what else He’ll do as He pours out His wrath on America.

Yeah, I’m just a madman. But I don’t want any more messages about how wonderful Trump was and awful Biden and friends will be. Let’s talk about how we are going to live with it.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to I Warned You

  1. feeriker says:

    When will you understand? Genuine biblical Christian faith doesn’t give a damn about all of that. The Bible makes it clear that man-made civilizations are always inherently broken.

    It is maddening, isn’t it? I seem to recall a certain prophet in the Old Testament, full story in the Book of 1st Samuel, who warned the Israelites against establishing a secular ruler over themselves, but they of course refused to listen. The result was needless pain and suffering that continues to this day. One would also think that Christians who pride themselves on knowledge of God’s word would have picked up on this lesson VERY early in their faith and taken it to heart. Maybe they did – at least before one Constantine corrupted their faith by Greco-Romanizing it and turning it onto a course back towards the paganism indulged in by their errant Israelite forebears.


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