No Such Thing as Christian Nationalism

There can be no genuine Christian Nation, and the label “Christian nationalism” refers to something distinctly unchristian.

If you understand the biblical doctrine of covenants, then you should recognize that there is a very large churchian population in the US. There are only a tiny few who are actually serving Christ according to the Covenant. If there is to be a valid Christian identity on this earth, it must of necessity include a recognizable pattern of behavior pointing to a value system that is uniquely biblical.

You cannot claim some professed “spiritual birth” quotient as the primary factor. When dealing with real world presence, it requires a uniquely Christlike identity in human conduct. Jesus is the Messiah, and sometimes you need to drop the Greco-Roman “Christ” label to remember that He was a Hebrew man. Not Jewish; that’s a reference to the Talmud, something that arose from Hellenistic rational influences on rabbis. Jesus was an ancient Hebrew man who called His people back to the ancient Hebrew ways, which refers to an Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) mystical culture.

Jesus was an ANE man, the Bible is an ANE book, and Christianity is rightly an ANE religion. All this modern Western crap injected into mainstream Christian religion makes it distinctly anti-Christian. The Covenant of Christ calls for a rather specific lifestyle that is very alien to Western values. If you are Western, you aren’t following Jesus.

Obviously most of the churchians aren’t actually Christian because they aren’t Messianic; those two words refer to the same thing. But beyond the semantics is the real issue: Following Christ means embracing a very Hebraic outlook. There is a serious danger in people painting Jesus’ name on a lot of stuff that is Satanic. Keep in mind that the definition of Satanism is to make things man-centered in any way at all, and the rationalist anti-mysticism stuff is man-centered. It rests entirely on human rational capability, the very definition of Forbidden Fruit.

It means people who don’t know any better are encouraged to blaspheme the name of Our Savior. It means our witness of Jesus and His teachings are deeply compromised.

Two critical examples.

One: Boycotts and buycotts cannot accomplish the work of the Messiah in this world. The genuine followers of Jesus don’t constitute a large enough market to make any difference. What’s left is a massive churchian market that promotes something non-Christian. Where I live in Oklahoma, this is a major issue. We have this huge mass buycott movement to support Chik-fil-a restaurants because at one point the chain was associated with reduced support for the LGBT agenda.

Have you tasted their food? It’s definitely third-rate. The food has reduced in quality significantly since the buycott started. Meanwhile, the CEO of the company has said and done things to insult the churchians, but they keep mindlessly buying this crap. The line of cars outside of the restaurants, which have still refused to open their dining rooms, has remained way too long to reflect the quality of what they sell. Other restaurants in our area have opened, though with various limitations based on quarantine mandates.

Two: the so-called “American patriot” movement is American for sure, but not Christian by any means. Furthermore, the American patriots will not protect you from the commies in US government. The vast majority of American gun owners have no clue how to face a federal policy of gun confiscation, should such a policy come into force. They have no clue how to organize and keep track of the tactics that would be used. If they were actually capable of doing anything, they would have already assassinated a bunch of major figures. The threat to private gun ownership is just that serious.

The only real hope for the average conservative-oriented American citizen is the state and local governments. They are the only source of legitimate power to resist the imperial overreach of the federal government. And while such local government entities may be highly influenced and led by churchians, it will never be Christian.

If your church leadership lives with higher affluence than the average congregant, there’s something very manipulative in their religion. Mainstream American churches, along with every “patriot” organization I know about, exist only to enrich the leadership, not to actually lead the people in any useful direction.

This chatter about a surging Christian nationalism is a lie told by both supporters and opponents; there’s no such thing.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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