Skepticism Is Still Warranted

Folks, even John Stossel is controlled opposition. If he actually opposed the powers that be, he wouldn’t be allowed in the mainstream media. The libertarianism you see in the media isn’t really opposed to the system that makes them so much money. Real opposition means a prophetic warning about how God’s Law demands we live in this world, and nobody in either the mainstream or the alternative media are proposing that.

Biblical Law says we do not take human political systems seriously, since all of them are opposed to divine revelation. But it also says we should avoid getting involved as much as possible. Observe, comment, prophesy against it, but don’t get involved unless you simply can’t escape it. God commands His servants to infiltrate human social systems, and that can mean the political system, as well. Know your own calling. Still, as a matter of doctrine, we have no expectation of ever setting the political situation aright.

That also means we don’t hesitate to notice how the various parts of the system poke at each other, often revealing each other’s lies. This is why I link to mainstream and alternative sources from time to time on this blog. For example, see this article. It features a link to a video of ordinary people going out to capture video of hospitals, such as those in NYC, where there is most certainly not a stampede of sick folks filling every ER.

Know your convictions; listen to them first and foremost, before you give your attention anywhere else. Learn to recognize the voice of God in your soul and let your personal boundaries follow His footprints. You’ll know when something requires a response. Don’t be afraid to voice your skepticism when it’s appropriate. In the meantime, just play along with the demands of government officials as much as possible.

In times past I counseled resistance to the system in many ways, but those days are gone. It’s not that my principles have changed, but the time is near when the US government will end. The intrusive and unconstitutional demands of the government today offer no serious long term threat, because the government not will survive much longer. The plutocrats are making their move, and it will fail. So, for example, go ahead and fill out the census forms online and don’t worry about how it turns out. It won’t be that much longer now.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Skepticism Is Still Warranted

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “Know your convictions; listen to them first and foremost, before you give your attention anywhere else.”

    Words to live by, Ed.


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