Reduce the Target Surface

It should be obvious by now that the globalists are intent on disenfranchising everyone who isn’t one of them, in every way imaginable.

Keep an eye on this: Everything we depend on for daily existence is being centralized. Amazon is borging all retail, so as to build a single source. Big Tech is buying up all competitors in every part of the user space. And how many cellphone providers do we actually have now? T-mobile just bought Sprint, and owns Metro. AT&T has bought up some of their competitors, owns Cricket, and is the provider for Dish and Boost Mobile. Verizon is doing something similar. US Cellular is struggling to make their presence known, and cannot offer some of what the others do. Yes, there are a large number of small regional carriers, but the conglomeration of the national market means the Big Four can easily seize control of the network hardware and squeeze out anyone they don’t like.

And so it goes with virtually every other market for consumer goods and services. The big guys are squeezing out the little ones. And the big guys are increasingly politically active, so that anyone who doesn’t toe the line will be denied goods and services. This is no accident, nor is it isolated or random. This has been the plan all along. If you aren’t a globalist booster, you won’t be allowed to live in peace. Some go so far as to suggest that those with conservative political values should be herded into concentration camps.

Have you ever heard of the movie, Wild in the Streets? The film wasn’t especially prophetic except for the threat of concentration camps. As in the move, age isn’t the real issue; it’s something masquerading as leftist political theory. Anyone who isn’t “woke” enough will be rounded up and forcibly drugged, and their children taken and deprogrammed. That PBS staffer didn’t lose his job for what he said, but for letting it leak to the public.

I’ve said it before and still say it: The globalists have seized the federal government and most of the corporate world. You’ll need the Mark of the Beast to get anything in this world. Or, you can work to decentralize and build your own local alternative provision for things you actually need. Otherwise you won’t be able get so much as a bicycle for transportation, never mind a car and all the services that go with owning one. Think about all the mandates from the Global Warming hysteria.

One more time: This has nothing to do with whether you are politically conservative. All that’s needed to declare you an enemy of the state is that you aren’t sufficiently enthusiastic for the globalist idolatry cult.

Please, take this seriously. This is not the time to draw swords. Yes, there will be plenty of folks doing that, but they aren’t part of the covenant community. That kind of violence isn’t God’s work. The best way to fight right now is to cut off dependencies on things the globalists control. Don’t be in a position to need what they hold. Don’t be vulnerable.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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