Can’t Take Your Soul

The voices in my head won’t shut up. Today they keep talking about how the COVID relief package is a perfect manifestation of the elite intent to enslave us all.

Think about it for a moment. The election debacle should prove once and for all that there is nothing democratic about the US government. If that wasn’t obvious enough, how about the simple fact you would never be allowed to vote for anyone that isn’t part of the elite society in the first place? Our election system carefully excludes people who don’t have access to a ton of money.

Then again, good moral people would never want to tell other people how to live in the first place. Filing to run for office is a moral disqualification to hold any office.

So we’ve had these policies shoved down our throats that were carefully designed to destroy the economy. Now they are throwing out bundles of borrowed money with absolutely nothing at all to back it up. It will have an inflationary effect, if you haven’t already noticed. Money is just an exchange item, and if there’s more money than there is stuff you want to buy with it, the market will make your money worth less. Keep in mind that it’s only a temporary effect, one that’s carefully controlled. It’s calculated to destroy private property ownership. The value of the money will go back up when they want to use that against us.

All that borrowing is not just risky, it’s guaranteed to fail. That is, there is no reasonable expectation it will be repaid. But this is not some silly plan to plunder the banks; it’s a plan to deliver titular ownership of all physical property to them.

I’ve said it previously: The elite international bankers are the real rulers. The folks in our US government only imagine they are in control. They are the patsies, the lackeys for the real rulers.

You see, the elite upper tier of banking can create as much money as they want. There is no limit. But at some arbitrary point, they will simply say they have to call in those loans. They will claim that the credit limits have been exceeded and there’s nothing left to borrow. Nobody will be able to repay, of course. And whatever it is they imagine is the collateral on this loan, that is what they will “repossess.” It’s all physical property of the citizens, including all future productivity and labor. But of course, they don’t need it and can’t possibly use it, but the whole point is to have a legal claim to it.

So it’s not a matter of making good on the loans; they are trying to prevent that very thing. The idea is the power to deny you and I use of any physical object they desire to take. And the only reason they will take it is to humble us. Again: They gain nothing from taking the stuff. It’s a question of depriving us. They gain control over our lives, making us defacto slaves.

So after putting in action edicts that destroy the economy, now our rulers are going to dole out money that is, in principle, a loan. It looks like a grant, but there are strings attached. When the banking elite decide to call in the loans, our rulers will have to forfeit the entire physical property of the country.

You can do nothing to counteract this crap. No amount of human numbers and organizing will change this. You might imagine it’s possible, but the system in place will prevent it. As soon as you make the first move calling for such organization, they’ll come get you. What that looks like varies widely, but it happens often right now. The only thin measure of hope is if existing governments — the states — manage to combine together and refuse to play along. That might happen; I’m convinced some state governments will try. Who can say how that will turn out? There are too many variables. It will be entertaining, though.

What can you do? Not much. The honest truth is that, when it comes to material property, the game is fixed against you. The only reasonable answer is to decide that you don’t give a rat’s ass about what they can take, because they can’t take your soul.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Can’t Take Your Soul

  1. feeriker says:

    The election debacle should prove once and for all that there is nothing democratic about the US government. If that wasn’t obvious enough, how about the simple fact you would never be allowed to vote for anyone that isn’t part of the elite society in the first place?

    If all of this isn’t obvious by now to even the lowest-IQ NPC, then there’s probably no hope. We shouldn’t even have to be explaining any of this to people who live in the real world and are being burned by it.

    You can do nothing to counteract this crap.

    Whether or not that’s true really depends on how many people finally wake up. All of this is uncharted territory. No one has ever before been on the receiving end of what’s about happen, but if sufficiently large numbers of people are forced to the point of utter desperation, the pushback just might be enough to reverse course. We’ll see.

    A lot of what ultimately happens, I think, will depend on what kind of leadership arises out of this crisis crucible. I certainly am not seeing any obvious emerging figures right now, but events are still in the early formative stage.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I believe the only useful resistance will come at the state government level. The free range resistance has come close to being effective only once, and that was at the Bundy Ranch. Since that time, a bunch of the leadership were taken down, mostly very quietly, using things like tax prosecutions.


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