My Christmas Present to You

What follows is from me, my personal opinion on things. I do not aim to persuade you, but to provoke your own heart-led discernment. Feel free to compare notes in the comments, but this is not a debate. This is what I see, starting with a wider context.

The modern State of Israel is a tool of Satan. It exists to provoke the rest of the world, to keep things stirred up and make peace impossible. This is not rebellion against God; Satan is the left hand of God. Our Lord has always tested His servants and the rest of humanity, and it began in Eden. The idea was not to sucker us into sin, but to show us the necessity of depending on Him. He didn’t want Adam and Eve to fall, but made allowance for them to choose the wrong thing.

Adam and Eve chose to trust their human capabilities instead of trusting divine revelation. They accepted the temptation to judge for themselves what was good and evil. That’s what the narrative of the Fall means. They didn’t go to Hell, as it were, but did have to pass through some bad experiences in order to find redemption. Our mortal existence within God’s Creation is not what He had in mind for us, but it is what Adam and Eve chose, and their choice affects us (feudalism is woven into Creation). So we are born into a fallen mortal existence and the only relief is restoring the faith Adam and Eve were supposed to maintain in Eden.

Judaism is one issue; the existence of a political entity called “Israel” is a related but separate issue. Judaism equals Talmudism, a fundamental rejection of ancient Hebrew mystical epistemology. Talmudism replaced mysticism with reason as the means to discern revelation. It leads to a huge body of false mythology that lies about God’s divine character. Judaism is a big part of how we got a modern State of Israel, but Judaism will still be a problem after the current manifestation of Zionism is destroyed. And it will be destroyed, but Judaism will remain to generate another and another and another false Israel until Christ Returns.

The mythology of Dispensational Theology is a direct result of the effort of the Judaizers during the early years of the New Testament churches to bring Christians back under the Talmudic law of political Israel. Israel was rejected, and on the Cross God closed the Covenant of Moses; the Temple veil was torn in two, symbolizing God’s final departure from the Temple. There is now no covenant with any nation on this earth. The potential for it remains under the Covenant of Noah, but when Israel rejected her Messiah, that game was over. Israel rejected her Messiah because she had rejected God’s revelation in the Covenant of Moses. Judaism is a rejection of Old Testament religion. Israel perverted the divine privilege of revelation into a legalistic delusion of being racially superior to the rest of humanity. They turned a covenant identity into an ethnic one.

Using human reason to assess what revelation says is the same as rejecting revelation itself, because revelation requires we start from the position of face down before God. We don’t build up our own frame of reference; we receive it as part of the package of revelation. Dispensational Theology constitutes a rejection of the ancient mystical revelation, in favor of a human political solution to the Fall. It doesn’t work; it cannot work in God’s Creation.

Yet we know that a great many fellow believers in Christ embrace Zionism. It’s a delusion Satan has unleashed on God’s people. A vast number of really fine folks are under that delusion. Regardless of all other considerations about him, Trump is serving that delusion. In many ways it doesn’t matter whether he’s at heart a good guy or a bad guy. His commitment to Zionism makes him the enemy to the gospel mission on this earth. That doesn’t mean God didn’t choose him for his role, but keep in mind that God uses Satan, too.

Mike Bloomberg is an analog of Trump in that sense. Globalism is a fork from Zionism; the two remain entangled and closely related. The two forces use each other. But the final goal of Globalism is something separate from Zionism. Instead of Zionism’s Jewish elite ruling the world, Globalism promotes a different elite group. Bloomberg is a member of that elite, just like Soros and other globalists.

Bloomberg is not as savvy as Trump. If you saw Bloomberg’s political ads playing here on Oklahoma’s TV stations, you would realize he has no clue about the audience here. Trump is much more in touch with the American people. Granted, that means Trump is better able to manipulate the voters, but in terms of effectiveness and outcomes, Trump is more savvy than Bloomberg. However, Bloomberg has political leverage within the system. Being a globalist is his advantage; he is favored by the so-called Deep State globalists because he’s one of them. Bloomberg is a creature of the existing system that runs the US. He represents a very potent threat to Trump for that reason.

Bloomberg is willing to use armed force against the people of the US. If there is anyone representing the worst of political tyranny, it’s Bloomberg. He’s worse than the Clintons in that respect. The Clintons gave us Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. Bloomberg would gleefully top that. I don’t say that to stir anyone to political action, but to point out what we can expect if he gains traction with the Democratic Party (which is not precisely the same thing as the globalists).

Regardless who wins the Democratic nomination, there is a high probability of voting fraud during the next election. They know that the majority of American voters are against them. While both sides might be willing to play that game, the Democrats have a systemic advantage in having control over the system that provides voting machines in most states. They also have more people in place in the electoral commissions and so forth. They have demonstrated a willingness to cheat outright, having their people hijack vehicles transporting paper ballots, etc. There have been a string of mystifying assaults and murders committed that favor them in many local election procedures.

That simply serves to point out the level of desperation among the globalists. They will not win in the long run; God is against them. I am utterly convinced that God intends to destroy them, though how He intends to get that done remains hidden. Don’t be shocked by what anyone does during the coming days of chaos. For example, one commentator suggests that the Democratic leadership will attempt to have Trump and Pence very publicly arrested and jailed so that Pelosi can assume the office of President and bring Hillary Clinton on board as her VP. Then Pelosi is supposed to resign, leaving Hillary in the office they all imagine was supposed to be hers in the first place. More likely what will happen is that the shooting starts the moment they try to have Trump arrested.

Trust your own convictions about how to respond to anything. I say prophetically that God intends to bring the US down and break her into smaller countries. I’m planning for that to happen. How we get there, God alone knows.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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