Stand Ready to See His Hand at Work

We cannot judge things by any human standard. We must view reality from the biblical perspective, the revelation of our Creator. Scripture skips over an awful lot of concurrent human history to point out the slender thread of revelation. Some of the events in the Bible are exceedingly hard to place in our current human knowledge of past events, but God holds us accountable for what the Bible says.

The Word clearly establishes the ideal human condition for living in this fallen world. We summarize that as a feudal tribal covenant nation. It was also the standard for Israel. But the nation of Israel was an exception in the sense that her history was bound up in revelation itself. The rest of humanity was held to common standards for humanity, but without the central mission of Israel. Thus, we say that all human government on this earth aside from Israel is held to the Covenant of Noah, whether those governments embrace it or not. God steers human affairs based on the Law of Noah.

A fundamental element in that law is revealed in the narrative on the Tower of Babel. Among the things we might discern is God’s rejection of centralization. He will never tolerate a single global government, and barely tolerates empires. While He may have inscrutable plans for empires, they all eventually die at His hand. In Scripture, we learn that some empires have held His approval for a time, and the reasons are fairly clear. It was during those times that the empire in question operated according to the demands of Noah’s Law.

Without dragging out too many details at this point, we note that a good empire will rule over nations, not people. That is, the vassal kingdoms remain intact and free to run their internal affairs as before the conquest. About the only thing that changes is their ultimate feudal obligation to the imperial court. That means a tribute restrained to about 10% of national production and a portion of the defense of the empire, while remaining under their own leaders. Any more control beyond that is pushing the envelope of what God tolerates.

Keep in mind that this is the standard that appears in the Book of Daniel, particularly in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue that Daniel interprets. As time wore on and new empires arose, all in terms of how they affected Israel, each succeeding empire would transgress the standards of Noah more egregiously, and are judged as less valuable to God. We see a long declining trend in how humans approach the task of governing.

But I want you to notice that civilizations are also judged, and this judgment tends to be separate from how God handles governments. While many civilizations are co-terminus with the empires in which they appear, there is a distinct tendency for the two to diverge as time wears on. Thus, within Western Civilization, we have seen multiple empires come and go. Each Western empire was judged by the standards for human governments, but Western Civilization is condemned for particular reasons that have afflicted all her empires. It can get complicated and confusing to keep track for the sake of maintaining a prophetic view of such things.

As a side note, it’s not so much that human reckoning of civilizations is honored by God, but that we really do need to understand the influences on human reckoning itself. God built the Ancient Near East (ANE) as the context in which to reveal Himself. That makes it the gold standard for human intellect and culture. It’s not that all of our science, math and technological advancements are inherently evil, but that we are obliged to view reality the way God revealed it while making those advancements. There is no reason to assume human progress could come only by discarding the ANE outlook. We still have no certain idea how the Pyramids in Egypt were constructed. By the same token, human advancements that come only by a change in outlook are likely going to turn out evil. Either way, we who follow Christ are bound by the judgments of God on what is good or evil.

Whatever it is we mean by “Western Civilization” is full of evil. It condemns the very things God says are necessary to find peace with Him. Western epistemology rejects the Hebrew intellectual approach to reality that lies behind the Bible. The West is inherently man-centered and makes no room for divinity in anything. The Bible requires a mystical outlook; it requires distrust for the intellect in favor of the heart-led consciousness. The West denies that the heart-led way even exists.

A government is fairly concrete, whereas a civilization is simply the net orientation of its people.

When I prophesy that the USA is going down, that’s one thing. When I warn that Western Civilization is also going down, that’s another thing. The two are related, but the doom on the USA is more specific based on the explicit demands of Noah’s Law, whereas the doom on the West has more to do with the assumptions behind Noah’s Law, the prerequisites for understanding Noah. We can explain how the USA got off track in the first place, but the wrath of God now falling on her reflects more the specific failures of His law for empires. And the particulars of how God is going to crush the USA empire will reflect the particulars of how she failed.

Why the USA failed is a separate matter, and God’s wrath on that “why” will fall more on the individual people who embraced the false assumptions of Western epistemology. God isn’t going to give the USA any more chances; the doom is locked in. But the individual people living in the USA still have a chance to adopt the ANE outlook and choose the heart-led path even while the country is going down. The issue of holding an ANE outlook is an individual responsibility before the Lord, while the country is judged for what the government has done wrong. The people are not the government; God sees that clearly and so should we.

You don’t have to be Western to live in this empire. You can embrace the ANE mystical outlook and bless the people around you with the resulting shalom. And for we as Christian Mystics, and under the Radix Fidem covenant in particular, there is a burden of responsibility to lead the way for the folks around us by our witness. Our shalom is the result of Biblical Law. We express to them however much of Biblical Law they can grasp, on whatever level they can grasp it. That’s God’s plan; that’s revelation. They may not see much of the mystical nature of that revelation, but they can see how we act, and that is exemplified in the written provisions of Biblical Law. They may not understand how we analyze things and arrive a specific application, but they will know that we base things at least in part on what is recorded in the Bible. Whether God moves them to embrace our mystical approach is not in our hands, but we pray and work toward that end, knowing they don’t start out that way.

And it is in the Biblical Law that we understand how we should relate to human governments. We discern what is the gold standard, and what it means to be something less. To the degree any government or political arrangement is evil, we keep our distance. But we can know what God is doing here in the USA based on His revelation, even without a prophetic word. The USA came too close to the Tower of Babel. It must now be decentralized; God has been consistent about that throughout human history. The culture in the USA will not permit the feudal tribal results we see in the Bible narrative, so what should we expect folks to do when the God destroys the centralizing authority of the federal government?

Granted, the results won’t be up to the gold standard, but it can easily be better than the empire. We can encourage as much good as is possible within the context. This is part of how we do shalom, providing a witness of what God says is good and right. If the primary failure of the USA has been the reach for a global empire, then it’s obvious that a good replacement for the federal government will be something more local that minds its own business. And that would mean rejecting the influences of globalists and Zionists, whose cults are nothing more than the idolatry of the Tower of Babel. Those two are primary manifestations of The Cult.

Thus, I am openly calling for dissolving the Union of States. I declare publicly that the USA empire is evil and that it must be shut down — if not voluntarily, then by God’s crushing wrath. We want to make it as voluntary as possible. It doesn’t have to be violent, though there will surely be some violence. We can easily identify those groups most likely to resort to violence as the cult members intent on global rule. But dealing with their violence is actually not such a big task if we avoid another mobilization to “save the Union.”

I believe God can do miracles, so I am praying for and calling for at least one charismatic figure to arise and lead the people of the USA to dissolving the empire. Given the context, this person is wholly unlikely to be one of us Christian Mystics. So it will be a “goat” in terms of the Parable of Goats and Sheep. Depending on how this leader acts, we may even associate him with Cyrus, whose edict released the Judeans from Babylonian captivity to go back home. If this leader is truly a decentralizing figure, it will give us Christian Mystics more freedom to share our gospel message in living shalom.

Christian Mysticism precludes leading this kind movement. From our position, God alone can do this. So I call for prayer to those ends. If this movement to dissolve the Union is close enough to Biblical Law, I would be willing to get involved as a supporter, much like Daniel did in his role. If it’s too ugly, I’ll keep a safe distance. That’s between me and the Holy Spirit, but the principle of teaching should be clear: Know your calling and convictions, and stand ready to see the great work of God.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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