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Understanding Mortality

God protected Israel when she was faithful to the Covenant. Take the time to analyze the broader history of the Ancient Near East. You will see that Israel rose on the collapse of one older and fading empire, and conquered … Continue reading

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It Outlives This World

Never get confused by the published rhetoric: Zionists have always planned to steal Palestine by any means necessary to get what they want. Lying to the Gentiles (everyone who isn’t Jewish) is just a part of the method. Zionists recognize … Continue reading

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Sift Propaganda by Your Convictions

The way to handle propaganda and lies is not to simply avoid reading news at all, but to be aware of the efforts to manipulate. The ancient Flood of Noah’s day involved breaking a permanent cloud cover over the earth. … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Them Manipulate You

While the story is a little breathless and overstated, the substance is accurate enough: Avast and AVG antivirus products are tracking you and selling your data. Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to prevent “unmasking” the individuals within this data flow. … Continue reading

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Busted, Again

I made an update to my post about mysterious traffic. The problem is most likely something inherent in Linux when running on that laptop. I cannot possibly account for what that might be, but the Linux OS is doing something … Continue reading

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Current News Review 13

The current panic about the corona virus spreading across China, and from there to the rest of the world, is manufactured. The health threat is real, but only because of the long term malnutrition arising from cultural blindness. A polluted … Continue reading

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No Place for Horror

As a fiction genre, heart-led people have no use for genuine horror stories and flicks. The campy silly stuff is entertaining enough, but genuine horror fiction is founded on a pagan fear of the unknown, and is wholly inconsistent with … Continue reading

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Mysterious Network Traffic

So I restored Linux to my laptop. I tried out Xubuntu and OpenSUSE again before I settled on Linux Mint 19.3. There were some gotchas on Mint, too, but I think I’ve gotten past them. One of the things that … Continue reading

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Redefining Peace

Humanity is fallen. We are all born in mortal flesh that militates against God’s design for us. The only remedy is shedding that fleshly nature. However, the path of redemption means “killing” that fleshly nature while still wearing it. More … Continue reading

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Take Your Ball and Go Home

The issue will be our refusal to fit into the mythology. I hope by now that regular readers will understand that the heart-led way of faith makes it impossible for us to fit into the left versus right spectrum. We … Continue reading

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