Current News Review 09

Once more: There is nothing we can do to stop the forward roll of oppression. That lies in God’s hands alone. It will not come with armed occupation; it has already begun in the form of voluntary participation through numerous seductions online. It is already very nearly mandatory that everyone own a cellphone.

Some government services in a few places are already tied to installing various apps, along with the attendant Google account. I’ve heard of a few cases where people were required to have a Facebook account to access some functions. Banks are already leaning hard on forcing their customers to have a smartphone by tying all the most convenient services to an app. By the way, my WordPress account here has for quite some time offered the option to log in via Google or Apple ID, thus tying a WP account to either one. I seem to recall it was previously Facebook.

While it appears Facebook is dying slowly as something used only by old people, Zuckerberg isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet. He is still working on his Libra Project to replace the US dollar, at the very least. Lots of the biggest banks are funding the research and testing for this project. Getting rid of physical currency would reduce their staff and their expenses, centralizing currency control in fewer hands.

The article notes that several governments have already moved to create a replacement in their jurisdictions for Facebook. These governments tend to block Facebook, so the competing service they create is the only one available. As such, the real threat never was Facebook itself, but the kind of reaction it provokes. Governments that want to resist the interference of a faceless technology tyranny from US soil can come up with their own mechanism for a kind of oppression humans have not seen before. And that research into virtual currency will also not be wasted, but the implementation will be in someone else’s hands.

We have here a collision of large trends. Tyranny will most certainly rise online, but the West is in the final throes of death. The US in particular is fracturing. Meanwhile, the world is seeing the rise of other centers of power. About the only thing you and I can do is point out that we don’t belong to any of these forces. We do not support the heretical brand of Christian religion that seeks to create a culture and government from middle-class Anglo-American heritage. Nor do we support their opponents, who are mostly snob elitists trying to create a culture and government from socialist globalism, but with Bible verses painted on the outside. Yet we are hardly surprised at the existence of either group, nor their conflict and how it draws so much attention. God will use our testimony to capture just a few souls here and there.

Our testimony is not in demanding changes, but in how we respond to the inevitable drift of the world in which we live. Even if we say nothing at all, particularly due to censorship, it’s how we live that makes all the difference in the world.

The saints of God will tribulate.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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