America the Septic Tank

The fundamental nature of Satan’s deception is anything at all except the truth. Even half-truths are fine, so long as something essential is wrong with the narrative.

I noted yesterday that the US government is just a front. We have a ruling elite who will be just fine if the US government falls apart. It’s no threat to them; they are the ones planning to make it happen. However, they are using a corps of people who dream of taking over the US government once and for all, and making America follow their agenda. Most of what you see and hear about is centered on those false dreams.

However, the ruling elite are generally divided into two competing teams. The only question that matters to them is which team will get the most plunder from all of this. There is a difference only in style; both are determined to herd humanity into one kind of Tower of Babel or another. As we see in the Bible narrative how that ends, so we should expect God to ensure that their plans will be frustrated. Make no mistake: God alone is sovereign. He rules all, and Satan serves His will. It’s not that God is the author of evil, but He is determined to test people to see if they can be seduced by evil. That’s the Devil’s job.

The Bible paints the image of God being disappointed by the outcome of the Temptation in the Garden. Not surprised, but He is disappointed. This whole existence outside of the Garden of Eden is Satan’s turf in the sense of feudal dominion. God retains final control, but Satan has certain freedoms to operate and reaps a profit from all the follies of humanity. In the long run, this world will be destroyed and Satan will have gained nothing. Meanwhile, God has offered revelation of what could be on His terms. By definition, those terms are just. Those terms won’t restore Eden, but they will make life here as good as it can be, pending the Return of His Son and the redemption of all things.

Don’t be a sucker for some vain hope of making America a good place to live. Things will get worse. The US will break apart, but it won’t result in any measure of restoring Eden. Good things will happen, some reflection of God’s revelation of how things can be. However, America is such a very long way from the path back to Eden that there is no hope of any significant measure of goodness. There are plenty of things worthy of promotion, and Biblical Law can help us understand where we should throw our support. However, it will be akin to Jesus and His lack of interest in confronting Roman government. Yes, Rome was a bad thing for His nation, but His Father had plans for Rome. The main issue was translating the old earthly political Kingdom of Israel into a New Kingdom of hearts. The Old Israel died on the Cross with Him. There is nothing in this world worth saving.

Don’t be a sucker for dreams of fixing any part of this world. Trump is not going to usher in a new golden age for America. He cannot; it’s not possible in the context of God’s plans for America. Sure, I’ll be delighted to see the Satan worshiping pedophiles of Hollywood exposed, and the criminal acts of his opponents, but I’ll also be tickled to see the exposure of the genocidal neocons Trump serves. There are no good guys involved in US government. There may be some fools who imagine they are standing up for righteousness and justice, but nobody in government is doing good, because the system itself is evil.

The only hope we have is to discover God’s calling on our lives in the midst of chaos and human misery. We can choose to walk the heart-led path back to Eden. The key is not what job you fulfill in human terms, but the mission you carry out through your human activities. Your choices will be limited, but the grip of divine justice can keep a hold on you. It’s not your activities, but the moral focus in those activities that matters. Our only aim in life is to reveal divine justice, to shine the light of His glory.

That glory will shine brightest against the dark days to come. We exploit these opportunities by diving right into the chaos and living according to Biblical Law. We must learn to see our human existence as expendable. We live only so long as we can demonstrate a rejection of sin, and a love for divine justice.

Jesus didn’t argue with the Roman demands for keeping social order; He simply demonstrated a justice that would generally fulfill such demands in passing. The failure was in Rome, not in His message. But there was nothing to gain by confronting Rome directly; His disciples later spoke the truth about how Rome would destroy itself, just as the prophets had before. Those in Roman administrative posts who were moved by that message didn’t have to resign for that reason, but plenty of them discovered a better purpose in their lives, whether in or out of government service. Loyalty to Christ was on a totally different level than submission to Rome. The conflicting demands were merely incidental, even if it did end in execution. We must understand the human life is just a circumstance.

There are a lot of parallels between Rome and America today. Look for ways to shine His glory as things go downhill around us. There will be some events worth celebrating, but don’t get sucked in by the false front held up by the warring sides in this political battle. As Bro. Iain says, you can find lost treasure in a septic tank, but it’s still a septic tank. That’s what America is in moral terms.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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