Seeing It Clearly from the Outside

It’s one thing to see clearly how the ideological clash between American nationalism versus globalism works. It’s another thing to recognize that following Christ means both sides are evil. By the way, it’s utterly reasonable to portray both major political parties as essentially globalist, just different flavors of it (secular versus Zionist). The only people adhering to American nationalism are a huge plurality of normal American voters; the people they consider their leadership is actually their enemies.

The linked article points out how the whole show is run by oligarchs. The point of calling them “globalist” is that:

The one-word motto they came to live by was globalism — that is, the freedom to structure commercial relationships and social enterprises without reference to the well-being of the particular society in which they happened to make their livings and raise their children.

Every other meaning associated with the term “globalist” is useless. It’s pure and simple idolatry of profit against the welfare of the people who should be your people. It’s the antithesis of “love your neighbor as yourself.” For the oligarchs, their only loyalty — weak as it is — remains with their own select few peers.

What seems clear is that Biden’s inauguration marks the hegemony of an American oligarchy that sees its relationship with China as a shield and sword against their own countrymen. Like Athens’ Thirty Tyrants, they are not simply contemptuous of a political system that recognizes the natural rights of all its citizens that are endowed by our creator; they despise in particular the notion that those they rule have the same rights they do. Witness their newfound respect for the idea that speech should only be free for the enlightened few who know how to use it properly. Like Critias and the pro-Sparta faction, the new American oligarchy believes that democracy’s failures are proof of their own exclusive right to power—and they are happy to rule in partnership with a foreign power that will help them destroy their own countrymen.

So it’s not a matter of loving China, but of loving the money and power that comes from favoring China in the current circumstances. Big Tech is in on this game. To be honest, the root nature of the Internet and networking technology is about as global as anything can be. The Internet is its own domain the recognizes no political boundaries. It takes a lot of work with physical infrastructure to restrict anything related to the Internet, because the thing itself has no identity and knows only numbers.

It’s not as if Paul had any love for Rome, but he was all too glad to use Roman citizenship and the Roman transportation network to carry the gospel message as far as he could. It was a message that Rome eventually considered flatly illegal, until the time came when the leaders of that religion could be politically harnessed. That’s how it is for us today. The Internet has enabled the very worst of human oppression in ways we still can’t even imagine, but for now, it’s the best way to spread the gospel message.

We’ll use that means until our message of faith eventually becomes illegal as all the Big Tech titans unite in their hatred for it. But the bulk of acknowledged Christian leadership has already compromised, and we who dissent in genuine faith will be persecuted, to include a persecution at the hands of church leaders.

Folks, the oppression is coming. Maybe if some state governments start pushing back, things might be less bad. If those states get together and eventually pull out of the existing federal system, that would be about as good as it could get. It still leaves us under the thumb of a government system based on assumptions of ownership of the people as slaves. The ideas of “freedom and liberty” are always offered in terms of what the government can/will deliver. Nobody is talking about less government, not really.

Those who follow Christ can give only a conditional submission, and no real loyalty, to any government that is not based on Biblical Law — a feudal tribal covenant community. That doesn’t exist anywhere in this world, though in theory it could. And unlike the oligarchs, we are quite willing to sacrificially care for those outside of any covenant, even though they are most certainly not our people. We hold the door open for them, while retaining the boundaries that demand there be a door that is narrow and difficult. It’s not elitist, but sacrificial.

We can see these things clearly, but we observe the conflicts from the outside. It’s not our fight. If mere man can change any part of it, then it means nothing eternally. Jesus never trusted human politics to accomplish any part of His mission except His execution. “I have been crucified with Christ” may be symbolic, but maybe literal. We have no reasonable expectation of a better end in this world. Our lives are forfeit when we come to the foot of the Cross to pick up our own.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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