Extrapolating Current Trends for 2021

Just an amateur analysis, a little more of my social sciences hobby, with the voices in my head…

There is already some limited warfare between the left and right on the street level. People are getting beaten, stabbed, shot and there’s a fair chance the bombing in Nashville was part of that. It will get worse yet. There is a faint possibility that these things could change the fabric of the country. If one side or the other killed a significant portion of the other, the conflict would abate and one side would dominate. To be honest, the right has a significant advantage here.

Think about: The left needs the system to dominate. They aren’t that popular with the bulk of the population. Their whole game is global domination, so the last thing they need is killing the majority of the population. The right greatly outnumbers the left, and they can afford to destroy the system for the sake of their ideals. And they could easily keep the system by slaughtering the key leftist leadership. It would be a big job, though.

A wide spread slaughter is altogether unlikely to happen. It would require the kind of support, planning and organization that is possible only at the federal level. It would require charismatic figures evoking a will to act in a very large number of people. Since the bulk of the government is already held by the left, that kind of organization and support would need to already exist outside those institutions on the right — and it doesn’t. But the leftist bureaucracy does not have the kind of groundswell support to actually field an army on the streets; the government bureaucracy and media are all they have. The majority of the population is either sympathetic to the right-wing, or unwilling to get involved.

So the fighting in the streets, bad as it may get, will change nothing, except that it could feasibly teach the left to be more cautious. That’s it. There’s not enough people mobilized for anything bigger. The right has the numbers, but can’t organize, and the left has the organization, but lacks enough people.

The one and only chance for a significant change in the fabric of the country would be state governments pulling away from federal control. This could fracture the USA along cultural lines, but I tend to doubt it would be that simple. It is possible that urban conglomerations could overpower the cultural influence of the rest of the state. So, for example, Atlanta and other cities in Georgia could prevent the state leaving the Union.

On the other hand, some states are just overwhelmingly liberty minded, and their urban centers will be dragged off into secession. An example would be Oklahoma, where I live. Our leftists do make a showing in state government, and most certainly in city governments, but the state is entirely too right-wing to give them much chance to resist pulling away from an increasingly left-wing federal government.

To be honest, the SJW/woke stuff is the smaller threat. It’s there, but it dies when the institutions fold, because the leverage on a purely social level is just not that strong. So the real threat here is the quarantines and the resulting collapse of the economy. Whole industries are likely to shrink, and some major corporations will fold. Transportation will suffer, so that movement of goods will shrink greatly. The only hope you have is that the local economy will see the end of regional specialization, and the return of dispersed local diversification of agriculture and industry. Big cities will die internally.

The whole purpose of this quarantine regime was to turn the USA into a third world country. Immigration wasn’t doing the job fast enough, and the global reset must come in a year or two, according to the folks determined to make it happen. So there must be a collapse of the economy and social stability (such as it was). The possibility of strong state governments arising to create new regional states would destroy that plan. Yet that is the only hope for survival in the USA, and it’s altogether likely to happen.

The globalists are not omniscient by any means, nor even all that intelligent. But they are very vicious and hateful, so watch out for surprises.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Extrapolating Current Trends for 2021

  1. Tom says:

    Excellent analysis, Ed. It has been instructive to watch the attitudes of various camps evolve as it became plain that the virus situation, irrespective of the reality, is being used as pretext to reform society. It’s difficult work to distill truth from news, irrespective of the source. In this sense, I’ve found that the ones doing best are guided by some mixture of intuition, common sense, and faith. Though the foundations of society have been under corrosive attack for generations, this is the year where the oligarchs lit the fuse and announced to anyone already awake that they’re at war with us. It seems their strategy is to create the new normal at a pace just below the threshold where a few percent calculate they cannot and will not accept it. Interesting times, these.


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