More Praying for Resistance

Image showing one link in a chain shattering.Giving reminders can be helpful, but there is nothing I can write that will keep you stronger than your own faith. If there is no blazing core of truth burning in your own soul about the massive Orwellian lies the MSM and government agencies are telling, then you are already lost.

At this point, given all the crap we hear about COVID-19, we can justifiably assert that it doesn’t even exist. The official propaganda has so egregiously transgressed every boundary that the label for this thing means whatever they want it to mean. If it can mean anything, it means nothing. Sure, people are getting sick, and some are dying, but that was the case since humanity was forced out of the Garden of Eden. The only thing that has changed is the determination of evil people to seize power they previously couldn’t hold.

So I might remind you now and then, but if it doesn’t come from your convictions, and if you don’t pay much attention to your convictions, there’s no point in trying to push the corrective message. I’ll probably point out the latest outrage now and then, but only if it helps us to understand better just what’s going on.

I don’t plan to protest, much less lead any protests. I find the anti-masking and anti-quarantine protests sad and pointless. Don’t push the government; it will not listen. The problem is the system that gives evil people the power to declare the quarantines. The only solution is to dismantle the central system. The only way to make government accountable is to make it small and close. And the only way there can be some kind of revolt that dissolves the powers of the centralized agencies is if God stirs the hearts of the people. It has to come from Heaven, not from anyone here in the Fallen Realm.

The only way we can move the heart of God is to pray. What I am calling for is a prayer rebellion. Don’t look to me for your prayer list; get with God and see what He wants from you. Find out what He is willing to change at your request. Everything we can read in Scripture affirms that He will act on our prayers, but only if we first discern what actions are likely. Get yourself behind and push on those things God would like to grant His children.

So fundamentally we are asking for a divine clarification. If this is going to work, each of us must have a fire and vision for ourselves. You can’t get there with mine, but mine could inspire you to find your own. Over and over again: It must be your own personal connection with the Lord. We all need God to tell us what should matter in our prayers.

He’s doing a great work already, but He wants us in on it. It would be a lot more efficient without us, but He delights in having His children learn how He does things in His workshop. It pleases Him to see us eager to learn. Would you believe having us involved is more important to Him than the actual results? That’s because the only thing He really wants from all of this is our coming to Him and seeking His face in the first place. It’s not that He uses His children in His business; His children are the business.

Don’t settle for what pitiful portions the Devil allows you to have. Seize the initiative. Get involved in the Father’s business. Get on your knees and hammer through your fleshly nature until you understand what God wants from you. Try fasting if you have no clue. What part do you have in His glory?

I’m praying for a resistance to rise against the oppression. I’m praying for one or more leaders with the kind of charisma people will follow to break apart the corrupted central system that can no longer be saved. I’m praying all of you get a clear vision of what God can do, so you won’t bother Him about things He won’t do.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to More Praying for Resistance

  1. Jack says:

    The power of fasting is phenomenal! If readers don’t know about this, then I urge them to try it!


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