Multicultural Lie

There’s nothing to gain from racial tension. Unfortunately, it is utterly impossible to reduce that tension by any human means. The Tower of Babel teaches us that empires are wrong, and that cosmopolitan societies are evil, simply because someone will always be oppressed, one way or another. It is not possible to have a society that is multicultural, because then it is no longer a single society. A system of government can never accommodate one culture without harming the others. Somebody will always be the loser.

There is only one way we can ignore racial differences and that is by the power of the Holy Spirit working through a covenant community. You cannot do that by any human means. It is possible only through God. Even then it still requires that He drive people together through a burning necessity of adopting a single culture drawn from Biblical Law in the context of which those people live.

A church is more than spiritually born people; it is more than a feudal tribal covenant community. It is a spiritual family of people who know God wants them to be together for His glory. It is an extended clan of people who don’t dispute who the leaders are, but are determined to find the divine purpose for being together. A normative model for the church includes people coming together in covenant fellowship despite all the human reasons they have for ignoring or avoiding each other. It typically includes people who have no earthly reason for being together.

But it requires a commitment to form a single cultural identity arising from Scripture. I cannot put into words the boundary lines of how far this community must withdraw from the secular/pagan society around them; it will vary with time and place. However, I can assure you that a valid church in the US will be far more separate from the surrounding community than is common among mainstream churches today. American society is a very sick and twisted thing in all it’s varied manifestations. The social withdrawal and distinctions required to live by Biblical Law are very substantial.

Our task under the Radix Fidem covenant is to explore what that should look like. It will not be the same in every place. To some degree it must reflect the character of the people and take into account their existing cultural inclinations. But it must also be a body that knows the primary mission is to discover how they can best glorify God, and how that separates them from the ambient society where they live. The particulars must be worked out in the context by the people in that body, spiritually reborn and heart-led.

And they must be fully conscious of how that puts a strong demand on folks who feel drawn to join that community. The only question is whether newcomers can embrace the internal culture that God is building there. The body itself must be aware of that question and make it clear. It goes without saying, I should hope, that the culture in the body would include newcomers embracing the current leadership, both the elders and the priestly shepherd.

Any time someone starts raising questions about the existing situation, it is necessary for the leadership to discern just how critical the question is in staying on the path. You cannot hesitate to correct someone who persists in pushing issues that have no place in your particular covenant body. It doesn’t mean they are wrong, per se, but that they aren’t ready to enjoy the full range of shalom with this body. They need a different body where their sense of what is right fits better.

None of this has anything to do with racial identity. It has everything to do with heart-led spiritual sensitivity. Granted, we should never be surprised when it does tend to work best with folks who have the same life experiences, so it naturally tends to look as if it filters on the basis of ethnic background. However, never be surprised when the Lord breaks that pattern.

Also, never be surprised when you find ways to work with folks from another body on a limited range of things. Sometimes the context calls for work that cannot be performed from within the local body. Be sensitive to how far you can extend the boundaries of alliance with folks who belong to another covenant, or perhaps no covenant at all. These are questions answered only from the heart.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Multicultural Lie

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  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    I’ve heard in a few church sermons that congregations should be diverse. Obviously they would only be refering to racial diversity, and a certain kind of racial diversity. That’s one good way of knowing which master they serve…


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