Let Me Tell You a Story

I’ll try to keep this simple.

There is a group of people in the world who suffer from unlimited greed. They want to own everything in the world, and they are working together to make this happen. It’s a very elite club who, for now at least, pretend that there is enough for them to share, but not for anybody else.

At some point, they managed to swindle a lot of ordinary rich people out of their very real wealth, by pretending to keep it safe for them. They gave the rich people back various kinds of tokens that could be exchanged as if it were real wealth. Everyone bought into this system of using tokens, so that the greedy folks could keep it a secret just how much wealth there actually was. It allowed them to create a system of “money” that they controlled totally in every country.

In order to gain the ownership of everything else that they did not already control, they first had to gain effective political control. Not total control, but enough to steer things in what they viewed as the right direction. They learned from the past that having overt total control is a high risk game, because it makes them targets for assassination. So they worked through proxies, putting forward morally weak people as their false fronts. They give these morally weak people all they could ask for, but these people have a lust for power and self-aggrandizement, and wealth is just how they get that power. So we have greedy real rulers and the arrogant fake rulers, and the little people over whom they all rule.

And it is these arrogant fools who lust for power that catch all the hatred and wrath of the little people they oppress on behalf of the greedy elite. For the most part, the means of political rule have been deception and manipulation of the public perception. Sometimes there is more naked force used, but even that is typically a matter of shaping public perception.

The greedy real rulers didn’t give money to the arrogant fake rulers to do things; they loaned it to them. Those loans have been structured to give ownership of things to the greedy real rulers, because the collateral for those loans was the land, infrastructure, property and lives of the little people controlled by the fake rulers. At some point, everything will be so completely mortgaged by the fake rulers that there will nothing left to collateralize any further loans. Then the greedy real rulers will be “forced” to collect on those loans.

At that point, the fake rulers will be their slaves, and by proxy, all the little people they rule over. Granted, the debt is actually the responsibility of the fake rulers, but they will claim they did it all on behalf of the little people. The fake rulers are knowingly going along with this game because they believe it will grant them more very real power, and they can stop having to go through so much work manipulating the little people. There will be one last manipulation that will put in place a very horrible oppressive system, by which everyone accepts the claim on all their property and lives and are forced to obey in every detail, with no more pretense of freedom.

I’ll grant you this isn’t going to work in the long run. I’m sure some of those greedy real rulers know there are limits, but I doubt they understand just how weak their grip is on things. The whole system of deception is actually pretty fragile, but they are too deeply invested in their game to stop now. The little people could easily decide they simply don’t owe the greedy real rulers anything, that the whole thing was a swindle (which it was).

All the nonsense spewed in the effort to manipulate the public (the little people) has created a culture shift. It includes a lot of things the real and fake rulers together sought to build into the system, but it also includes a lot of ideas they simply couldn’t control. The means to manipulate the masses offered only a very fragile kind of control. It’s not that the little people have any great store of wisdom of their own, but that they simply are not so easy to control as the ruling classes imagine. Things in general have already begun to take off in directions the rulers don’t like.

So right when the greedy real rulers, working with the arrogant fake rulers, are ready to spring the trap, it will miss a huge portion (maybe the majority) of the little people. It’s hard to tell because things are moving too fast down on the ground where the little people live. There’s no real control over the substance, just some weak and partial efforts to channel things. The control is very fragile, and the ruling class has miscalculated pretty badly.

It’s not that the little people will get free, because they will always be slaves to their own petty greed and lust for power, but they also have an endless demand for entertainment. A primary means of controlling them has been entertainment, by creating a cultural demand for entertainment that kept them at a low level of intellectual and moral stimulation. The little people tend to prefer junk entertainment. And if they are not entertained, they get restless. The ruling class has lost its control over what entertains the little people, by trying too hard to soak up the last little bit of wealth the little people had via controlling and charging excessively for that entertainment. Tastes have drifted in new directions. The new common entertainment sources are not amenable to control.

Some of that entertainment questions the system the greedy real rulers have built. The entertainment is still full of nonsense and low-grade stuff, but there’s a measure of more thoughtful stuff, too. It’s impossible to judge how intelligent those questions are, but they are effective in making the little people restless. It won’t unite them in a targeted resistance to the ruling classes, but it will make them uncontrollable.

You have probably read something about a “Great Reset” planned by these elite bankers and financiers, using the power of governments. It’s actually a huge debt bubble of derivatives measured in quadrillions of US dollars. This quarantine nonsense, along with the riots and protests against the social system, was supposed to be the means of publicly chaining everyone to responsibility for the debt bubble by taking away everything they have. The people were previously anesthetized and distracted by the various forms of entertainment offered over the air and the Net. But now the gatekeepers are charging way too much for access to that entertainment. The system of entertainment has fractured, and people’s appetites are running off in all directions.

In the big middle of this, you and I have a mandate to seek out those who rise above that restive, almost mindless mass reaction. We are called to pull away from the whole game ourselves, and try to capture those few who are ripe for also rising above the game. It’s not about playing a better wealth and power game, nor even a better entertainment, but transcending everything on which the game rests. We stop serving the lust for wealth, entertainment and power.

Is that simple enough?

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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3 Responses to Let Me Tell You a Story

  1. Linda says:

    Oh yeah. Just a matter of who actually gets it and whether they can swallow it as our reality in this world or not! A lot of the little people are not too open-minded when it comes to facing the truth. Let’s pray some do before the shtf.

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  2. feeriker says:

    Reblogged this on To Reclaim Normality and commented:
    About as succinct and factual an explanation of the current state of events as I’ve ever seen. It really doesn’t take much mental or intellectual candle power to see the truth. As the mask of benevolence continues to slip off of the monster, let us hope more of us “little people” DO see it. Well done, Ed!

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  3. feeriker says:

    A lot of the little people are not too open-minded when it comes to facing the truth.

    Understatement of the Millennium. It’s amazing how at some point the instinct for self-preservation in so many becomes so overwhelmed by the magnitude of real-world events that the mind chooses self-delusion as a coping mechanism, to one’s own detriment.


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