You Had Better Know

I had always hoped I would never have to fight the government here in the USA. But to be honest, I have always been willing to fight the government on some issues. Prophetically, I always knew that day would come. I saw it at least as early as 20 years ago.

The question is a matter of convictions. It’s the same thing I promote day after day: Know your convictions. Poll your own heart and seek an honest understanding of just where you will draw the boundaries of your decisions. Because all of that is the same as asking what God requires of you. If you cannot embrace the concept that your convictions are written in your soul by the finger of God, just as surely as He wrote the Decalogue for Moses on stone tablets at Mount Sinai, then you will never understand the God of the Bible.

And as always, your convictions take precedence over reason.

Yes, it would likely be in some ways suicidal to fight a human government as large and powerful as that of the USA. That’s not the point. The resistance is the point. The issue with obeying your convictions is not some external objective, but of obedience itself; it’s seeking peace with God while facing off against a government that hates my God. Peace with God is a living thing that outlives this world. It must be nurtured and kept alive at any cost, because He is the maker of all things.

In my convictions, there are things I would be willing to kill and die for. I’m not interested in your doctrines and orthodoxies; all that really matters is knowing what my God demands of me. There is no such thing as objective truth; that’s a lying myth. Truth, by definition, is the Person of God. It’s mystical and personal. There is no objective reality, only experience and perception. My God is more real than your “reality.”

If my government went so far as to restrict me from speaking the gospel truth, as the government of Norway has done, it would warrant a violent resistance. You should understand that Biden has anointed someone to serve in his cabinet who would promote such laws in the US. When it becomes illegal to speak God’s truth, then the law is morally invalid. It puts law enforcement in service to Satan and makes them a valid target. We might discuss and debate tactics, but the fundamental truth is that it makes the government our enemy. It is a declaration of war.

What may not be obvious to you is that a great many people here in the USA have already declared our message worthy of snuffing out, that they are already willing to kill us for daring to think certain things (although virtually none of them have the courage to do the violence themselves). Those people have infiltrated the whole government system, almost every educational institution, all of mainstream media, all of the entertainment industry, most of sports and most of the technology services industry. They have a powerful influence in mainstream churches. They have already declared war on us, and have been trying to hijack the rest of the social and legal system to work against us. America let it happen. The system was in our favor, on this point of free speech at least, until recently. This is the same thing as an invasion that seeks to take your homes and kill you and your families, because that bunch have promised to do that very thing.

Let’s be clear here: This is not about free speech itself. That’s just a concept born of the West. Rather, it’s about the divine mandate to share God’s truth. In a Western context, that means I would end up supporting free speech simply as a shield against persecution for the gospel message. In some other culture, I would be supporting a different principle in order to remove barriers to the gospel. In our case here in the USA, it’s not just a matter of rights that I would defend, but that this is a symbol of foreign conquest. As I’ve said before, it is contextually a matter of upholding my vow to protect the Constitution. That US Constitution shapes the methods and means. Tactics and strategy depend on the context — the motive for which I oppose this foreign invasion depends on how it affects my gospel mission. Motive and method are two different realms.

The call to speak the Word is something I’ll defend by my convictions. I’m not asking you to join me. I’m warning you that you need to know your own convictions, because we are now at the day when our convictions will be tested here in the West. You will need to understand the boundaries which the Father has placed in your heart, and you will be called upon to respond to things you never dreamed would come.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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3 Responses to You Had Better Know

  1. feeriker says:

    When it becomes illegal to speak God’s truth, then the law is morally invalid. It puts law enforcement in service to Satan and makes them a valid target.

    I must admit that I really pity anyone wearing a policeman’s or a soldier’s uniform in the USSA right now who calls themself a Christian, and I know a few of them. They are approaching a crossroads where they will face a life-changing decision as to whom they will serve – God, or the State. They will soon no longer be able to walk a middle ground.

    I would like to say that those I know will choose the difficult and narrow path, and I pray that they do. Unfortunately, I fear that with far too many others we will learn that their faith was superficial, a facade for their devotion to Caesar, a delusion based on the widespread (and deliberate, on the part of the church) misinterpretation of Romans 13.

    May God give strength and courage to those called upon to make these decisions, and may they choose the path of Eternal Salvation.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I believe this is the part that will make the globalists look like fools at the final moment. They can hijack the state apparatus, but they can’t control souls in the final analysis. There aren’t many LE agencies that would remain loyal to them as a whole, and there will be major mutinies in the military at some level. I’ll be addressing Romans 13 tomorrow.


  3. feeriker says:

    There aren’t many LE agencies that would remain loyal to the[ Globalists] as a whole, and there will be major mutinies in the military at some level.

    Let us fervently pray that it is so.

    I’ll be addressing Romans 13 tomorrow.

    I look forward to reading your perspective!


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