The Question Is Whose Blood

I can’t tell you what you should think, but I cannot avoid saying what I believe.

If I could go back and tally all the sites WordPress has shut down, and get a feel for what those blogs were about, and what they had posted right before the shut-down, I suppose I could estimate what the management fears, and will not honestly reveal to us. Make no mistake; WordPress is not morally better than any part of the MSM. They may have their own tactical and strategic boundaries, but at the core, they are just as malicious and idolatrous as the rest of the Big Tech globalists.

The malice inherent in their forcing us to use the “Block Editor” should demonstrate that clearly. The whole point is to inhibit the kind of clear thinking and self-expression that would naturally counter their globalist agenda.

And you can bet that, should they even bother to notice I’ve said that, they would never honestly respond. Partisan censorship does happen on WordPress. The trick for you and I is to get a very clear understanding of what party they belong to, because it’s not a question of the ones most people imagine. The Big Tech globalists are not precisely the same as the Democrat Party globalists; they have their own variant agenda. It’s not accurate enough to call them liberal, progressive, or Democrats. Using those terms will be self-deceiving.

I have full confidence that WordPress is quite likely to shut this blog down. I’m willing to “burn” this account sharing the message I have up until they do so. It’s hard to know what will trigger that, but I’m convinced it will happen. As the world around us moves deeper into chaos, the red line will move. It’s a reflection of the context and how these people make war on their enemies.

Physical violence is inevitable. The globalists and their proxies have already chosen that path, despite the propaganda. However, the key element remains the hearts and minds of certain people. Not all the people, just a certain portion of them sufficient to tip some invisible balance one way or another. This is the game they have chosen. It’s not exactly the same oppression and cruelty we’ve seen up to recent history. There’s no precise timeline, but the symbols of a shift from outright military conquest in favor of mass manipulation include things like the Peace of Westphalia, the ideas published under the title Protocols of Zion, and rise of the Rothschilds financial dynasty. The ideas have been around since the Fall, but the actual commitment to the specific tactics is quite recent in human history.

The primary tactic is to get people to enslave themselves to the big lies. The chains are in the minds and hearts of the subjects.

Thus, this remains a war of ideas. In terms of the Internet, this is called “information warfare.” It’s one huge PsyOp. This is still the primary field of battle. What we see with the current election debacle in the USA is a matter of falsely dividing the people so they don’t get a clear picture of what’s really happening. It’s more than just the obvious MSM lying, though that is a critical element in the war. It’s the very definition of what everyone is fighting over that puts the warfare outside the grounds which the oppressors are seizing. What we are led to believe they want is not the real objective.

Try to understand that it is not really a war of left versus right, and the distinction between the Democrat and Republican agendas is totally bogus. The issue is globalism. And it’s not enough to call it that, because you should understand that while globalism is rooted in the demonic lust for power symbolized in the Tower of Babel, the globalist doctrine we face today is a creature of Western Civilization. It’s shape and agenda is peculiar to the West, even though it is guided by the same high-ranking demon that first provoked Nimrod to build his ancient tower.

The roots of the West are a blend of both Greco-Roman and Germanic. The Germanic tribal mythology in particular is the reason for what our current Tower of Babel looks like. This false doctrine elevates women above men in terms of moral authority. Men are more powerful and capable, but women are imagined to be more pure. This is the explanation for an awful lot of idiocy in Western history, but it is peculiar to the conflict we experience right now. It is the feminist doctrine that fires a war of conquest over a fundamentally masculine and conservative society at the heart of Anglo-American culture.

Need I point out how Scripture says just the opposite about men and women? Divine revelation says that men are more competent to discern moral truth, while women are designed to make the home worth defending. Women are more oriented to the material needs of the nest. That same balance scales upward to society as a whole. God designated men as those who run the government and make decisions as to what civilization should mean. They are not bumbling idiots, overgrown boys with no sense of right and wrong, as portrayed in our Anglo-American culture. Women are not inherently pure and undefiled morally; they can be kept that way only if their men pay attention and do their jobs. But women are prone to wandering off the proper moral path because they aren’t equipped to see it clearly. The demands of building the nest make them very good at some things, but governing is not one of them.

The Germanic mythology at the roots of Western Civilization cannot avoid setting things up so that at some point women will inevitably seek to seize power. And when they do, it is inevitable that it will stink of communism. What we are experiencing today is that feminist-communist uprising, a war of offense meant to destroy what has stood for centuries. Women are incapable of building a civilization to replace it, so what it amounts to is a war of destruction, period.

And just like Adam and Eve in the Garden, men are unwilling to take the appropriate action to crush this revolt. We will be served the Forbidden Fruit and we will be kicked out of what little good we have built, largely because what we built was a very poor reflection of the Garden of Eden represented in the first place. But what little we did have will be destroyed.

Our only hope for the small measure of sanity left is to decentralize. If we do not disassemble this bogus empire consciously, then we will allow the feminist-communist conquest to succeed. There is no way to stop this trainwreck; we can only jump off the train before it gets rolling too fast. We need secession. We need to dissolve the Union of States. Having a regional collection of states that represent the Anglo-American culture is feasible. At the same time, we need a right-wing backlash to rise up with the balls to defend what remains. There will be blood in the streets, so the question is whose blood.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to The Question Is Whose Blood

  1. feeriker says:

    One encouraging sign is that everyone I’ve talked to so far, even a few strangers in casual conversation, believes that the breakup of the USSA is not only inevitable, but essential. Either my scope of association is too narrow to reflect majority opinion, or the mainstream (i.e., acceptable) opinion is held by a much smaller number than our overlords want us to believe.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    It’s hard to say. I know very few people who support a break-up.


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