Regarding Past Predictions

One of my predictions from the past came true, but I didn’t recognize it at the time. I suggested that Microsoft would jump the shark, and they did. It was the one-two punch of Windows 8 and Windows 10. I noted that it would not cause a mass exodus from Windows, but that they would lose some income and Linux would surge. That did happen for a while, and Microsoft corrected course; Windows 10 suddenly started getting better. And Linux did surge, but in the form of Android and Chrome OS.

I also did not expect the mainstream Linux Open Source community to jump off a cliff, but it did. The SJWs have infiltrated most of the bigger Open Source projects, and things have already begun to go down hill. The only Linux projects that still thrive are those for servers and commercial workstations, not for the consumer desktop.

The desktop has been shrinking in general. Not dying, but desktops and laptops have been fading to an ever decreasing share of the hardware market. Laptops less so, for now, but it’s still a trend. Already the cellphone is the sole access to the Internet for the majority of the world. For those who need more and can afford it, the tablet market is growing. It appears the hybrid (essentially a tablet with keyboard) market has really taken off. The mouse is dead; touchscreen is everything. It took a lot longer than most technology commentators expected, and the market still isn’t shifting very fast, but it is shifting.

This is colliding with an economic downturn, which will complicate the whole picture. What we see is less spending all the way around, and this surprises nobody who is paying attention. In terms of technology, fewer and fewer people are buying new stuff; more are trying to keep their old stuff working longer. The vendors have so far been rather intolerant of this, but if they don’t change, they may lose customers altogether. The growth sector will be in vendors who are ready to produce something popular and supporting it longer at a low price point, staying in the market on volume by charging for some kind of subscription.

I also predicted a mass exodus from the mainstream churches. So far we aren’t even close to that. Rather, we have a bleeding away from the older generations of such churches into a newer generation of churches that are in many ways worse than ever. The entrepreneurial church model has really taken off, making religion a matter of mere entertainment and franchise branding. Member involvement is now almost totally passive, and that’s by design. Yet, we see that some still manage to find a measure of true faith even in this, because that’s how the Holy Spirit works. But the bigger issue will remain Zionism in the churches. The entrepreneurial churches are a mixed bag on that question. In other words, the entrepreneurial churches aren’t really all that new, just more honest about what they are actually pursuing. It’s still mainstream religion.

However, until the State of Israel does something truly over-the-edge that provokes some level of destruction back on its own head, we will not see a genuine exodus from mainstream religion. This is opaque to me, so I cannot begin to guess what that provocation will be, nor what level of destruction we should expect. There are too many pivotal shaping events between here and there. Still, the powers that be are ready to throw Israel under the bus.

And I’ll reiterate that Trump has already failed his divine commission. The issue was never a matter of his personal faith or lack thereof; God had intended him to crush the globalists in US government early, and he didn’t do that, for whatever reason. Now it’s too late. Nothing Trump does will matter much. Instead, God will have to deal with globalists using a backup plan. That means Trump’s time in office will end sooner or later and the globalists will move in and take over, because no one among Trump’s likely successors has his high profile. It will be a very bad time in America. Things will become horrific so as to provoke an armed insurrection, and the break up of the US.

We are in for a rough ride. When the globalists have control, the mainstream church will be heavily persecuted. This is why I suggest we need to start working now on how to develop decentralization in religion, to focus on how to do church underground. This is where God will be working. We need to develop a wholly different approach to faith so that we can norm on strength in isolation from the current structures. Yes, there must be churches, but not the kind we see now; those were never a true reflection of God’s plans. He is shaking His Body, and seeing who will stand with Him.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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4 Responses to Regarding Past Predictions

  1. Jack says:

    Do you think maybe Trump has done all he can do concerning the Globalists, or do you think he has compromised and pandered to them without much care?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Neither. He hasn’t done all he could. But his compromise and pandering was to Zionists, while ignoring the globalists as they rallied their forces. Before the election in 2016, I said that Trump would pretty much have to work secretly to destroy the primary globalist opposition figures. I was pretty sure he could have done that, if he wanted to. It would have meant dispatching hit men, not so much for executions, but to destroy his opponent’s positions. He didn’t do that. It’s not that he lacked for volunteers, but he just didn’t focus enough on that issue to take up the offers he had.


  3. Dave W says:

    Ed… Just ran across this article about Linux Lite 4.8 to replace Windows 7. Thoughts…

    Dave W


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    It is likely a decent replacement for Win7, in the sense that it should work well on Win7 hardware. Since it’s behind the curve on some things, I wouldn’t recommend it for later hardware, though. It’s just another Ubuntu clone offering only the XFCE desktop, and fewer default packages. It has suffered it’s own share of glitches, some inherited from Xubuntu, some they made for themselves. Still, it’s no worse than Windows unless you are big on MS Office or games designed to run on Windows, plus it is easier to manage and likely more secure than Windows.


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