Deconstructing 06

On one level, Peace in this world is not possible.

Let’s review the underlying assumptions. The human race is fallen. We are born in sin. While children remain morally innocent until a certain point in their development, they do eventually discern that there is such a thing as right and wrong. Once they hit that realization, they find themselves trapped in a fleshly existence that wars against what is right.

But the biggest problem humans face after that is the recognition of how to define good and evil. The whole substance of the Fall is the determination to trust fleshly perception and reason over divine revelation. We have enthroned the brain over the heart, and lied to ourselves about what the heart can do when it reigns. Divine revelation isn’t something the brain can handle, except as a servant of the heart. The Spirit of God resides in the heart, not the head. Human reason cannot be directly redeemed and made unfallen. It can be redeemed only by bowing the knee to the Spirit of God in the heart.

So nothing that man can come up with will ever hold a dim candle to the blazing sun of God’s revelation. Nothing that humanity can do in all it’s combined intelligence and reason will ever suffice to solve the problems in our world. The human intellect arrogantly refuses to bow before the truth of God and rejects the boundaries of what God says is real. So we are faced with a plethora of wild ideas about what is possible, but really isn’t possible, and this thing has bitten deep into the all the cultures of this world.

There is only one kind of peace possible for any part of the human race, and that is peace with God. It is absolutely impossible for humans to have genuine peace with each other because they cannot find peace within themselves until they first bow the knee to their Creator. Any attempt to make peace without that is doomed; it cannot happen. It is frankly evil to seek peace on any other terms. Your heart knows this if you dare to ask it. So all the various brands of human pacifism are just idolatry, and sin by definition — a lie from Satan, a false promise on which he cannot deliver. Not only can he not deliver, but it is his job to deceive you into chasing it so that he can crush your dreams and make you stand in the place of God’s wrath. Satan’s profit is keeping you from the blessings of our divine heritage of God’s promises.

Even worse is the horrifying evil of a peace imposed by some greater force. It is utterly impossible for such imposed pacification to bring anyone closer to divine peace. It brings to life a regime that serves to prevent people from even thinking about God and His revelation. No good force from God would ever impose such a thing on the human race. Much as we might like the music, the images of Lennon’s “Imagine” aren’t even possible without a Satanic ogre ruling over us. Be careful what you ask for.

In holiness, it depends on your divine calling and mission whether you stand back and watch that kind of charade or whether you play any part, infiltrating the false system to shine the light of glory from within. God is the one who decides such things, and no human on this earth can claim to represent Him so perfectly as to declare for you your mission. His servants might be able to help you find your way through the lies of Satan, but only God Himself can speak in your heart what He requires of you. However, be forewarned that working directly in the various activist organizations that seek to promote human-devised peace is exceedingly risky, because such organizations are devoted to Satan’s lies. Those organizations are idolatrous cults.

This is not a binary choice. In rejecting the cults of human peacemaking, we are not required to become warmongers. There are a whole range of possibilities outside of those two. However, divine wisdom and awareness is required, so that you may answer with God’s divine truth when asked about the relative wisdom of choosing this or that course. If you don’t understand Biblical Law well enough to talk about its demands, you don’t understand it well enough to obey it. Naturally, you can always say you don’t know how to answer some questions, but you dare not avoid studying at least the frame of reference presented in Biblical Law.

Biblical Law says that war and other forms of human conflict are unavoidable. It’s necessary; it’s the manifestation of God’s wrath on those who reject His revelation. Our reason struggles with the idea that wrath can be good and right, but we must learn to subject reason to revelation. Wrath is good for the simple reason that it reveals the truth of sin, of human fallen nature. Wrath is a blessing because it clarifies the nature of evil choices. Standing in God’s wrath isn’t very smart; wrath isn’t good if you are trying to avoid the demands of holiness. But it’s the underlying nature of letting your convictions rule or your logic rule. Logic and convictions can overlap in practice, but they are rooted in radically different places. Reason is the epitome of human fallibility; revelation never fails.

Pursuing peace outside of the moral demands of Biblical Law is evil.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to Deconstructing 06

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “Much as we might like the music, the images of Lennon’s “Imagine” aren’t even possible without a Satanic ogre ruling over us.”

    Lennon was a putz. I remember reading about some scholarship or award or something in the Christian music industry based on that song somehow. I thought it was ludicrous.

    “Satanic ogre” – what great imagery, btw


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