Under the Madman Hat

Let me refresh a few things.

God differentiates between His people and everyone else. If you embrace one of the biblical covenants, you are choosing allegiance to Him. With your allegiance comes a set of boundaries to protect you. If you transgress the boundaries, you are outside of His protection. The boundaries do not answer to human reason, but to God’s moral character. Thus, the burden is on you to learn His moral character.

While your brain could, theoretically, figure out most of it, that won’t happen without the heart being ascendant over the brain. In other words, the intellect alone cannot possibly do this. With God, everything is personal. It’s a personal loyalty to Him; there is nothing like a “rule of law” with Him. He personally rules with all His whims and variations, because the issue is not a body of reasoned principle, but of getting to know His personality.

God is the champion of the oppressed and downtrodden, but only if they are His covenant children. Human need has nothing to do with it. He is moved by compassion for those who call out to Him as His family. It’s not that He cannot love the outsiders, but He is already doing what is in their best interest. They cannot receive anything from Him without submission to His boundaries. They demand things He has already clearly stated He will not give. They have to be inside the household. That is the way it works, and nobody gives a damn if you think it’s unfair.

If you do not submit to Him on His terms, you are just as good as dead. You will fall into the category of those who have chosen to embrace the random fortunes of the world that ignores the Creator. From that position, you cannot possibly make any sense of what God is doing. You cannot hear if He tells you His plans. You cannot possibly estimate except by the mere calculus of human reason, and that is guaranteed to fail often and tragically.

So understand this: Not a single political agenda in the US is consistent with any biblical covenant. The various partisan agendas are uniformly evil. It’s the same with all the major figures; running for office morally disqualifies you from holding office. Good moral people never want that kind of power over others.

Trump is a filthy degenerate interested only in his own fame. He wears a false veneer, a calculated image projected to capture a larger audience share. He wants fanatical devotion, but refuses to deliver on what he promises his supporters. Biden is hardly any better, but simply far less talented at it. He really does not understand the American people, nor how politics work. He got into the White House purely on manipulative force alone, which is how he gained all his political offices. That makes Trump and Biden both a representative sample of political leadership all over the world throughout history. That’s what human governments are like when they ignore divine revelation.

We can talk about the relative merits of various public figures within the boundaries of those expectations that they are uniformly evil. We could discuss this or that policy and the apparent consequences, but it remains iffy because God still acts in mass human affairs from behind the veil of His divine revelation. If you embrace that revelation, it’s transparent to you what He’s doing. If you ignore that revelation, you cannot possibly see what He’s going to do next.

If you take the path of embracing His revelation and you engage the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in your heart-led convictions, then you get a different picture of human political affairs. You begin to see it on multiple levels. You can see why pundits say what they say about events, but you also see how utterly foolish they are for ignoring God’s hand in all these things. Thus, they will advocate for things that are inherently evil, because they lack the moral orientation of God. And because those pundits tend to line up with one or another political agenda, they offer all different flavors of moral folly. It’s everything under the sun that you can imagine, except the will of God.

Sometimes you can dress up various agendas with the clothing of morality, but it doesn’t change the nature of the agenda, which is always pushing one idolatry or another. If you think so-called “Conservative American values” are Christian, then you don’t know Christ. There are certainly advantages for those of us who do know Christ living under a more conservative regime, but that doesn’t make conservative politics good. Conservatism is crass materialism, serving the god Mammon. And while we certainly expect to face persecution from a liberal regime, that doesn’t make liberalism uniformly evil. It runs on a different brand materialism. There are things we find somewhat of a blessing on both sides, but they are both more evil than good.

Both sides are lying to you, and they do it knowingly and with intent. Both sides have every intention of plundering all your material goods, and enslaving all your capabilities to their wealth and power. That is what human governments do, as long as they ignore biblical covenants.

Nonetheless, God says that you must submit to this awful evil. That’s how we show His glory. He wants His children to deal with the various trials and sufferings that come from rapacious human governments. You are allowed to give your allegiance to competing governments, but it’s pretty dicey when the one you prefer lacks the power to assert its authority in place of the one you don’t like. You need to be aware of the consequences of such choices.

More to the point, you need to be aware of how such choices affect your testimony. It’s not a question of being on the winning or losing side, but of how it is consistent with your divine mission and calling. The only thing that really matters is His glory. It’s certainly not a matter of your convenience. Don’t confuse your convenience with the will of God. A major element in His glory is how His people handle things that are inconvenient.

I am still utterly certain that Trump had a divine commission, but he was only ever a tool, not a true servant of God. As long as there was some chance he would obey that commission, I gave him my limited support. When it became clear he was rejecting critical parts of that commission, I pointed that out. My principles have nothing to do with human political reasoning. I bow to God alone, and Trump was derelict in his divine duty. He has no divine covering, and everything he does now will be without God’s protection. I feel sorry for him.

Right now, the globalist regime ruling the US is relatively quiet. They didn’t hit the ground running because there are too many disputes within the leadership. They are just as compromised as Trump was, except they have no commission from God. Precious few of them are true believers in the globalist idolatry; for most of them it’s just a means to power and wealth. Their visceral hatred for Trump is a huge distraction. At some point things will get rolling, and we shall see how they plan to oppress. With the level of incompetence I’ve seen so far, this regime may collapse sooner than I first thought.

Meanwhile, we are facing a worse persecution from Big Tech. It remains to be seen how they will act on their hatred for ordinary people. The geek culture has always despised the people who paid for their work, and now they are going to discover just how hard it is to rule the virtual realm without willing consumer support. There are too many competent technologists who are willing to serve the market for the sake of commercial opportunity, but it’s taking some time for them to hear the call. When the vulnerabilities of Big Tech become more apparent, you’ll see more alternatives rising from the shadows.

Side note: Kudos to Microsoft on this account. They have avoided attacking the consumers through censorship. They might not listen to consumers, but they don’t attack them openly the way other Silicon Valley titans are doing.

Thus, say the voices inside my head.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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3 Responses to Under the Madman Hat

  1. Iain says:

    For the people who hold real power within the Democrat Party, Globalism means the preservation of American hegemony or the Empire, whichever you prefer. They are not going to surrender any real Sovereignty because they will not share power with anyone including their useful idiots. Both parties are Nationalist. Nationalism in America is defined as the centralizing of power in the Federal government at the expense of the States. The USA is not a nation state, it is a Federation of Sovereign States and therefore all “nationalism” in America is false. The idea of the United States as a proposition nation is outright wrong and came from the imagination of Abraham Lincoln but, it is canon for both parties and therefore any return to proper Constitutional order will have to be through third party elected representatives in the individual State Legislatures. All major political shifts in American history, women’s suffrage, prohibition, et al, began in the States. It would be a long road and God would have to have a real good reason like, I don’t know…50 upright men? This is my considered opinion; the antidote to Globalism is Federalism.


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    The idea that Trump (or anyone) could be commissioned by God and live the way he does is a hard one for nornies to wrap their minds around. But it’s essential to know how God does things. God can send bad people to do His work.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    There’s always the example of Jehu, King of Israel, who took down the Omride Dynasty.


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