Trees in the Forest

Nimrod was relatively open and honest about his plans in Babylon. That’s the way it was with the ancients; they seldom saw a need to hide their strategy, only some tactics along the way. And why not? The “little people” were no threat. It’s not as if a revolution never happened in ancient times, but it was always led by other elites. In broad general terms, it wasn’t until the rise of the middle class and their savvy for leveraging their mass numbers to weaken the overwhelming sense of privilege in the upper classes that it became necessary for strategic secrecy in government.

You see, once the middle class brought their own power to the game, they were wary of competition from other middlers who might have their own interests to protect. They realized that creating a rule by technocratic committee destroyed the noble privilege that had once protected the ruling class. The essence of middle class is a pretense to privilege and nobility, but without any actual nobility of culture. Revolution had become the very core of doing government in the first place. This is a major tenet of the Enlightenment Period.

And it really doesn’t matter whether you see that as good or bad; it’s just how things are now. With that comes a bundle of consequences that we must understand through the lens of revelation, that mankind is fallen and cannot be perfected in any way. This is directly contrary to the lying promise of the Enlightenment. We see today the tail of where that long drift away from genuine privileged classes had led to growing anarchy. We didn’t lose the pretense of privilege, but we threw away the image of genuine nobility. It was disrupted when the invading Germanic hordes seized the trappings of nobility without any of the classical background, much less the more ancient eastern background of deep wisdom. With that came the wholesale cheapening of Christian religion, a process begun shortly after the death of the last apostle.

John’s Revelation laments this horror he saw coming. Today we live a measure of the Apocalypse. You shouldn’t see God’s plans as something written out in detail before it happens. There is a measure of free will in fallen humans. It isn’t all or nothing; the question of free will versus predestination is an artificial dichotomy. God reveals that He deals with each of us uniquely, but that His hand is stronger in places where human free will violates His moral character in terms we cannot comprehend. We should see that, once Israel was out of Egypt, Pharaoh was no longer driven to act in any particular way. God claimed His property and left him alone.

So it is with current events. Some of what we see is directly the hand of God; some is Him reacting to what others decide. Certain long term outcomes are written into the fabric of the universe, but a lot of details don’t matter that much. You cannot discern anything about that until you begin to absorb the divine character of God as He reveals it, in both His written Word and in our hearts.

You must see it in your own heart. I can share with you my prophetic insights, but that’s meant to help you see that divine character through my eyes. It’s not the same as a distinct prophecy. A prophetic outlook is an orientation. It’s an outlook God has bestowed on many of us; I am hardly the sole true voice for God. I see what He shows me. What does He show you?

I keep writing that the Democrats are mostly globalist, but they use various flavors of leftism to drive their ignorant armies. Globalism is a cult mythology; leftism is a course of political action with a very shallow philosophy. Unlike Nimrod, the globalists aren’t confessing their true agenda. It’s the same with Republicans and their mixture of imperialism and so-called “nationalism.” And a good number of both parties are hitched like horses to pull the Zionist wagon. Don’t let my characterizations reduce this discussion to oversimplified nonsense. I’m trying to point out the necessity to pray and search your own heart before you even so much as consider what is worth worrying about.

The globalists are not true believers, for the most part. Most of them are using their apparent agenda as a cover for self-interest. Some of the elite leadership do truly hope to destroy the US as a political entity, but the majority are simply trying to gain their own privilege by tweaking the system in their favor. They want a huge and powerful nation to force their agenda upon the rest of the world.

They are blinded by their self-interest mixed with idolatry. They don’t see that what they are doing cannot work. As the Democrats gain more control over different sectors of the political system, the people will rebel. Some parts of their agenda is tolerated, but their underlying cause is not. They will provoke a violent response at some point, and it will infuriate them because they will believe they have won the right to demand mass compliance. It won’t teach them a damned thing when it fails.

It’s the same with the whole impeachment charade; it’s just an expression of their underlying demand that everyone surrender to their plan. But their plan is not what they say it is. While I use labels to group them together for the sake of explanation, on another level it all boils down to the individuals and their personal dreams of power and wealth. They aren’t all that personally united. It’s just a functional unity of action they all can agree on because they can all see a personal benefit. That unity is actually quite fragile. It’s the same with the Republicans.

Given the high probability that Trump will win this fight and the next election, I sense there is a matching high probability of martial law somewhere in the next few years. How that plays out locally for you, God alone knows. He may tell you some of His plans within that context. Most of the elite are hoping for a civil war of some kind, convinced that they can win and carry forward their dreams with the same US they hope to seize. But I’m pretty sure God plans to break up the US. So I’m doing what I can to be ready for how that might play out. I’m preparing to face the bloodshed between here and there, and I honestly expect it to explode out of nowhere, as it were. Things will drag on until a sudden shift into chaos.

Again: What do you see? It’s not a question of whether I am right or wrong on any one point, much less the whole thing. It’s what I sense the Lord wants me to prepare for. As I make those preparations, I keep in mind that a good many choices can only be tentative. Should I plan to run Windows, Linux or something else? Well, I’m going to work towards Windows and trust God to protect that investment, but I’m not emotionally attached to that choice. All computer OSes suck; one or another will fit the circumstances better than another for you. It’s part of my calling to keep track of such things as a primary means to the mission.

Each tree you encounter deserves your full attention for at least a moment, but never lose sight of the forest in which it stands.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Trees in the Forest

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “His hand is stronger in places where human free will violates His moral character in terms we cannot comprehend.”

    Most of all, people who are deep into that rebellion have no idea the nature of what they do. I’ve been around people like that. One can almost feel the hopelessness oozing off of them.


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