Nothing Good from Any of It

The presidency of the US is already in some ways irrelevant to how we will live in America.

Even before he took office, Trump made a deal with the neocon Zionists. Anything he’s said and done that may indicate otherwise should be taken as mere theater. In the midst of all this turmoil, when he can and should take firm action against his real enemies, he instead falls back to the one thing that garnered him so much political support from within the system: the neocon war agenda. It’s a passive-aggressive move to avoid confronting his real enemies, trying to look butch by bullying countries that are no threat to us. It’s virtually guaranteed that our national commitments in the Middle East will rise dramatically and we will be at war with Iran.

The imperialist neocons will not tolerate dissent any more than the globalists would. Anyone who happens to be a genuine nationalist will be censored.

And those globalists already have control of a major portion of the US government even without the presidency. They already own the Big Tech corporations on which we all depend, along with a vast army of little tech outfits. In many ways, they are making the Internet a big hassle for anyone else to use. It is not the surveillance itself that is such a big problem, but the purpose of silencing dissent behind that surveillance.

Naturally there will be ways to get around all of this, but it will mean changing our habits. Since there are too many variables still unsettled at this time, it’s not possible to advise you what those changes will be. But it bears watching, unless your sense of calling allows you to simply walk away from computers and the Internet. My personal sense of calling requires I stay involved in that field. I’ll try to keep posting here on such matters.

But what I hope all of my readers can do is break away from the false focus on what the mainstream press, and even much of the alternative press, says about the events around us. When Democrats object to the murder of that Iranian general, it has nothing to do with good sense, but it’s merely waving the flag that anything Trump does must be wrong. They were quite eager for Obama to go to war on Iran, but they can’t stand having Trump lead that war.

The entire federal government system is increasingly irrelevant, but on the way to collapsing, it will do some horrific evil things to Americans and the whole world. Both sides are wrong and it will be a civil war. But the only reason any of it matters is because we must be prepared to deal with the context in which we pursue our faith. No good thing will come from any of it.

The saints of God will tribulate.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Nothing Good from Any of It

  1. Jack says:

    It’s becoming pretty clear that Trump is affiliated with the Zionists. I suspect much of the Left’s hatred for (or envy of?) Trump is for that reason, since the Left (including the Clinton’s) is dominated by the Globalists.

    What exactly is the issue of contention between the Zionists and the Globalists that has pitted them against each other? Is it merely a conflict of agenda priorities?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Keep in mind the complexities here. The Globalists themselves diverged from the Zionists, but there is no precise timeline. It has been gradual and widening. They both have the same methods and intent, but it’s two different camps competing for the same thing. Not all Democrats are Globalist; a great many Dems are Zionist. The conflict between Dems and Republicans is a matter of who gets to profit from very similar agendas; who gets to scrape off federal funds and tax the people is determined by the particular social and political agenda. The only difference is the flavor of oppression and who benefits, not whether there will be oppression. The Left and Right are simply the ground troops for Globalists and Zionists; it’s two opposing camps steered by an elite who lie to their troops about their intentions.

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