It Outlives This World

Never get confused by the published rhetoric: Zionists have always planned to steal Palestine by any means necessary to get what they want. Lying to the Gentiles (everyone who isn’t Jewish) is just a part of the method. Zionists recognize no nation but their own; Gentiles are not human in their eyes.

Everyone grasps the Jewish clannish cohesion against every prevailing culture wherever Jews settle. This is rightly viewed as a serious problem, in that it represents something of an invasion or infiltration of foreigners who will never be loyal to the hosting community. It’s a problem because modern Judaism is one of the biggest Satanic lies of our world today. Their persistence in exclusive cohesion in itself is not the problem. If only we could find heart-led servants of Christ doing the same, consistently offering support and advantages to each other, with a will and conscious effort to infiltrate the world. The difference is that we would welcome outsiders who are drawn by what we have together.

Put the mission first. One of the things that separates commandos and special forces from the rest of the armed thugs in the world is an unfathomable commitment to the mission. You don’t get that by reason; it’s the fire of conviction alone that can make troops like that. It’s the inner certainty that you were made for this, and you have already made peace with the high probability you will die in pursuit of it.

It means you have no expectation of experiencing much of what you enjoy otherwise, so you find joy in being who you were made to be. You go into it knowing most of your time will be spent doing things you really don’t like. You are fully invested before you go, and don’t hesitate to crawl in the swamp, drag heavy baggage over mountains, face impossible weather conditions without giving it much thought, and treat danger as your best friend. You aren’t distracted from the mission by all the internal traffic in your head, calling out for all the fun stuff you really would prefer to do. You ignore the cry of all your human hopes for any kind of comfort and avoidance of suffering. You have a totally different reason for living.

If people can do that for a silly piece of inanimate cloth with stripes and stars, some abstract ideal, why can’t we see it among Christians who serve a very real and living God? When will we realize that recognition and glory on the human level will never mean anything? The only medals I want are the ones God pins on my soul, where no one else can see them. But instead of knowing that when my youthful energy and physical abilities are all used up, and being turned out to pasture with just a terse “thanks Bud”, I have something better than vague possibilities of consultation contracts and all the corruption that comes with it. I know that my divine mission will always, without fail, be in everyone’s best interest.

In the US military, you never know when you’ll be hammered for something you did in full obedience to the orders given. You’ll always piss someone off because of human politics, and every government mission is born in politics. You can’t trust anyone, especially those in your chain of command. Loyalty is never reciprocal, and will always be conditioned on the basis of shifting political winds. I know this from first hand experience. The system is capricious and knows nothing of reciprocal loyalty, and systemic response to ardor and commitment is often inexplicable. People don’t actually matter at all. Human systems have punished me for doing what I knew beyond all doubt is the right thing to do, but God’s rewards for obedience from the heart cannot be measured nor taken from me by any lesser hand. With God, everything is personal.

We need a loyalty and sense of community that outlives this world.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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