A Full-Blown Apocalypse

Yes, we are facing a full-blown apocalypse.

It has to come from God. Even if we could sit down and talk face to face, there is no way I can make you see what I see right now. The fire and urgency would not come across unless you already had your own fire and urgency. People might hear, but there is no megaphone so loud that everyone will listen.

Do you understand why I say that we are sliding into a full-blown apocalypse? Don’t get lost in the symbolism of the Four Horsemen. Yes, those things are terrible: political instability, war, economic collapse and disease. Those things must come, but we could live through all of that if we could keep our eyes on the Lord. That’s the thing: Keeping our eyes on peace with God. That’s the whole point of being here in this fallen world.

If we could sum up the meaning of shalom in our age, it would be something like social stability. Even that is highly abbreviated. It’s the image of people of faith living together under a divine covenant, holding to the teaching of the Word. It’s the multi-generational transference of that eternal moral viewpoint, having children grow up into it and assuming it’s importance. Not just a mental assumption, as something they’ve been taught not to question. This is more of the heart-led assumption because they fully understand how all the questions are answered.

We never had that here in America. That’s why I don’t lament the loss of America. What I lament is the loss of something that America at one point allowed. For a brief period of time in American history, government allowed communities to form that varied from each other, so long as they fit within the broad general boundaries of the wider national identity. That wasn’t so hard to do back then. But that older, gentler national identity is long gone, and so is the tolerance for the variations in what God requires of us.

The reason it’s a real apocalypse is because we are not allowed to teach our children, and we are not allowed to build a community in which people of faith can actually expect to find other people of faith. Do you understand that it’s normal when churches are filled with people who very much need to learn how to walk by faith, because they still struggle with the flesh? That’s okay, because church is where they are supposed to learn faith, but having those same people lead the church is a serious problem. And that’s what we have now. Churches are so institutional and so professional that genuine faith is actually a hindrance to the system.

There is not a single church out there that will tolerate me, because they cannot tolerate my calling and mission. I’m not angry about that, just disappointed. I worked for decades inside the system, and I know beyond all doubt that my faith is a threat to it. Let them have their own path. I can’t say that they aren’t following their own calling, only that they won’t let me follow mine without leaving the system.

What makes this tribulation and persecution is that it is technically illegal for me to build something more amenable to my faith. Think about this: How many judges are willing to shut down an SJW complaint? How many judges would protect a genuine statement of biblical faith about gender and family structure? We shouldn’t care what people do to themselves, but we pine for the freedom to make different choices for ourselves. And it’s really not just judges, but the people who hold the actual power in making things possible in the current situation. How many state governments, ruling over education, would tolerate a home school curriculum based on heart-led faith that disparages materialism?

Let me recommend this post on Jack’s blog: We can’t plant seed in the middle of winter. Pro-family cultural norms are increasingly illegal, and impossible to promote even in private — there is no privacy. We are not allowed to have a closed community, as would be entirely necessary, in order to create the atmosphere for passing on biblical values to our children. Jack’s emphasis is that men and women of genuine faith can’t find each other and marry to raise children that way, because the system is so corrupt. By the time we have come to this understanding of faith, we would be too old for a clean first marriage that produces children. The faith community can’t get started because the members have to pass through a hellish landscape of immoral relationships first.

And that’s what they pass through when they start out in churches.

Maybe you’ll point to the Amish, Mennonites, or even Orthodox Jewish cloistered communities. They are tolerated because they are rule-based. That grants the secular authorities a certain leverage to keep such communities on the margin, small and scattered so they don’t pose a threat to the materialistic system. I’m suggesting something that isn’t rule-based, something that is far more mystical in orientation. Instead of avoiding uncomfortable questions, we would encourage people to ask them. We would encourage the kind of searching that underlies the periods of rebellious youth, when such rule-based communities lose so many members.

The trick is not to armor yourselves against reasonable questions. It’s to build a focused life that moves beyond them as a mark of maturity. Over and over again, I’ve tried to show that Aristotelian logic is not the enemy; stopping there that is what kills faith. The Hebrew culture, as part of the wider Ancient Near East, didn’t lack understanding of concrete and abstract logic, but that they always found it inadequate. If you can’t shoot holes in abstract reasoning, then you don’t understand what mysticism is about. Hebrew mysticism made room for abstract reasoning as part of the growing up process, but to stay there was considered juvenile.

Yes, Judaism is a very juvenile take on Moses. The mystical wisdom of the ancient Hebrew sages was lost somewhere before the conquests of Alexander the Great. That’s why Hellenistic intellectual traditions were so intoxicating to the rabbis; it had become exotic instead of silly. It was an apocalypse of faith that made them militantly reject the Messiah.

And this is why we are entering a full-blown apocalypse: Genuine faith, with all the ancient wisdom of the Hebrew sages, is the enemy of the rising demon-led hordes of fools who run things. I have to wonder just how many people out there across the virtual space are ready to pick up the torch. Not my particular brand of teaching, but I’m praying the Lord can keep alive anything that draws from that common ancient tradition.

He’s the only one who can make it happen.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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