Untrustworthy Logic

If you do what’s reasonable, you will always serve Satan.

How did Christian religion become so captivated by this desperate need to be accepted by the masses? See John 15:18-25 — “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you” (vv. 18-19). If we do what it takes to become accepted by the world, then we are not following Christ.

Human society cannot be redeemed. That was proved by Israel, if you read it as an experiment. After all that God did for them, they murdered His Son. The nation kept drifting farther and farther away from the revelation of God, until they no longer recognized Him in the form of a human. When you get right down to it, Judaism is pagan; it does not worship the real God of Israel. It worships a deeply perverted image of Him, one that they made to please themselves.

It’s really not so different from the northern kingdom of Israel and their use of the golden calves. That simply revived an Ancient Near Eastern tradition of envisioning an invisible deity who rode on the calf, a symbol of power and wealth. Under Jeroboam, the folks in the northern kingdom claimed to worship Jehovah, and claimed to have the books of Moses (edited to remove references to Zion as God’s chosen place of worship). In the end, it was not worship of Jehovah at all, just misusing His name. So it is with Judaism today.

This is what happens it you try to make genuine faith into a national creed. If you can organize them under human means, then faith has no part in it. And without faith, there is no way you can build a system that does the work of God. Genuine faith in God requires no organizing to work the way it should. The community of faith simply comes together, instinctively setting boundaries that protect holiness while allowing significant variations based on the divine calling.

Faith is not a category of thinking. Faith is an entirely different kind of faculty, separate from the intellect altogether. It does instruct the intellect, but few are inclined to allow that inside themselves. The reason for that lack of inclination is an overwhelming mass of cultural, social and government pressure to reject genuine faith. Genuine faith does not subject itself to human reason, but subjects human reason to the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is exactly what the true Satanist religion is all about. It’s not worshiping the Devil. The label of Satanism is simply embracing the slurs of their enemies — “If this is what you call Satanic, then fine, let’s call it that.” But it’s really just secular humanism. It’s a religious rejection of faith.

Today the mainstream Christian religion pretends to be reasonable. It’s a false idol. It’s not the sort of thing where genuine faith demands we destroy the whole of mainstream Christian religion. A very significant minority of folks inside the system of mainstream religion do have some inkling that convictions should trump reason. But the leadership is trapped in any number of variations, taking a tiny slice of genuine faith and perverting it into various monstrosities: prosperity gospel, rationalized “faith,” worldly concerns over budgets-buildings-bodycount, etc.

Somewhere early in Church History the leadership got off track, becoming convinced that faith could be made appealing to the masses. Try Matthew 7:14 without perverting it’s obvious meaning — a genuine commitment to divine revelation puts you in the minority always. There can be no such thing as a Christian nation. There is no way possible that you can make faith so reasonable that anyone can do it. Faith is inherently unreasonable.

Yes, a real church always makes room for folks who are just associating with the high moral standard. That’s what happens when you focus on winning whole families to a righteous life; it’s an inherent flaw in fallen human nature. It’s just unavoidable. But the fiction that one could somehow construct a system that reliably changes people’s hearts, is dangerous. Even worse is the lie that God works that way to bring redemption. It didn’t work that way before Christ, and it won’t work that way after His time on earth.

All redemption is individual only, and it is always a divine miracle of God’s hand alone. He doesn’t need any human system to make it work any better. In that sense, monergism is quite correct. Romans 8:1-9 is where that comes from.

America doesn’t need a revival of the failed Christian religion we’ve had since the founding of this country. It needs a revival of something far more ancient, something that rests on genuine faith. Genuine faith doesn’t create systems and organizations; it grows families of people who share the same spiritual DNA. By definition, a “church” is an extended family household, a tribal and feudal covenant body. It doesn’t set out to accomplish anything as humans consider such things, but seeks only to exist and express the divine Presence among fallen people. That’s what churches were in the New Testament.

Faith is not the enemy of reason, but reason is the enemy of faith. Faith is the master over reason, while reason is a very untrustworthy servant. Any attempt to make reason the rule is simply Satanism, which also happens to play into the hands of Satan for real. We need a revival of a religion that refuses to be bound by reason.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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3 Responses to Untrustworthy Logic

  1. feeriker says:

    Faith is not the enemy of reason, but reason is the enemy of faith. Faith is the master over reason, while reason is a very untrustworthy servant. Any attempt to make reason the rule is simply Satanism, which also happens to play into the hands of Satan for real. We need a revival of a religion that refuses to be bound by reason.

    We are about to see American “Christianity” learn this lesson the hard and painful way. Churchians, whose faith is Sunday morning-deep (to be charitable about it), are going to either capitulate wholly to the New Caesar and apostacize en masse (or adulterate the “faith” with even more worldliness to the point where the end result amounts to exactly the same thing), or truly be born again through adversity and carry the true faith forward. The size of the remnant remains to be seen.


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