Defining Christian Mysticism

What’s the logic of my message? (Somebody needs to hear this.)

Referring to the people who associate with this ministry as a group of Christian Mystics means we are otherworldly. This world isn’t worth your care and concern. It’s slated for destruction and everything mankind has accomplished will be wiped away. It will be forgotten. What will last beyond that endpoint is something very much worthy of your concern: souls. To be specific, what we seek during our imprisonment in this world is awakening souls to the freedom inherent in this otherworldly viewpoint.

As usual, I need to take a moment to point out that this is not a question of getting souls into Heaven; there is nothing we can do in this world to change anyone’s eternal destiny. That remains firmly in the hands of God, and the whole issue is intentionally occluded from our view. No, the issue is getting people awakened while they are here to what they can have while they are here. It’s all about the divine eternal heritage that we already have within our reach. How that relates to living eternally in Heaven is never satisfactorily explained in Scripture because it’s asking the wrong question.

The right question is: How can I gain peace with God here and now? That’s the only question Scripture really answers. This the call of Christ. And the answer is tied up in seeking what we had in this world back in Eden. This is why I keep pointing out that the universe is not fallen; we are. While the natural world suffers from the mismanagement of fallen humanity, the root nature of that natural world has not changed since Eden. In a manner of speaking, we are still in the same place as Eden, but we can’t see it because of our fallen natures. During this life we are offered the chance to begin the journey back to Eden, but it’s a parable for recovering the kind of perception that we had before the Fall.

The Second Coming of Christ is when Eden is restored, and all the changes in the natural world resulting from human mismanagement since leaving Eden will be wiped away. The natural world will be restored to what it should have been before the Fall.

The term “this world” generally refers to the fallen state of perception that is tied to our mortal fleshly existence. Clearly, the term “natural world” refers to something else. The natural world is the part of Creation we experience directly; it’s the setting in which we live. Again, it is not fallen, but mismanaged. Adam and Eve surrendered our abilities to manage the natural world properly. We don’t understand how it all works, so we were kicked out of Eden and forced to live an existence with none of the gifts God gave Adam and Eve at Creation.

Once we exercise the faith God grants everyone who lives, we find ourselves half-way between this world and Eden. We can sense that everything in this world is messed up, and we can sense in some ways just how it is messed up, and we gain a deep longing to be in Eden again. We know that there is a high probability we will die before Christ returns, so we expect to find ourselves in a segment of rest in Heaven before things are restored. That rest is not the final end. We shall eventually return with Christ in a cloud of glory to witness first hand that restoration of Eden. The last few souls living in faith on the earth at His Return will rise to join us in the sky while the natural world is restored, then we will all descend to that New Earth, to Eden.

For you and me, it’s not a question of persuading people to turn to faith in Christ. Genuine faith is rooted in Eternity, so it’s nothing any human can simply decide. It’s something that exists before we are born. Rather, we help people discover a divine heritage they already have. That’s our mission. The means to making that connection with eternal souls around us is living by faith. By manifesting something of the nature of Eden, we make ourselves a beacon to draw souls already equipped to exercise faith. We want them to claim what they already own.

None of this is reasonable in human terms. It makes no sense at all; instead it’s a direct insult thrown in the face of reason. Trusting reason is what made us fall in the first place. The only remedy is seizing faith and ignoring the protesting cries of reason. Furthermore, reason must then be humbled to serve faith. I believe this is what God demands of us; this is what the Bible is all about.

This is what I mean by the label “Christian Mysticism.”

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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