Bigger than Revenge of the Nerds

I’m seeing some interesting trends.

The crazy stuff involving GameStop and the Wall Street Bets (WSB) forum on Reddit tells us a couple of things. One is that old guard oligarchs are under attack. We might use other words if it was just the usual impotent class warfare hatred, but this is rather effective. Granted, the rabble are using the system owned by their enemies, but that system comes with huge vulnerabilities. They’ve kept the rabble out only by how Byzantine the rules were for even understanding the terminology. But the younger rabble are not stupid.

The oligarchs have made the mistake of taking themselves too seriously. They believe they are favored by the gods, and wave their wealth as proof. They built the financial system, so they are supposed to be the only ones who understand it. They were crafty enough to exclude the older generation of sheeple to protect their positions. But the oligarchs didn’t build the Internet, and they don’t understand it very well, though they are utterly dependent on it. And they especially don’t understand the people they despise, people who grew up after the Internet came into existence. The rabble are alien creatures to the oligarchs. All the old paradigms are dead.

And these alien youngsters are bloodthirsty. They haven’t forgotten the bailouts of 2008 and what it represented, where government stole from the peoples’ future. The WSB forum is talking about working together to drive up the price of silver, and to demand physical delivery. It’s still a Byzantine business of explaining how this works, but if the rabble at WSB succeed, this will cause major banks to collapse.

Oh, and look for the Robinhood stock market trading app, and the company behind it, to be severely punished for raising obstacles to this crowd-sourced disruption of the markets.

For at least the past couple of centuries, bankers’ powers have grown. They believe they have complete control over the economics, if not the politics, of the whole world. They have put in place plans to finally plunder the humanity en masse, and this is what is behind the fabled “Great Reset” that drives globalist politics. The problem is that these plans depend on the Internet, without really understanding the Internet.

The rabble who grew up with the Net have absorbed a different outlook entirely, and so they are very creative with it. They see opportunities the oligarchs cannot. This is how Western Civilization will collapse. While the West gave birth to the Net, it cannot control the Net. The Internet will become it’s own civilization.

The banking system has rules that don’t take into account the full gamut of what the Net can do, and more to the point, the full range of what people can do on the Net. So here at the height of their potential power, the banking oligarchs have suddenly become more vulnerable than ever. And this extends to the whole global system, not just finances. All human government is vulnerable in the same way. The rabble have been probing all the way around the current system of human government, and this is why there have been so very many massive outages, hackings, etc. That the whole range of disruptive activities has risen dramatically in recent years, and it’s only just begun.

If you don’t take the time to understand this phenomenon, you will remain personally vulnerable in ways you cannot imagine. You don’t have to like it, but you do need to understand it. Not in the sense of technological details, but in the sense of how the broader human awareness has shifted.

It’s the old paradox: If you weren’t born inside of it, you can’t grasp it. If you are born inside of it, you can’t grasp how it’s so different from what came before. You have to belong to a third party, and then you’ll still only understand it from the context of that other perspective.

I can’t write that in some outline form. There are things I can point to here and there, but if you lack the capability to process what you see, it’s not the kind of thing I can just tell you in simple terms. People have tried that, and there are reams of material already available, and it hasn’t helped much. It requires that you be capable of backing out of the problems and standing on a higher perspective. This is not something the intellect alone can handle. You have to be able to sense moral and spiritual currents directly.

Yeah, this is a heart-led thing.

And that’s my whole point: We don’t need to understand it like insiders do. People who are committed to the transcendent realm aren’t going to wallow in either the old or the new, but hold to the eternal. If you cling to the old Western Civilization, you are already lost. If you cling to the nascent Networked Civilization, you’ll never understand that came before. If you cling to the eternal, you don’t really care either way, except as you need to deal with the particulars from a mission calling.

Understand this: The Internet is still people. Even with the rise of AI and massive algorithms, it’s still the decisions of people that build this stuff. When you introduce something into the human population that frees them from restraints, you cannot possibly predict the specifics of what they’ll do. The networking is just the tool; it’s still a matter of how humans see and interact with their world. You still have to decide how you will use the Net.

If you have some anchor outside of human interactions, you aren’t enslaved by the human trends. You still have a commitment and a duty arising from that position outside of the fallen human sphere, but you aren’t trapped by that sphere.

A critical element in the Radix Fidem covenant is that commitment to the eternal realm. We might still be intellectually ignorant of a lot of things, but we aren’t controlled by that ignorance. We are striving to awaken a faculty that is far higher and most distinctly separate from mere human capabilities. It gives us hope that we can do something useful about all these things we cannot possibly control.

Cultivate the heart-led way of awareness.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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