Flavors of Sheeple

I promised to turn this into a hobby blog, but I may have forgotten to mention that Social Sciences is one of my hobbies. It’s just the academic study of human nature. You probably know that the college coursework in Social Sciences has been hijacked. You still get a good dose of the “science” part, but you are taught to interpret the data in a distinctly partisan fashion. Over the years since I did the courses in university, I’ve managed to shed the interpretive frame of reference and kept using the science part to come to a different set of conclusions.

No, I’m not objective by any means, as I’ve said so often. I start with an entirely different set of assumptions. Here’s a sample of something I concluded from my own biases applied to the data…


Such an eloquent appeal! Gary Barnett laments the lack of resistance to tyranny. He gets it right up until the moment he imagines that such an appeal will help to stir people to actually resist. Making people angry about their slavery won’t make them suddenly transform into rebels. They have to value liberty more than comfort, and that describes only a tiny thin slice of humanity.

Stop expecting the people to rebel. It may be all clear and strong logic that they do so, but it ain’t gonna happen. Stop wishing and making contingency plans in case they do. Plan on being one of a mere handful who resist (assuming you aren’t all talk and no action). And don’t expect the other resisters to organize with you, because there’s too good a chance you all have your own unique approach that you aren’t willing to sacrifice.

Granted, there will be some mob action that looks like resistance. But what you will see there is just one army against another, a bunch of useful idiots serving their own elite oppressors against another group serving their preferred oppressors. The sheeple will still be sheeple, even if they wield guns.

The people of the USA have never been free for more than a few brief years. Once it became the USA, the game was over. You cannot build a national culture of liberty unless everyone is free to take their own path and acknowledge no government. The freedom to go along with choosing between a small number of options is not freedom. The only vote that counts is the one you don’t cast because you aren’t part of the system.

I know the vast majority of any given population cannot hear my message. They would rather sacrifice freedom for the hedonistic comforts of cooperative economics. Guess what? You cannot have that level of prosperity without some measure of enslavement. Being free means virtually no trade at all, since significant levels of trade are always regulated. Freedom means self-sufficiency. And that will last only until the next ambitious psychopath realizes how easy it is to sucker folks because the vast majority love the siren song of materialism.

If you are an average member of the US population, you don’t actually want liberty; you want one brand of slavery over another. Do I have a better idea? Yes, there is a better way to live, but humanity has no interest in that. It requires a radical reorientation, making you a total alien among the rest of humanity. It’s not that it can’t happen; it simply won’t happen. There is no way to fix this broken world. The best you can do is recognize what’s real and make the most of a bad situation. The only freedom possible is in your own soul; give more attention to that.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Flavors of Sheeple

  1. feeriker says:

    If you are an average member of the US population, you don’t actually want liberty; you want one brand of slavery over another.

    Truth. Since there is no large-scale movement seeking spiritual freedom, this point will be lost on most – including most of those who believe that what they are seeking is spiritual freedom.


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