The Greatest Threat to Shalom Today

You need to understand this: The modern journalist is the new Secret Police. Insofar as you would expect a police state regime in the USA, the primary threat to your sanity and safety is the mainstream media. In popular terms, the Press is the enemy of the people.

Whatever it was journalists once were, they are now the primary source of legalistic social justice warrior (SJW) tattling. They have worked hard to destroy the American dialect of English by making words mean things they never did. It’s pure semantic nonsense.

Defying them is easily the shortest path to Big Tech censorship. If you tend to use the English language as it was a couple of decades ago — if you dare to use Word 2000 and the included grammar checking, for example — you’ll run afoul of the new Pharisees of SJW Land. They are grammar Nazis, the new Brownshirts of oppression.

Yes, I’m sure there are a few out there who remain somewhat sensible — Glenn Greenwald might be one — but in general, you cannot make friends with journalists. God forbid you should ever trust them on anything. The definition of that word itself includes being hopelessly leftist.

Greenwald says of Taylor Lorenz of the NYTimes regarding an incident where she lied about someone using the word “retarded” in a private conversation that did not include her:

Just take a second to ponder how infantile and despotic, in equal parts, all of this is. This NYT reporter used her platform to virtually jump out of her desk to run to the teacher and exclaim: he used the r word! This is what she tried for months to accomplish: to catch people in private communications using words that are prohibited or ideas that are banned to tell on them to the public. That she got it all wrong is arguably the least humiliating and pathetic aspect of all of this.

I don’t agree with much that Greenwald opines, but I can at least understand what he writes. I can rely on him to use English language properly to promote his lefty agenda.

By the way, the historical Nazi Party of Germany was leftist. The nickname stood for “National Socialist” — don’t forget the “socialist” part. I’m no fan of the right-wing on the scale of false dichotomy — they are just as “globalist” in their agenda — but let’s get the terminology straight. Gosh, even suggesting we discuss facts and get the terminology straight is “racist” according to SJWs. At any rate, it’s impossible to communicate in English without a certain amount of factual rendering and precision in terminology.

Let me offer the greatest sin of all, according to the SJWs: In English, the masculine is the default inclusive gender. If I write “men,” the context can tell you whether I refer to male humans in particular or simply humans in general. That’s proper English grammar. To Hell with anyone who can’t handle that.

Go ahead and use any language you like. Create a new one that suits your ethics. But if you pretend to communicate in English, you don’t get the privilege of dictating to me what English grammar is. Nor can you expect to gang up on me with a million other moral and intellectual perverts. All you are doing is reinforcing the justification for ignoring you. English grammar existed long before you and I, and it will be here long after we pass on. As a native born English speaker, I have as much privilege as anyone living to assert the grammar rules that already existed before I came along.

Since the mainstream media have led the way in trying to pervert the English language, along with every good moral value of the Bible, you need to get it locked solid in your mind that journalists are now the single greatest threat to peace with God (AKA shalom).

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to The Greatest Threat to Shalom Today

  1. feeriker says:

    I’ll just say this: It is evidence of the irremediable stupidity of the majority of this country’s inhabitants that, despite their egregious, constant, and shameless lying, mainstream media are STILL regarded by the majority as authoritative sources of “fact.”


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