Serving No Human Interest

The neocons overlap significantly with evangelical Zionist voters and influencers. Trump was catering to this audience when he ordered the assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani. He flat out lied about plans to attack American forces; the Iranians have been very careful to avoid threatening US troops. Every report to the contrary has been pure lies. That good will is now gone. There will be no reason for future restraints, and plenty of good justice in their taking vengeance. While I cannot say what the Iranian response will be, they are capable of things even the CIA can’t imagine. Then again, the CIA taught them how to do terror.

Keep in mind that Iran never did anything to us until our CIA provoked the uprising in 1953 that overthrew the duly elected government of Mohammed Mosaddegh. His government was no threat whatsoever to any American interests. Just to be clear: Mosaddegh seized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) because the British were using it to rape the Iranian people of their national assets. It wasn’t just unfair; the AIOC was a criminal operation giving back to Iran only 16%, and the UK government refused to negotiate. The UK convinced the US government to use the CIA to bring down his government. The shallow excuse that Mosaddegh was a socialist ignores the long history of how governments in that part of the world get things done. Their brand of socialism was never a threat to anyone who acted justly.

Consider that the British investment in the AIOC was also government ownership, so the issue was simply seizing the assets from a hostile foreign government, not private or corporate oilmen. The UK is/was socialist, too. It never had anything to do with American interests in democracy, since removing Mosaddegh meant empowering an absolute monarch that we supported afterward. The eventual Islamic revolt in Iran was a predictable response. We created that monster.

Throughout the Middle East, the rise of Islamic terrorism is easily traced to the direct efforts of the CIA and allied agencies to create such a destabilizing influence. Our CIA trained their terrorists. There had never been Islamic terrorism until we created it. Our intelligence agencies studied Islam to understand how it could be perverted into something they could manipulate. Terrorism is not native to Islam. That ISIS is organized, controlled and funded by the CIA is a poorly kept secret. But then, look at how the same perversion has planted the seeds of terrorist methods among evangelicals here in the US. If you don’t know the US intelligence agencies have infiltrated American mainstream religion, you really don’t understand much at all.

The globalists and neocons may not be friends, but they are allies in profiting from instability and war. The more brutal and heartless, the more it depraves the populations, the better it is for their plans. The neocons and globalists desperately seek any excuse to go to war on Iran. Israel has been trying to goad us into it. The US stands with Israel as the most despicable state sponsors of terror. Quoting from the article linked above:

A large portion of the Palestinian leadership — notably the most intelligent and moderate — was killed by Israeli hit squads, leaving “no one to negotiate with,” in Israel’s words.

Radix Fidem recognizes the essential warring nature of fallen humanity, but this kind of stuff is not what Biblical Law anticipates. The Law of Noah expects small tribal conflicts, not vast imperial efforts to control all of humanity by provoking war that serves no human interest at all. This is a very long way from what Biblical Law suggests is in humanity’s best interest.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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