From Where I Stand

The fundamental evil of the human race is rejecting divine revelation.

This rejection is the very foundation of the Fall. It is what defines humanity as “fallen.” The Curse of the Fall is that we are given over to that rejection, so that we are born with an instinct to reject it. This is what it means to be slaves of Satan. We are born into a fleshly body, and that body, with its brain, reflexively assumes that the mind alone can discern good and evil. It requires the very grace of God for us to overcome that reflex and embrace His Son. Without that individually supplied grace, no one comes to Christ.

That any single human ever turns to Christ is a gift far better than we deserve. After all God did, setting us up in Eden, it’s the very height of treason and ingratitude to then turn around and accept the Devil’s lie. And if there’s something in all of this that smells fishy to you, the only answer from God is that you are in no position to judge. Until we all turn within ourselves and find a humility that embraces this revelation as divine truth, there is no hope for anyone to return to Eden.

We apply this to our understanding of the world and human affairs. God has revealed what He demands from humanity. It is within our reach to obtain His blessings. Even better, it’s offered on a sliding scale — the closer you get to His revelation, the greater the blessings. But we will keep warning everyone, over and over, that divine revelation is always a matter of conviction, not some objective body of human thought. The kernel truth of God’s Law is bowing the knee to your individual calling and learning how to listen first and foremost to your own convictions. The revelation of God is written in the soul over every human on earth. The ultimate end of pursuing revelation is there in your own heart. But we can also testify that God will bless any first baby steps in that direction, so if all you can do is begin trying to understand the written record of His Covenants, that’s better than rejecting the whole thing.

This is the basis from which we understand anything humans say and do. We must begin evaluating all the information coming at us from a very cynical assumption about human nature. Chances are, everything we are told is at least partly a self-serving lie. Granted, it’s mighty difficult to challenge the facts of such propaganda when we as individuals are in no position to go and check first-hand. But we can decide that God is right and the world is wrong by embracing His revelation about human nature, and so choose to distrust to some degree everything people tell us. After all, the facts don’t matter nearly so much as what the human interpretation of those facts tries to get us to do.

You must place your convictions above all the facts anyone can get you to absorb. It doesn’t matter what evidence people offer; if your convictions lead you to a different conclusion, follow your convictions. It won’t matter whether things turn out unpleasant for you after that. Your convictions weren’t wrong; you simply have discovered yet another element in the Curse of the Fall. It was this world that crucified Christ. There should be no surprise when there a bad consequences from following Him. We need to prefer peace with God over peace with all other beings in the universe. This life isn’t much to worry about, except as it gives us opportunities to express our convictions.

I don’t attempt to use logic here. As noted previously, I’m not interested in gathering a following. But I would be glad for fellowship with those whose convictions draw them to affirm something in my message. Not to spread my message, but I want to embolden others to spread their own message. I’m hoping to awaken this awareness of conviction in the hearts of others. So I’m not even asking you to agree with my interpretations of human behavior, both individually and at large. I’m asking you to evaluate how I got there, because that’s the real message.

I will tell you that we dare not join in the moral presentations of people who don’t approach things from the basis of revelation. We don’t parrot their celebrations nor their condemnations of various human events. Instead, we evaluate things wholly independent of broader human sentiments. Further, we participate in divine revelation by noting that some events can be examined from multiple levels. Virtually nothing in human space is all good or all bad. Almost everything is a matter of tactical choices within a very fallen human existence. In the long run, the only thing that really matters is peace with God, and that requires embracing His revelation. As long as the basic assumptions are a matter of fallen human reasoning, it’s a lie from start to finish.

Whether or not you pay any attention at all to the noise this world makes is a matter of your calling and mission. Some of us are called to examine human affairs and bring the light of glory to bear on various questions. Some of us are called to ignore the whole thing and forge ahead with the mission. Obey your calling.

Where do you stand?

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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