Can’t Track This

Does it seem like a miracle that the majority of the US population retains a generally conservative moral orientation? Consider that the progressives have more money and are more active. Consider also that so-called conservative political leadership exists solely to betray its conservative constituency.

For example, there is no real threat of action against Facebook and Zuckerberg because, despite being relentlessly progressive, he has courted with lavish dinner parties only conservative political leaders and influencers. There has never been an effective conservative movement in the US without the Deep State ripping it to shreds via law enforcement action (the IRS is the favored tool), burglaries and assassinations. This is what happened to Contract with America and the Tea Party.

Trump is not a conservative, but a centrist. But that puts him far to the right of every government and media institution, with only a few exceptions. And look at how they attack someone with no intention of implementing any genuinely conservative agenda items. Those institutions are radical, and it’s Trump’s centrism that attracts so much support.

Back when the research into computer networking gave birth to the what we now call the Internet, the propaganda line was that the purpose was to create a means of communication that could survive nuclear warfare. That was how they got so much defense funding. The real purpose was to create a means to track Americans in order to predict when anyone might rise in rebellion against the US government. More to the point, the purpose was to keep a watch on liberty-minded folks who would inevitably resist globalist plans. To the planners’ great delight, most liberty-minded folks voluntarily got involved in the Internet as a means of organizing and sharing information, which guaranteed easy access and tracking to the Deep State. You can read about that here.

Because our heart-led Christian Mysticism appears to lefties as “conservative” in nature, the Deep State tends to handle us the same way. Social moral stability does look conservative to them. There’s virtually nothing we can do to avoid the surveillance. What we can avoid is their attempts to predict our behavior, because we aren’t actually conservative. Indeed, we aren’t anywhere on the continuum between left and right.

Truly, they cannot possibly understand what motivates us. We can state it plainly and openly, and they won’t get it. The only reason we made any attempt to provide a structure for Radix Fidem was to give our human minds a focus: We want people to realize their divine heritage. Of course, we recognize that God has warned there would be times when precious few would be able to hear such a message. This is one of those times. Despite our efforts to put the message in terms they should be able to receive, they don’t. Very few people can hear the divine call right now.

And among those few who do hear that call, fewer still can receive our message about Biblical Law and heart-led way. The bulk of religious communication has been hijacked to lead people away from that path. That religious communication is based on organizing people and theology so that there is a specific outcome. Radix Fidem has no such thing. It’s a set of preferences that can manifest in all sorts of ways in different individuals. It refers back to the Holy Spirit, a Person, not a body of propositions. The only thing that holds us together is how we intend to approach the Person of God. What He gives you from there is your own commission.

We can keep pointing this out, but they’ll never catch on. They’ll keep looking for something that isn’t there, if they notice us at all. They can’t track this.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    I had forgotten that Lippmann book. Thanks for that. I had read it in college and found it fascinating, but I had forgotten the author and title over the years.


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