Welcome to the Persecution States of America

The voices inside my head…

On the one hand, everything you hear from the MSM about what happened in Washington DC on January 6 is a lie. On the other hand, this tells us what the globalist government machinery will do about all the people who won’t bow the knee.

Side note: The folks who were loyal to Trump, and are willing to act on that loyalty, far outnumber the folks who are loyal to the globalist agenda. This is part of why I’m utterly convinced the globalists will eventually fail, and that the federal government will be dissolved. The globalists can’t resist provoking their opponents.

But for the time being, we have to deal with being officially designated as terrorists. That some of us are not Trump supporters isn’t the point; we are insufficiently enthusiastic about the globalist agenda, and the SJW wokie nonsense.

As you can already see, the globalists have gone on the attack. The Big Tech globalists have already moved to deplatform everyone they don’t like. Now that the Democratic Party owns the entire government, Big Tech knows they won’t have to face any repercussions for censoring anyone to the right of AOC. If you aren’t a wokie, it’s all over for you. The massive knee-jerk movement in Big Tech is a major issue we face in sharing the gospel message of Christ.

Eventually this pressure will snowball in places you might not expect. I’m still convinced that WordPress will eventually shut this blog down, along with quite a few others. If not from internal politics, the overwhelming “public sentiment” against folks like us will become too much. The wokies will be looking for ways to leverage this, involving laws, money and network access.

There remains just enough anti-censorship sentiment out there that some services will remain open to us. New ones will pop up to capture the disenfranchised. Still, those who claim to be open are all dubious right now. For example, Parler is a big lie. They aren’t as open as they claim. Keep in mind: If a hateful white supremacist can’t speak openly, neither can we. If porn is blocked, the gospel is, too. The Internet is just that way; that’s how it’s designed and structured. My own freaking router at home requires my active effort to whitelist sites I want to see. The background censorship is pervasive.

In future posts here, as long as WordPress allows it, I’ll address some of the technology tools that will help you get around the roadblocks. Instead of disgorging the full range of such knowledge, taking up a whole year’s worth of reading here, I’ll pick out issues as they become pertinent. Keep in mind: This stuff will be a moving target in the first place. Both sides are developing new weapons and countermeasures right this moment, and the arms race will continue as long as devices are networked.

If you genuinely follow Christ, prepare for persecution. It’s on the doorstep.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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