Lock `em Up — Missing the Point

I’m responding to this temper tantrum. I’ll summarize, so if it matters to you, then think deeply enough to see the connections.

You may notice how the article points out that crime is rising, and that it was rising well before Oklahoma’s government decided to release all those non-violent offenders. In other words, incarceration wasn’t really much of a factor either way. Oklahoma has had one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation. If there is any way that prison is going to change human behavior for the better, it will be done in stays shorter than 6 months. The vast majority of those caught and sentenced aren’t going to do better on their own volition. But the concept of “keep them off the streets” is so damned expensive that we can’t afford it any more.

The economy is going into the tank. We have much bigger problems to worry about. We have to learn how to live with rising crime. Let’s talk about causes: The vast majority of those whose faces end up in mug shots are illegal immigrants. That problem was born long ago, and unless we are ready to crush dissent and send them all back tomorrow, and then placed armed defenders on the border, there will be no fix for that problem.

Nothing we’ve done so far has reduced crime half so much as arming the general public, and that puts the expense on those who have enough stuff to steal in the first place. The shortest path to sanity here is creating a culture of legalizing defense of life and property. Along with cutting non-violent offenders loose, we have also passed a law that allows open carry. I’m not willing to listen to arguments against arming the populace; that’s part of Biblical Law. It’s the right answer in the midst of growing crime and violence. Stopping crime means crooks getting shot in the act; no other solution is possible at this point.

No one wants to talk about how we are under God’s wrath as a country. America has rejected God’s revelation and we shall pay. God has begun to act against our sin. Rising crime is what we deserve; there is no human solution to this except calling for a radical turn to obeying God’s Word. That won’t happen. Revelation and history both prove that. But instead of wringing our hands and whining, we at least have two examples of a good moral response to a situation that nobody can control any more. All the impotent whining from idiots like Daniel Horowitz, the author of that temper tantrum, is just noise.

No, there is no use at all in public debate. Horowitz doesn’t live in Oklahoma in the first place. What’s left is to serve notice that this is how we will handle our problems here and to hell with your complaints. Unless you have a vested interest, get lost.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Lock `em Up — Missing the Point

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Prison rehab is one thing, but there’s also the aspect of removing chronically violent people from the population. That’s what people say, not necessarily myself. I don’t know a lot about CJ but it’s (obviously) based on a system of law that has nothing to do with revelation, as you acknowledge here.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    American CJ is fundamentally punitive, not corrective. It has always been a total failure since the very beginning. That’s the nature of Anglo-Saxon middle-class culture since before the Enlightenment, and it’s only gotten worse since then.


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