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Push-back Is Inevitable

Let’s review: Culture is not merely the meandering results of custom or habit. Much of it is comes from shared DNA. The Anglo-American culture arises from a genetic background that includes a high social trust factor. Anglo-American people have a … Continue reading

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The Google Net

Well, the wind has shifted. No, this is not about Oklahoma meteorology; this is about the direction things are going in this world. I’ve often warned that having a prophetic talent is not a matter of predicting what will happen, … Continue reading

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Pray for Secession

Take the long view; think in terms of generations and centuries of human existence. Try to see how God does things on such a broad scale. We are at another Tower of Babel. Pray that God strikes once more against … Continue reading

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Random Photos 09

I’ve never seen this before. I’ve seen this particular weed growing all over this part of Oklahoma. It has a woody stem, but if you cut it a couple of times, it usually dies for the season. This year has … Continue reading

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Google Is Your Enemy More Than Ever

This is worse than the article suggests. It’s a new protocol proposed for Google’s Chrome Browser and Chrome OS (Chromebooks). What it does is allow someone running a webpage to work through your browser to communicate directly with devices in … Continue reading

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Pray and Resist

Instead of writing a bunch of stuff today, I’m going to recommend this video where a doctor is explaining another angle of the threat from the current vaccine research. This is getting much closer to the Mark of the Beast. … Continue reading

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It’s Personal. Which Person?

The demands of faith are inherently unreasonable. Jesus didn’t voluntarily submit to crucifixion because it made sense. He did so because it was His Father’s command. That was all the reason He needed. That He intimately knew His Father’s will … Continue reading

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To Be More Precise

In reply to some offline questions and comments… The folks living in the USA have plenty of sins for which they surely will not repent. There is plenty of divine wrath coming because certain moral failures are simply burned into … Continue reading

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The Lie of a Half-truth

There’s a lot of noise recently in the alternate news community about a protege of Alex Jones named Millie Weaver. She was arrested right about the same time she planned to release a very slick video, ShadowGate. The film is … Continue reading

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Wrath and Doom on the USA: Pray

America: a social and cultural identity based mostly on Anglo-American colonial history, with a smattering of other major cultural groups from roughly the same part of the world. USA: a political entity that was built on American cultural identity, with … Continue reading

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