The Lie of a Half-truth

There’s a lot of noise recently in the alternate news community about a protege of Alex Jones named Millie Weaver. She was arrested right about the same time she planned to release a very slick video, ShadowGate. The film is mostly Weaver interviewing two whistleblowers explaining how the so-called Deep State actually works. The timing of the arrest looks suspicious.

This documentary film is dense with information, full of jargon that you aren’t likely to remember the first time it’s explained. You will likely feel you need to watch it a couple of times and maybe take notes to get the big picture. I’m not going to recommend you watch it,but if you are curious, the link worked when I watched it. The problem is that it tells too little, and what’s left out leaves you with a slanted understanding.

I will tell you that I’m quite certain the methods described are accurate enough, but only partially explained. There’s more to it than what you see in the video. I surmised that, not because I know so much about the particular subjects discussed, but because I had to work and live in that environment in the military. I hated it and became sensitive to all the dehumanizing procedures, and something about that was missing from the video. Instead, it emphasized the juicy stories of who did what.

I’m not saying those parts are false, only that there’s more to it than that. What disturbs me is that they leave out the very critical part played by Israel in every bit of this. Key elements of the technology mentioned were pioneered by Mossad. Some of our US intelligence contractors are based in Israel. There would be almost no story at all were it not for the links to Israel, and those links are ignored in the video. Further, they don’t mention that Israel knows virtually everything the US government knows (and all those contractors know) about anything. In that sense, this video becomes a very subtle propaganda message in favor of Israel because it shields them.

Understand something: Nothing is ever leaked without official approval somewhere in the system. If someone powerful didn’t want this information out there, Weaver would be dead and no one would hear about it. You’ll learn a lot about those nasty globalists, but nobody is going to make the same kind of film about Mossad. It’s one thing to let marginal nutcases rant and rave about Jews, but it’s another thing to expose the actual threat from Zionism.

Update: The video is also available at Vimeo: ShadowGate. Vimeo pulled it. Let’s try again with Bitchute: ShadowGate.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to The Lie of a Half-truth

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Watching it now. Still up on Bitchute.

    Brings up an interesting topic I’ve been mulling over: besides things like initial set up and a little money, there’s nothing stopping people from buying hosting and uploading an mp4 of their videos. Though, there is the shareability issue–video hosting sites make it very easy to find and share, but hosting your own video is very anti-fragile. Getting someone’s hosting and domain taken away is much harder to do.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    This touches on the bigger question of how far the “woke” crap is spreading among technology services. There’s been some puny effort to create a parallel Internet service structure for the non-progressive with mixed results. But at the same time, the SJWs have been pushing harder into the upstream provider space. You have to wonder when genuinely essential services will start dropping anyone who isn’t sufficiently “woke” to be acceptable. Even banks are starting to get picky and not allow accounts from certain enemies of the SJWs. SJWs are a tiny minority; at what point will the rather more conservative majority fight back?

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