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Testing New Camera: Canon Powershot SX620HS

I bought a used Canon Powershot SX620HS on eBay. You really need to download the official manual from Canon; it’s free. When I received it, there were several settings that would have been totally wrong for me, and I would … Continue reading

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No Other Motivation

Think it through: What produced the wealth of western countries? What is the one factor that separates them from all the countries that don’t have so much wealth? Greed — the worship of Mammon. Of course, it’s more than that, … Continue reading

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Can’t Track This

Does it seem like a miracle that the majority of the US population retains a generally conservative moral orientation? Consider that the progressives have more money and are more active. Consider also that so-called conservative political leadership exists solely to … Continue reading

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My Christmas Present to You

What follows is from me, my personal opinion on things. I do not aim to persuade you, but to provoke your own heart-led discernment. Feel free to compare notes in the comments, but this is not a debate. This is … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

Biblical Law is the standard for human life after the Fall, and it stands until Christ Returns. It’s not that Biblical Law is inherently conservative or liberal. Rather, in our current social and political climate, Biblical Law appears to many … Continue reading

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Virginia Gun Rights Battle

For those of you interested in watching the dispute between the Virginia state legislature and her citizens regarding the 2nd Amendment, let me recommend the Virginia Citizens Defense League site. Side note: For most of the images on the site, … Continue reading

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Measured Distrust

While it can be debated that a high trust culture is at least partly a matter of DNA common to northern European societies, the only reason that matters is it helps to explain why so many Americans are gullible against … Continue reading

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But It Will

The impeachment of Trump serves no valid practical purpose. If anything, things seem to be headed for political disaster for those who pressed for it. Instead of working to subvert Trump by backing him into corners and forcing him to … Continue reading

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Defining Christian Mysticism

What’s the logic of my message? (Somebody needs to hear this.) Referring to the people who associate with this ministry as a group of Christian Mystics means we are otherworldly. This world isn’t worth your care and concern. It’s slated … Continue reading

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More Than Anything Else

Did you know that most of what Jesus taught was already on record somewhere in rabbinical teaching? He really wasn’t much of an innovator in that sense. Rather, He was fighting a dominant trend among the Pharisees of His day … Continue reading

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