Sift Propaganda by Your Convictions

The way to handle propaganda and lies is not to simply avoid reading news at all, but to be aware of the efforts to manipulate.

The ancient Flood of Noah’s day involved breaking a permanent cloud cover over the earth. When Nimrod first conceived in his heart to rule the early post-Flood world, he used the sudden exposure of the stars in the sky as the basis for a mythology that bound his subjects to one cause, the Tower of Babel. In essence, the tower was a ziggurat, a means to keeping track of the relative movement of those mysterious lights in the sky. It was the birth of astrology, the belief that the stars somehow represented divine powers that could control events on the earth, and it was the job of humans to discern the secret language in their visible movements.

While it is quite likely Nimrod actually believed in astrology, that didn’t matter nearly so much as his will to bind all humanity under his rule in defiance of a long standing revelation from God. Noah prophesied before the Flood, and his family no doubt heard more of it than they wanted. This was the family that repopulated the earth, so it’s not like God’s revelation up that point was a lost secret. Nimrod knew he was rejecting revelation in favor of something humans cooked up by their own reasoning.

Among the various lessons we can draw from the Tower of Babel narrative is that God will not tolerate global government. While a Western mind can easily miss the message, the Bible is shot through with an underlying rejection of centralized human government. Such government will, without fail, always resist divine revelation. It’s not that God views centralization as some kind of threat; it’s His grace to prevent things getting to where people cannot hear His message. It is His own hand that prevents centralization getting beyond a certain threshold.

Jesus didn’t fight Rome or Herod. He tacitly accepted that His Father had placed those powers in their positions over earthly Israel. He was more concerned about Spiritual Israel. The coming of the Messiah was never meant to change human government, but translate the identity of “Israel” into a spiritual kingdom in the hearts of people. A critical point in the existence of the Covenant Nation was to show that fallen humanity cannot be governed externally on that level, but that the only way to bring people into harmony and peace with Creation and Creator was via their own individual internal response. Stop trying to control human events; let the world follow it’s own blind path. The only thing you can change is yourself, and even that requires divine intervention. The world as we know it is doomed to destruction, so let it go.

We are not going to end propaganda, and at some level, it is simply impossible to prevent it from invading your personal space and grabbing your fleshly attention. However, the Presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts will help us to overcome that foul influence, if we will commit to the path of Biblical Law. The person and message of Jesus the Messiah is that Biblical Law.

All truth is God’s truth; otherwise it isn’t truth. While you may not think too highly of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s health advice (I don’t buy all of it), one thing is for sure: he understands that one of the greatest liars against human health today is Big Pharma. The identity of his enemies says a lot about him and his effectiveness. He warns us that Big Pharma is part of the globalist network seeking to enslave humanity to their foul purposes. Mercola can be accused of having his own financial interests in saying such things, but our hearts can discern the limited accuracy of his warnings against centralized tyranny. He’s not an enemy in that he demands the door be left open for faith in a pursuit of human health.

For us, the issue remains a matter of trusting our hearts as the final arbiter of what to believe, and what God wants us to do about it.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Sift Propaganda by Your Convictions

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Per your last line, the good thing about convictions is that they are your direct line to what God wants you to know and discern. A thing to keep in mind is that your convictions can change over time, especially when we’re talking about propaganda. It’s what God wants you to know at that particular time about something. I also don’t rule out God not wanting me to know anything about a topic for the time being.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Yep; your truth can shift over time, since it’s not possible to actually know what God knows.


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