Better Buy a Tent

In many places within the USA, crime is rising. That’s an objective fact; you can look it up.

What you cannot look up, since no one in the power system is willing to talk about it, is that the primary cause of crime in the USA is cultural conflict. I’m not saying that one culture or another is more criminal, but that the definition of what constitutes crime varies between cultures. And the current official definitions of crime in the USA today is tied to one particular culture. That culture has defined the laws and customs; that culture has established for itself in the institutions of the USA the final say on what is to be called good and evil.

So when people from minority cultures outside of that milieu act according to their own dictates, it’s only natural that some of those acts are called “criminal” by the existing mainstream culture. It causes disorder and chaos in the system that was built on the founding culture.

The answer is not making the mainstream more tolerant. That’s a demonic lie. The system we have stands or falls on whether it remains consistent with its own cultural values. Everything you see is a direct result of that culture. If you change the cultural values, the whole system crumbles. It cannot adjust; you cannot keep the trappings of the culture while removing the culture that produced those trappings.

Take a look at the enclaves that have succeeded in isolating cultural islands different from the mainstream. They look nothing like the mainstream. If that culture comes from a third world country, then the enclave looks like that third world country — all the comforts of home.

If you want the material prosperity of the USA, you must maintain the culture that created that prosperity. If you reject that mainstream American culture, then you are rejecting the prosperity, too. It won’t matter if you denigrate the American culture as predatory and racist and unfair to other nations and cultures. That’s where the prosperity came from; that much is true. But to demand that prosperity is simply evil if you aren’t willing to become that particular kind of predator, one that preys on outsiders but treats insiders as highly trustworthy.

I agree that the USA is prosperous fundamentally because it preys on other countries and cultures. The people who eventually became “Americans” began by a predatory invasion and haven’t ceased that kind of invasive plunder since. That’s what it means to be an American; it’s based on the Anglo-Saxon predation. What they wanted, they always took.

But that’s not the end of the story. They were able to take it and keep it and build it into something very wealthy by how they treated each other internally. There is a very high trust factor where everyone is self-disciplined to act on a high standard of social order. Take away that social order based on high trust, and you destroy the prosperity. Prey on that high trust and order and you destroy the means of how the plunder of other nations can be made into such a very rich material society.

You cannot build wealth on a low trust culture. All the plunder such a culture gathers is frittered away and consumed, because building requires a core commitment to something bigger than the individual. It’s quite possible to build great societies that aren’t materialistic, but it still requires a powerful sense of internal trust.

The current multicultural movement in the USA is predatory and has no intention of building anything. It is merely a cover for plunder. Don’t believe the lies. The whole point of this huge freaking lie was to enable a handful of an invasive elite to seize the plunder from the elite of the mainstream culture.

In the ancient past, a nation would arise with some new angle on military tactics and weapons and manage to successfully conquer some other existing, often aging, empire. The conquerors had more energy because they were building something new. However, they always took over the older civilization by simply becoming the new rulers of the existing system. Often enough, they simply claimed the same identity, calling themselves the same name as their predecessors, changing only the family identities of the ruling dynasty. They even assumed the bulk of the existing culture. Yet it was a conquest in every other way.

The current conquest of the USA is very confused, utterly lacking the intelligence of those ancient conquerors. It’s little more than barbarians invading an aging society with no will to defend itself, because it has lost that youthful predatory spark. The invaders will not be taking over the existing system. They’ll plunder and destroy and build nothing. Instead, the USA will become the same third world country from which the invaders came.

There is no good answer here, because both the old society and the new society are materialistic. And the only hope for any kind of economic survival would be in some kind of revival of the old Anglo-Saxon brand of internal trust, with the attendant exclusion of the untrustworthy. I predict that will happen to some degree, but very late in the game, after a great deal of destruction has torn down some of the bigger cities and systems of creating wealth.

The revival will mean returning to the roots of pioneering in more rural pursuits and building from scratch. It will not be less predatory, but there will be less actual predation because there won’t be any access to prey. It will mean racism to some degree, though that is only a secondary result, because the invasive destructive culture is invariably tied to a mixture of non-white races. None of those racial cultures can compete with the building prowess of the Anglo-Saxons. That’s just the facts. But those who embrace the high trust cultural obligations will have no trouble fitting into the revival and sharing in the prosperity, regardless of racial background. The revival will be much more discriminating this time around, in that other sense of discrimination.

Let’s make one thing clear: It is utterly impossible to have a stable society without an internal high trust factor. Materialism is not required at all. That the Nordic races have high social trust in their DNA, which includes excluding outsiders, is what has made them rise materially against other races. Once they absorbed civilization, something they had not had before invading Rome, they developed a taste for material prosperity. As long as they continue having any kind of social cohesion and cultural identity, they will remain a force to be reckoned with. But the issue remains that high-trust instinct. It was something God tried to inculcate into His Chosen nation — “love your neighbor as yourself” was based on the definition of “neighbor” as one of your own kin, not some stranger who happened to live next door.

We seek to distill the Law Covenants into their essence in Christian conduct, and that includes building a high trust environment within the fellowship of faith. Having a standard of exclusion is absolutely necessary for high trust.

I have no expectation that Radix Fidem will build a new society, a new nation on this planet with a high internal trust that excludes those who are untrustworthy. It certainly won’t invade and occupy property and build a material structure. God isn’t in that business any more. Instead, we will forever be exiled from the dream of our own place in this world, wandering among other nations and countries that are still mired in materialism. We can build a virtual society, a nation without a country. There is nothing to stop us from ignoring our DNA and living from a spiritual and moral heritage that doesn’t belong to this world, yet was placed in this world by God.

If you join us, you better buy a tent. That’s just an expression, of course. It means that we are strangers and aliens in every land, that this world is not our home.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Better Buy a Tent

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    It’s sad that many are duped into the believing the Wakanda myth as actually real. If the various African nations were so good at building, we would already be seeing it by now. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing that they don’t build like Anglos. That’s just materialism talking. We could probably find a lot of good things in African cultures that overlaps Radix Fidem/ANE beliefs.

    I do have a good tent, btw. Could fit my family nicely if we need it too 🙂


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