Current News Review 08

I’m still utterly convinced there will be a right-wing armed backlash against the left. But I’ve already warned it won’t be nationwide all at once. It will be local in character and it will look like small stuff at first glance. The mainstream media will likely try to keep it that way. You’ll see it reported as criminal thuggery or terrorism in isolation from other, similar events elsewhere. The MSM will never admit that what they represent is a painful conspiracy against the entire world.

And those on the right-wing most likely to react to this general oppression coming from the left will wait until way too late in the game for it to have it’s best effect. They are too individualized; they have no tribal consciousness and no sense of responsibility for others. The lefties cry about how the right is so unanimous, but even the lefties know it’s a lie, because they are taking advantage of the lack of organized resistance. Everyone can see this coming, but it’s the nature of the right-wing to not organize a concerted response. They don’t want to admit to themselves the level of danger here, and they will wait until the pain level is so great that it will be chaos for everyone.

Side note: The various right-wing activist groups will remain small and generally ineffective against the wider leftist consciousness of the younger generations coming to adulthood these days. Those movements will serve only to confirm the public image of fascism because their tactics are all wrong for any real change. Meanwhile, the real fascists are the likes of Antifa, which is fully guided and funded by the globalist elite.

The breaking point will be economic. It’s the only thing everyone can agree on, and it will be the last recognizable symptom of a far greater evil. By the time this hits, the lefties will be too far entrenched in power to be easily removed. The backlash will be a form of madness, targeting anyone and everyone who is insufficiently supportive of this sudden lynching party. A lot of fairly harmless lefties will be killed for no good reason, while the true culprits will tend to get away. This is why I gave advice to some of my leftist friends to be watchful, but most of them blew me off.

So instead of effectively crushing the threat of Globalism, this whole thing will serve only to make Globalism’s agenda impossible. It will result in a fracturing of the system itself. The globalists aren’t smart enough to pull this off; their troops are too steeped in hatred because nothing else will get them moving. The left-leaning masses aren’t true believers. It’s just an inclination without conviction, same as the right. This whole thing will surprise just about everyone involved at the ground level.

But the whole civilization is coming down at the same time. Small example: I could care less about Taylor Swift and her dispute with Scooter Braun, who owns the rights to profit from her first few albums. I don’t like her music, and for all her beauty, she’s a lesbian, so there’s nothing about her that interests me. But I am highly entertained by how her very public hissy fit is shaking the music industry. Her fans are using the power of social media to energize a mass revolt against the gatekeepers in the recording industry. It’s not the specific evil of men like Borchetta and Braun, but the whole industry that is founded on Satan’s lies. The rise of the Internet and it’s influence on human social and legal interactions is literally destroying everything that does not adapt to it. The music industry as a whole refuses to adapt.

I’ll grant you that I’m an iconoclast, but not by nature. My iconoclasm is the result of a deep passion for divine justice. All of the icons of our Western Civilization are evil idols, so I’ll gleefully tear them down, but only when the time is right.

A primary icon of the West is the Cult of Globalism; it is our Tower of Babylon. Destroying it will destroy the West as a whole. It will collapse for the same reason and by the same basic cause as the original Tower of Babel. Its collapse will not be the end of the world; this is not the Apocalypse. That waits from something even worse. You can be sure that the rising Networked Civilization will be worse. Still, it holds great new opportunities for the gospel message. Let’s rejoice that God has come to visit!

By the way, another temper tantrum that should be interesting is that of Netanyahu. Through two elections so far in the less than a year, he has not been able to gain enough leverage in the Knesset to retain his office as Prime Minister. Without that legal immunity, he is now under indictment for some pretty hideous crimes. He isn’t going to surrender. He will use whatever leverage he has left to divert attention and try to galvanize his residual support by striking out at some traditional enemy of Israel. I can’t guess what his tactical targets may be, but it will serve to get him out of hot water while also seizing the world’s attention at the same time. That’s how he operates. Look for a major military strike soon.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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