Deconstructing 01

I do not rely on logic to persuade. I lay out the logic of things and trust your own convictions to confirm or deny what I say. There’s a reason for that, of course: If you live by logic and reason, then you cannot bear the load of ultimate truth. I don’t want people of reason and logic to pay attention to me. I’m calling out to people of passion and conviction; you are the only people I can help.

If you are a person of conviction, then let’s compare notes. I have a prophetic calling; maybe this message is for you. If so, then let me recount for you the path I see back to divine truth and the path back to Eden. That path means wading through a bunch of traps and barriers designed to hinder you. The Fall was, in essence, rejecting revelation and trusting in human perception and reason. Redemption from the Fall, and the return to Eden, means embracing divine revelation. It’s a long process of disentangling from the lies of fallen human construction.

The single greatest hindrance we all share is this damned Western Civilization. Our convictions tell us that God did reveal Himself through the ancient Hebrew nation (in spite of their truculence). What may not be obvious to your mind is that this process of revelation included the packaging — the intellectual assumptions of the Hebrew culture that God built for the very purpose of revelation. It would be cool if we could all learn Hebrew language, but that’s a tall order. God never required it. I can tell you that the intellectual assumptions inherent in the ancient Hebrew language are much easier to get. That’s what the Bible is for. Further, we do have a body of academic literature on this very subject.

Part of what obscures this body of study is what is now the remnant of those ancient Hebrew people. The modern Jews of today are a very poor reflection of their ancient heritage. Bluntly: Judaism is not Old Testament religion, except in the most superficial sense. When Jesus came along to point out where they had drifted far, far away from their ancient Hebrew identity, they killed Him for it, so vehement was their rejection. But the knowledge of that ancient intellectual tradition is not gone, simply hidden by very conscious efforts of the Jewish leadership today.

So if you bother to research the philosophical basis for the ancient Hebrew culture, you will discern that it is radically different from Western Civilization today. It is an entirely other system of logic. And if you intend to follow Christ, you absolutely most dig into that different system of logic in order to truly understand His message. The whole idea of Him founding His church and its religion was for us who follow Him to invest the time to rediscover that ancient logic for living.

Once the last apostle died, the leadership of Christian religion drifted very quickly away from that vision. The church scholars drifted so far away that they actively participated in constructing Western Civilization. They consciously left behind what little of the ancient Hebrew logic they still understood, and replaced it with the assumptions common to the vestigial Greco-Roman Civilization combined with the heathen outlook of the Germanic hordes invading the fading Roman Empire.

The America we see today is a very long, long way from a biblical understanding of the world. Americans are weighed down with a mixture of assumptions about reality that are quite contradictory from what God revealed. Now that God’s wrath is upon our country, it’s a really good time to refresh our connection to His divine revealed outlook. All the more so if you claim the name of Christ.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to Deconstructing 01

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Do you know how many times I hear/read people asking for “evidence” of our beliefs? The mind boggles (literally).


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Just tell them that if they don’t already see the evidence, they can’t get it.


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