Push-back Is Inevitable

Let’s review: Culture is not merely the meandering results of custom or habit. Much of it is comes from shared DNA. The Anglo-American culture arises from a genetic background that includes a high social trust factor. Anglo-American people have a strong tendency to comply with social expectations, so the culture naturally includes that feature. It is neither good nor bad in itself, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

So long as early American immigrants were mostly from high-trust racial stock, things went well. Those who didn’t bring a high trust factor from their homeland were quickly forced to adopt it artificially. The establishment was consciously aware of how much it mattered.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the social elite never had that high trust factor. Royalty and nobility were seldom the same racial stock as the people they ruled. Gaining social and political privilege brought a perverse incentive to abandon it, anyway. But they definitely pressed the lower classes to keep it, and held forth a very strong pretense of high trust.

Over the past century, that gulf of difference has grown. The elite have been quite conscious and intentional about it. The much maligned “conspiracy theory” mindset is frankly fully justified; the elite really do try to keep us in the dark. But it still leaks out, so there’s no excuse for lacking awareness of the gap between the elite and the commoners.

Now, shift back to current events. The commoners’ right-wing backlash has begun in earnest. It’s more than just the brawls in Portland between right and left mobs, or the shooting in places like Kenosha. The commoners are actually threatening the established order. The story of how an engineer at Sandia stirred up an open resistance to the SJW lies is all over the alt-news channels, but utterly ignored by the MSM.

It may be worth your while to watch the video, but it’s an hour long. Also, the guy speaks rapidly, so it requires paying attention, but at least his enunciation is clear. The engineer starts with the bogus Critical Race Theory (CRT) and explains what it means. If you know anything about the Bible — the Old Testament in particular — you will recognize how CRT attacks the biblical position. The Bible doesn’t address the issue specifically simply because it stood long before nonsense like CRT was proposed. But it doesn’t take a genius to recognize the huge gap between the assumptions of CRT against those of the Bible.

It’s not that individuals cannot move between cultures and adapt. All the more so when you consider the power of the Holy Spirit to work through convictions in the heart. The Lord will guide where you belong, according to His reckoning of where folks should be. But all the assumptions of Scripture rest on covenants as a basic factor of human existence. It assumes that humans were never meant to be one big happy family, but that we are supposed to be fragmented into strong tribal groups governed only by those related to us by blood or covenant. Thus, no imperial government has any business poking around with internal matters. The Bible has a fairly clear standard on jurisdiction.

Nimrod’s sin at the Tower of Babel was in part the self-aggrandizing effort to pull all the nations together under one religious and cultural milieu — which happened to be largely pagan astrology. God’s punishment was aimed to ensuring that the human race as a whole would not be allowed to build a system that could ignore their fallen nature. It was a measure of grace to prevent a unified one-world culture and commerce because fallen humanity must get the picture that they need salvation. God cannot permit the blessings of shalom to be hijacked and faked by Satanic lies that leave them with no sense of need.

So it becomes a principle of human life itself that God will not permit a one-world government while humanity remains fallen. The mere desire for such a thing is an abomination. At the same time, it serves God’s purpose to have mankind always striving for what cannot be, so we should expect every generation to seek yet another way to unify humanity under some false pagan dream.

The problem with America is that the American culture is high-trust, and virtually none of the minorities who feel displaced and marginalized have that in their DNA. They come from low-trust cultures because of low-trust DNA. They cannot function well in a high-trust society with a high-trust culture and laws. In essence, they literally don’t belong here, unless they are willing to consciously embrace the implications of a high-trust culture. Some do just fine, but most cannot be bothered.

But they are here. The US made a huge mistake in building a vast empire in the first place, but it was even worse to build it on such tightly wound cultural assumptions across such a vast space and population. It simply doesn’t work; it never could have worked for very long.

The biblical solution is decentralizing, allowing local governments to be far stronger in matters of local life. This is the only just way. Let the people in local areas rebuild the system to match their cultural inclinations. Let them separate and migrate to places that feel like home to them. And the worst thing we could do is imprison everyone under one stinking empire with culture and law a football up for grabs. No matter who wins and carries the ball, a vast number will suffer injustice, because no single system is suitable for the whole human race.

And the only people pushing that one-size-fits-all solution are the elites. They seek to profit from forcing people to be stupid and disinterested in their government. But people aren’t like that. The push-back is inevitable; it is human nature.

Addenda: We can be sure that “systemic racism” is simply the propaganda label applied to a high-trust social requirement.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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