What Were You Expecting from This Election?

As always, I’m only sharing my convictions. You need to examine your own.

The globalists are going to win their battle to seize the US federal government. The only hope for any kind of sanity is decentralization — to dissolve the Union of States. The presidential election will not come to a conclusion until the globalists, using the Democratic Party as a front, can manufacture the appearance of a Biden victory. The globalists have seized control of the system for vote counting in certain jurisdictions and will not allow a Trump win. If there were an honest vote count, Trump would win, so this thing will be dragged out for as long as possible.

This is pretty much what the globalists knew was coming. Their plan has been to use this election as a the vehicle for the kind of political chaos and uncertainty to seize further control of the system. The situation is already in their favor. If they can’t have the Whitehouse, nobody can. So the next step is to watch whether Trump will use his residual authority to stop this coup. He cannot succeed, but it would be entertaining if he tried. I rather doubt he’s that smart or that tough, and he lacks any organized purposeful support in his staff or outside groups.

If you are really interested in where this is all going, here’s what to watch for: when key figures on either side start dying. That’s when things have gotten serious. The globalists rightly believe they can accomplish their goals with no direct political violence. They get what they need by the rioting they are funding. It’s all about the drama and public manipulation. Their opposition will not go that route; the only hope for the opposition is to begin assassinating key figures.

Here I need to remind you that there is no single organized ideological opposition to the globalists. There is no systemic opposition to them within the federal government. The people with the real power to act will not. The neocons and Zionists are the biggest and most powerful, and they can get most of what they want with Biden. They stand to lose too much by fighting the globalists.

A great many folks opposing the globalists still honestly believe it’s a matter of left versus right or Democrats versus Republicans. It’s neither, but that’s the common perception of the vast majority of the public. There are groups arranged in various degrees of opposition to the globalists, but none of them really matter until the actual right-wing patriots on the ground become fully aware that we are at war, and that no one is going to represent their interests for them.

So a major problem with this is the Q-anon propaganda. Q-anon has done a marvelous job of distracting the patriots with false promises that Trump will take appropriate action at some point, a point which is always in the future. That’s why I’m convinced Q-anon is actually a globalist psy-op. As long as Q-anon propaganda is viable, the patriots are woefully lacking in resolve to act for themselves. So until you see globalists being shot, bombed, poisoned, or otherwise assassinated, nothing is happening in the opposition.

Meanwhile, the globalists will continue to act by increments, seizing more and more of the federal system. This is what’s really going on right now. Our only real hope is that they will cross some invisible line soon that will drive the state governments to secession. This is the most likely course. That line may be hard to paint on the ground, but it does exist and the globalists are foolish enough to believe they can cross it and still win. In some cases, the current official state governments will be replaced when that line is crossed. There will be some surprises in state governments unless you are there on the ground, and can see clearly what’s happening behind the scenes.

So to recap: I’ll be really surprised if the system declares Trump the winner. The globalists will continue seizing the federal government system under the false appearance of no conclusive election results. Their only real opposition is the state governments. The rioting will continue to get worse, and only sporadically will you see a right-wing backlash to it. You are in a good place if your state and local government act firmly to quell rioting, and force the BLM to act within the political system. Don’t pay too much attention to the presidential election; it won’t make any difference unless Trump gets balls and gets organized.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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6 Responses to What Were You Expecting from This Election?

  1. feeriker says:

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    It’s looking increasingly likely that the Globalist Deep State feels secure enough in their power to steal this election with impunity. The question now becomes: will patriots finally wake up and realize that the time for patience and playing by the (enemy’s) rules is over?


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    I want to believe he will eventually do something in his second term that will severely mess up the globalist plans; better to have it done sooner than kick the can down the road. But who knows. Like you’ve mentioned before, he probably missed the window of opportunity to do the most damage.

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  3. Ed Hurst says:

    At this point, Trump would have to hire a private team of hitmen to accomplish much.

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  5. feeriker says:

    At this point, Trump would have to hire a private team of hitmen to accomplish much.

    I think what a second Trump term will look like, should it ever actually happen, is all of Trumps millions of adoring followers going back into zombie mode and expecting that their “God Emperor” will battle evil all by himself while they passively sit on the sidelines.

    One of the most visible arguments against the universal franchise, as well as an indictment of the idea that Americans have any concept of how federalism works, is that they put all of their effort and energy into carefully electing a president while largely neglecting state and local offices, or electing people to such offices who in practice work against what they’ve elected their president to do. This demonstrates their faith in (or at least tolerance of) an “imperial presidency,” something that both guarantees and is symptomatic of the chaos and dysfunction we currently suffer from.

    Americans are staring their country’s collapse in the face because they have for so long refused to accept any responsibility for it. If they want Donald Trump to be effective in a second term and “drain the swamp,” they’re going to have to get off their apathetic arses on the local level and help him in doing so. I’m certainly not going to hold my breath waiting for THAT to happen.


  6. Ed Hurst says:

    We agree. The biggest problem we have is the mass delusion of that it’s possible for an empire to be functional and morally good at the same time. Centralized government is inherently evil.

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