Current News Review 12

This is just a side note: Iran is not an innocent victim in all of this sabre rattling. I’m not going to join the commentators who suggest that the whole problem is with the US bullying the world. But the issue here is not Iranian motivations. Iran is none of our business in the first place. My prophetic calling is not to the world at large, but to the US. The ruling elite in US have enough evil to keep a million prophets busy.

I rather like this analysis by Brandon Smith. You should see the comments, where people are asking the obvious questions. One commenter suggested that Iran’s leadership is part of a bigger conspiracy, because the missile attacks on the US bases in Iraq seemed feeble. Smith answers very well:

No, I think the goal is ultimately war, just as it was with Iraq. Iran showed the US and the world they could strike US targets without interception if they want. The patriot [missile defense system] is overrated. The S400 is FAR superior.

Whether or not Iranian leadership is part of the theater does not really change the end result.

The absorption of Iran into the Belt And Road could have been easily done without increasing war tensions between the US and Iran. This is about more — Primarily setting up the US for a war it cannot win, while giving the rest of the world a “moral” rationale to dump the US dollar as world reserve.

Iran has ended restrictions on Uranium processing, and Trump just announced that this “will not be allowed”. They essentially just told us that war is inevitable. I guarantee that before the 2020 elections there will be bodies on both sides of this conflict if not all out war.

Given the context, it seems Smith’s point is that the globalist (and probably neocon) leadership are aimed to breaking down the US so they can take over. The Protocols of Zion aren’t entirely a fraud, as they reveal the elite motives back before the Zionists and globalists split. Provoking war with Iran is just theater, the means to some other end. The collapse of the US dollar will not hurt the elite; they have been buying up gold and silver, along with real property. The whole point of debt expansion is to gain indirect title to property and future productivity (slave labor) and beggar everyone else.

To this, I add that Satan is working on both sides of this conflict as the whip-hand of God. There is plenty of sin on all sides to punish, and God’s wrath is bound only by His mercy and wisdom. What we can discern here is that the US will be punished. It’s fully consistent with Biblical Law to expect Iran, China, Russia, and everyone else who doesn’t get along with the US to eventually arrive at the point God punishes their sins, too. But until Americans stand before God without a massive lumber yard stuck in their eyes, they can’t complain about how God needs to punish all those other countries — “Let’s do it for Him!”

One last item: I find it highly probable that Q is a major element in the effort to hijack the Liberty Movement (AKA nationalists), at least by keeping folks distracted with bullshit that will never happen, so the neocons can work unnoticed and unhindered. The globalists don’t like all the attention, but it does serve the neocons well.

That’s enough from me; read Brandon Smith’s article.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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